DAP: EC's fumbling exposes indelible ink fraud
6:36PM Jun 29, 2013

The Election Commission (EC) has fumbled, making contradictory statements to explain the failure of the indelible ink it used in last month's general election and this has exposes the fraud it committed against the people, says DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

As such, Lim said, this fraud on the part of the EC has further strengthened the grounds for all the members of the Election Commission to resign.

"The entire EC must resign for defrauding the people and abuse of public funds and power," he said in a press statement today.

This, Lim said, comes in light of Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Shahidan Kassim's revelation in Parliament that the indelible ink was washable as no chemical was present, except for food colouring.

"Shahidan's admission debunked the EC's previous claims that silver nitrate was used in the ink and that it would last seven days," he said.

Even before this, Lim said, the EC had also fumbled byclaiming that the Health Ministry had, over health concerns, advised against having more than one percent of silver nitrate in the indelible ink to be brushed on the index fingers of voters.

"Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam openly contradicted EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof's claims that the EC consulted the Health Ministry on the safety of the indelible ink by stating that the Health Ministry had never issued such a report.

"To date, Abdul Aziz has failed to produce the letter from the Health Ministry that stated putting more than one percent of silver nitrate in the ink could damage the kidney and cause cancer, a letter that the Health Minister himself denied ever issuing," said Lim.

Silver nitrate is a critical component in the indelible ink that would prevent it from being easily washed off and can last for several days.

"How many more lies must the public endure from the EC chairperson and deputy chairperson?" asked Lim.

He also rubbished Shahidan's refusal, on grounds of "security" not to reveal the supplier of the indelible ink, which had cost the people RM7.1 million.

"It is ridiculous that the national security of Malaysia can be threatened, or riots will take place, if the supplier of the indelible ink that wasted RM 7.1 million in funds is made public," he said.

'EC deputy also responsible for gerrymandering'

On a related matter, Lim said current EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar oversaw the highly imbalanced re-delineation exercise in 2002 when he was then EC secretary.

This re-delineation benefited the ruling coalition because despite BN winning 47 percent of the popular vote to Pakatan's 51 percent in the 13th general election, the BN was able to cling on to 60 percent of the parliamentary seats.

As such, he said, Wan Ahmad (right) should take responsibility and resign, together with other EC commissioners.

"There can be no politically and morally legitimate government with BN winning the smallest 112 parliamentary seats, which comprise a mere 20 percent of the voters, to form the federal government.

"The entire EC must resign because they have no integrity and public credibility to carry out a clean, free and fair re-delineation of constituencies that fully respects the principle of 'one-person, one-vote, one-value'," Lim said.

He further pointed out credibility issues with the EC, highlighting DAP's Canning state assemblyperson Wong Kah Woh's claim that the commission had switched the results for a stream in the parliamentary seat of Jelapang.

"Although this discrepancy will not cost DAP the Jelapang seat, Wong correctly said it would have made a difference in the marginal seats, such as Lubok Merbau, Manjoi and Pasir Panjang.

"Indeed, this can change the final result as to which party forms the Perak government, since the BN won Perak with only three seats seats," Lim added.

The BN won 31 state assembly seats in the state while Pakatan Rakyat took 28 seats.

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