It's the EC's fault for setting such a tight campaign period and not allow for slip-ups. A proper campaign period should be 30 days. Now the EC should sue Pos Malaysia for negligence. How many ballots were involved and which constituencies?

Pos Malaysia failed to deliver some postal votes during GE13, says EC


KUANTAN: Pos Malaysia did not deliver some GE13 postal votes to respective returning officers in time, resulting in those not being counted, said Election Commission (EC) deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

"We have received feedback that certain levels of Pos Malaysia (staff) did not give priority to postal votes.

"Some ballot papers did not reach the office of the returning officers in time for counting," he said.

Wan Ahmad said the EC would consider using a different postal delivery service if Pos Malaysia could not deliver postal ballot papers effectively.

"We are going to meet Pos Malaysia to get their explanation because we paid them for the service," he said.