As far as UMNO is concerned, if it keeps them in power, so what?

If it helps to get it off one's chest, by all means do so. But it doesn't make a whit of a difference. From a psychological warfare perspective, playing divide and rule strategies to hang on to power makes perfect sense. Understand that and attack the root of the problem - the system.

Tell me again, why I should have voted for you, BN? - May Chee Chook Ying

JUNE 27, 2013

My lil one, when she was just one, was thrown into the deep-end of the pool one night by her elder siblings' swimming coach. Lo and behold, she kicked herself all the way up and continued kicking and floating. Till today, she swims more beautifully than my other kids.

Was I worried when the coach threw her in? No, I knew that a creature, would instinctively fight against all odds to survive in a natural environment. I'm also convinced that the fittest will survive.

While I believe in affirmative action for our friends in need, I also believe there must be a level-playing field to inspire competition and hence, to bring out the best there is.

To hear educationists say, after almost 56 years of independence that we should restructure the education system to return justice to Malay students, for meritocracy has not benefited the Malays but instead created Chinese supremacy. Do you wonder now why our education system is in the dumps when we have educationists talking like that?

Inherently, a human being will not come out of his comfort zone unless he's challenged. Competition does that; it challenges you to be better today than you were yesterday. It pains me so to hear such trash. In fact, I think if the powers-that-be take these jokers seriously or are behind all these madness post GE13, then you people are really doing your own kin a great injustice.

Have I ever thought my Malay students were not competitive while I was a teacher? I used to teach Mathematics. Believe me when I say, my Malay students try harder. They used to come up to me in the staff room to help them solve their Mathematics problems. Some even came to my home for extra-tutoring. It was because they were willing to work that hard, I gave extra classes all year-long. Everyone was welcome. I'm proud to say that if at all, any student remembered or cared, it was always the Malay girls who would send cards to me even after they left school.

If you educationists are telling me that today, 14 years after I left teaching, that the Malay students are no more competitive, I will find that rather hard to believe. Even my eldest when she was studying in the UK (where she had two Malay girls and an Indian girl for housemates), she tells me they put in many more hours than her.

I remembered when my son was in secondary school, he took part in a "Spelling-Bee" competition. Aliff, one of his good friends, won it. So, how again are the Malay students not competitive? Not from what I've seen from my kids' experience.

My two older girls are working now. Again, it's seeing how competitive their colleagues are, whether they are Indians, Malays, etc, that they're also pushing their own frontiers further. Believe me, we live in a very competitive environment. I know how hard my children have to push themselves, be it in their studies or careers.

If at all you people in power need to bash the Chinese post GE13, please, you need not drag your own kin into this. We already had the one-eyed king enslaving his own and handicapping them, you need not go down the same road. You leaders need to keep the faith and remain courageous, amidst much cowardice.

My Malay brothers and sisters can compete, period.

It does appear that power is too heavy a burden for some present leaders. A leader in a democratic country, what's more the best in the world, is Public Servant No. 1, in case you leaders are not aware. I would think a Public Servant No. 1 can only measure up to such a responsibility if he can obey more than others, in this case, listen to the rakyat more than others. How is it, right after GE 13, we see actions taken contrary to the interests of the rakyat? What happened to all those pledges made pre-GE13? Mere platitudes?

I live in Bukit Beruang, Malacca. For the last 13 years that I've been living there, hawkers that give meaning to the colours of Malaysia, plied their wares under big, shady trees along the main road. Right after GE 13, shrubs were planted so closely between those trees that the hawkers could no longer put up their stalls there. Many are no more there. How are they going to "cari makan" now? I hear the same vengeful act have also fallen on some other opposition-held areas.

Those if you who are trying to lord over us - are you saying opposition supporters do not pay taxes? We aren't paying your salaries and putting food on your tables back home? You are our public servants and you are treating us like this? You are supposed to serve and not be served. This is not a tyranny. Malaysia is touted by our PM as the best democracy in the world and when we exercise our right to vote whom we so wish, we get punished. This is an outrage!

Closing Jonker Walk, the main attraction in Malacca, is another lunatic act. Suicidal, in fact. And all that doublespeak about how the Chinese voted for him, too, that beaver-face! Are you not the CM of all Malaccans, the way our PM is the prime minister of all Malaysians? Or, are you? Goodness, the fish certainly rots from the head!

Tell me again, what I missed by not voting for you in the last elections. Was I right to not vote for you? Ok, BN, let me make you a proposition. Show me why, for the next 5 years, I should vote for you in GE14. If what has been happening so far is any indication, you are not going to win me over. In fact, you'd better get ready to be buried for more will be alienated by your actions.

My dear BN leaders, playing the race card here in Malaysia is not just the wrong thing to do. It's a cruel thing to do. We sell ourselves as multiracial, rich in diversity - 1Malaysia. Then, mean it. I for one, cannot fathomed why some people would put so much energy and time doing ill. Since one is willing to put in so much effort, then reserve it for doing good. An iota of goodness or positive energy from each and everyone of us can do Malaysia a whole lot of good. Why tear each other apart? Why go back to archaic structures that will set us back further? Be innovative, be creative - come up with new ways to respond to present realities. Why "balik-balik" use nineteen-kong-kong strategies to divide and rule? Come on, we Malaysians are better than this; we've come too far to let idiocy rule the day.

If at all we were wrong in not voting for you, BN, then show us differently. Show us you can do better than this. In all sincerity, show us you can govern better this time around. These are bad times. The most stupid thing you can do is to threaten the rakyat's livelihood. These are challenging times. The next stupid thing is to tell your people they can't compete. You people have a country to run. Stop fooling around.

* May Chee Chook Ying reads The Malaysian Insider.

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