The Police should beware the revenge of the Rats. They continue to side UMNO in their efforts to suppress the opposition and the people. They are behaving as part of an oppressive regime.

History has shown that it can get very ugly when the people decide enough is enough and resort to violence. Once it starts, it is almost impossible to reverse.

IGP: State police to decide ban on political ceramah

Jimadie Shah Othman and Andrew Ong | Feb 11, 09 3:59pm

Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan said it is up to the respective state police to decide on whether a ban should be imposed on political ceramah following the political turmoil in Perak.

When contacted, he said the issuance of permits for the gatherings should be referred to the state police chiefs as they are responsible for the safety of their states.

Perak has been enveloped in a political turmoil after Barisan Nasional seized control of the state last week.

Musa was responding to a PKR leader's allegation that the police have banned political rallies nationwide following the Perak turmoil.