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Thread: Delimitation: How to procure EC constituency maps?

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    Delimitation: How to procure EC constituency maps?

    When you try to buy the maps, you get the distinct impression that the EC doesn't want you to do so.

    To buy the overall State map, you have to get at EC Putrajaya but you cannot get the Parliamentary or DUN maps. Before that, you have to write to the EC Secretary listing out what maps you require. To do that, you need to have a list of the maps, which means you have to first make an appointment with the Pegawai Unit Persempadanan to see him. Only when you have seen him, will he issue an approval for you to buy the map. When you see the clerk in charge, you will learn that the maps are only available at JUPEM (mapping dept). Inspect the drawings, record the latest list of drawings, especially the reference no - PW xxxx, and the date of issue.

    Make an appointment with the JUPEM office in charge of EC maps to see him. Only with his approval can you buy the maps. Check the Pelan Warta and the date of issue.

    16th Sept 2014: The polling district maps are now RM40 each!

    We found that the A0 maps cost RM12 per sheet at JUPEM.

    Photocopy of maps at BORMAS RM2.40
    Scanning: RM 6.00

    see attached for more details.
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    SPR addresses

    The Delimitation units are quite hard to find as it is kept in an obscure site. Persempadanan – informasi belah bahagi (sub-division)
    State EC map in Putrajaya
    District EC map at State capitals.
    Selangor Ketua Pembantu Tadbir Unit Persempadanan
    Fadzeli B. Mat Som,
    All states<nama negeri >/


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    Update: The EC has informed that maps that they put up for Delimitation proposals are not for sale as it has not been gazetted yet? This has serious implications to anyone wanting to study and compare the proposals across constituencies.

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