Through NB Dayananda

Have seen this amazing video before but never knew the background of
the marching girls...

This video is from the section of the Tiananmen Grand Parade on the
60th Liberation Day October 1, 2009.

For this Square March, they trained and practised 6 to 8 hours daily
for 6 months just for passing the 200 meters before the Grand Stand at

The real members of the solders are the ones in Green, White
and Blue, they swung their arms and spanned their legs with precision
and in unison.

But, who were the crimson red uniform beauties?

They were the so called beauty Honor Guards. They were temporary
soldiers and not in military nor militia. They were hand picked
volunteers from Beijing office girls who work in the East Town from
Tiananmen (around Wangfujing), with beauty and 6 ft tall.

They trained and practised after work for 6 months, they were trained
to raise and span their legs just like the solders for 75cm in width
at 70 degree angle legs, but they were given a fake riffle to hold on
so that they did not need to swing their arms that was more difficult
to train for.

As the result, they got more attention from the audience from all over
the world for their spectacular "performance".