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Thread: Economics: Household debt in Asia

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    Economics: Household debt in Asia

    Household debt to GDP = 81%. On track to developed nation status by 2020 based on household debt criteria.
    Household debt in Asia

    Nov 2nd 2013 | From the print edition

    A new report from Standard & Poor’s, a credit-rating agency, worries about weakening credit quality at Asian banks, as loose lending practices lead to rapid loan growth, resulting in a sharp rise in household debt. A recent World Bank study identified Malaysia and Thailand as having the largest household debts, as a share of GDP, among eastern Asia’s developing economies. In Malaysia, where household debt now exceeds 80% of GDP, the government has been seeking to curb credit growth. Thailand’s government boosted access to credit following the country’s big floods in 2011. The recent slowing of growth in many Asian economies raises concerns about the sustainability of all this personal debt.

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    An initial glance at some facts and figures appears to the house debt in Asia.

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    Can you share the data source please??

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