It is the agenda of the Rat Race System to keep the poor poor. Any activity that reduces rural poverty will be seen as a threat.

Threatened BN rep slams Impian Sarawak’s speed

[COLOR=#707070 !important]Winston Way
| March 21, 2014[/COLOR]

Sarawak DAP has completed seven rural projects providing basic amenities with 15 more set to be completed and implemented in the next two months.

KUCHING: A member of Sarawak DAP has refuted a state minister’s accusation that the party’s Impian Sarawak campaign in the rural outreach was aimed only at ‘strategy to win rural seats’.

Calling state Public Health Assistant Minister Dr Jerip Susil “ignorant”, DAP Serian branch chairman Edward Luak said the “campaign” was doing the job that BN should have done a long time ago.

Luak, who contested on a DAP ticket in the Serian parliamentary seat in GE13, went on to correct Jerip’s description of Impian Sarawak as a “campaign”.

“Firstly Jerip should know that Impian Sarawak is not a‘campaign. It is actually a rural outreach programme to give basic amenities to the rural people who have been neglected in the past decade or since we formed Malaysia 50 years ago.

“Secondly, (Dr) Jerip is wrong to say that the funds for the ‘Impian Sarawak’ projects are from Selangor.

“The funds for the projects are NOT funded by the state Selangor which is ruled by Pakatan Rakyat.

“The funds were raised in Selangor through a fund raising programme and the funds were contributed by Malaysians from all corners of Malaysia including Sarawak and Sabah,” Luak said in a statement.

He added that Jerip, who is Bengoh assemblyman, should be aware that after 50 years of self rule and with so much income generated from Sarawak natural resources, all people, particularly the rural poor in Sarawak and Sabah should be provided with essential infrastructure and necessities, including clean water supply.

“Years ago the rural people enjoyed clean water from nearby streams but in the past few decades the rivers and streams near their villages are polluted due to logging and plantation.

“One source of clean water is from mountain streams from nearby hills and mountains. Is Dr Jerip not aware that hundreds of rural villages now do not have clean water?” he asked.

Luak acknowledged that the government had implemented some gravity feed water supply in the past but the “the phase of implementation has been very slow that in fifty years, there were still many (villages) without clean water”.

“I would like to pose a question to Dr Jerip. Serian District was promised in early 2011, before the last State Election, that 90 percent of the people of Serian would be enjoying treated water supply to their homes. It was not achieved.

“In early 2012 a high level team, headed by a Federal Minister visited Serian and made a statement that 90 percent of the people of Serian would be enjoying treated water supply by that year.

“Is Dr Jerip aware that till today, not even half of the villages in Serian are enjoying treated water supply,” he asked.

What happen to masterplan?

Luak further recalled that during the time he served in the government in 1980, there was a master plan to build a huge reservoir in the Kedup area (in Serian) to supply water to all the villages in Serian.

“Is Dr Jerip able to answer what happens to the project? Just last week, I went to Kampung Sanggai (a village in Serian) which is less that 10km away from Serian and which does not have treated piped water supply.

“A gravity feed water supply system was provided to them but the dam can only hold water enough for consumption for a day or two. Most of the time their taps run dry,” he said.

Luak was responding to Jerip’s warning to the Bidayuh community, on Wednesday, not be swayed by DAP’s Impain Sarawak campaign .

He said the whole exercise was a strategy to win votes and seats in the next state elections scheduled in 2016.

In the 2011 state elections DAP had swept the Chinese majority urban seats. Together with partner PKR, the Pakatan rakyat coalition now hold 15 seats in the Sarawak Legislative Assembly.

Following its win and reports from political analysts that mixed urban-rural seats had shown a ‘significant’ shift in support of the opposition, the party had announced its drive to win over Dayak votes.

Last month Sarawak DAP announced that it had completed seven projects under its ‘Impian Sarawak’ and this included installing gravity feed water system at Kampung Sait-Muk Ayun (in Bengoh) and a longhouse in Ulu Wak (Pakan), the refurbishment of Rumah Gawai in Kampung Serikin (Bau) and the building of a house for a single mother of two in Sematan.

State chairman Chong Chieng Jen had said that five more projects were ongoing and that an additional 10 Impian Sarawak programmes would be implemented in the next two months.

The party had launched its Impian Sarawak project in September last year.