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Thread: Delimitation Forum 19th Apr 2014: Should no. of MP's and ADUN's be increased or decreased?

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    Delimitation Forum 19th Apr 2014: Should no. of MP's and ADUN's be increased or decreased?

    Event: Sat 19th Apr 9am - 4.30pm.

    Bar Council Level 2, Beside Central Market, KL.

    Topic: Public Forum on increase of seats in Parliament and DUN?

    Should we or shouldn't we? Come and have your say. Let the politicians and the EC know.


    Dato Saifuddin Abdullah, GMM CEO
    Dr. Wong Chin Huat, Bersih Rep,
    PY Wong, Tindak Malaysia,

    Prof James Chin, Monash University

    EC: TBA

    Political Parties:
    BN - TBA,
    PR - Sivarasa, PKR,
    Ong Kian Ming, DAP,
    Hatta Ramli, PAS

    Live streaming: audience can virtually participate in the forum by accessing this link -

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    Morning Session: All 3 Panelists (Prof James Chin, Dr. Wong Chin Huat & PY Wong) agreed that there should not be an increase of seats.

    Prof James suggested that for political reasons due to a historical legacy from the formation of Malaysia, consideration should be given to reinstating the 1/3 seat quota for Sabah & Sarawak but Dr. Wong CH did not agree, arguing instead that they should consider lesser no. of seats in exchange for stronger autonomy.

    PY Wong stressed that in the event that seats increased are considered by the political parties, it should go hand-in-hand with electoral reform because the Delimitation principles and procedures under the Federal Constitution Thirteenth Schedule gives a very wide lee-way to the EC to manipulate the boundaries and it can be passed by a simple majority in Parliament.

    Afternoon Session: Present - DAP Dr. Ong Kian Ming, PAS Dr. Mohd Hatta, PKR Sivarasa, Global Movement of Moderates Dato Saifuddin Abdullah.

    Sivarasa: Fair media access would have a bigger impact than fair delimitation. The electoral system need to be corrected. When the EC changed the postal voting system for military, police and spouses from postal vote to Advance Voting, it was a disaster for PR. They got less than 5%, even as low as 3% of the votes which totally did not reflect society's voting pattern of 50:50. There was no opportunity to safeguard the ballot boxes of Advance Voting. So today, Malaysia's integrity ranking stands at a lowly 66 out of 72.

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