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Thread: **** Delimitation: Sop for objector registration

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    **** Delimitation: Sop for objector registration

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    33% of the voters select the Govt due to malapportionment. We have to counter this by putting up counter-proposals when the EC table their delimitation recommendations.

    Each Constituency needs 120 (20 extra as safety margin in case of dropouts) electors to register as objectors to qualify to submit our petition for alternative fair maps. As there are 2 hearings and 2 forms (1 for PAR and 1 for DUN), each person has to sign 4 forms.

    The SOP and relevant forms are attached.

    00 SOP PENDAFTARAN PEMBANTAH_B.pdf (refer to this),
    0 EC Submission_Covering Letter_Final_200715.docx,
    1 Borang IA A4 Lampiran Senarai Nama Pembantah + Tandatangan_20.xlsx (where you are able to get 20 objectors in the same constituency to sign on the form. Possible for mass organizations such as political parties, religious bodies, associations, etc),
    2 Borang IA A4 Lampiran Senarai Nama Pembantah_20150414_key-in_20.xlsx, (this is to be used together with individually-signed Borang Pembantah as attachment and is the one most likely used by Tindak Malaysia),
    3 Borang III Borang Pembantah_Individu_A.pdf, (print this and use for hand-written entries for objectors that you meet)
    4 Borang III Borang Pembantah_Individu.xlsx (use for outstation objectors. If you can, key-in their contact information and personal data first. Then save it in pdf format before emailing to them to print out, sign and return to you. 4 copies needed.)
    Note: Do not send this form out until you have identified the Local Parliamentary Coordinator who can receive and collate tho returned forms.

    5 Senarai Pemilih Yang Ingin Berdaftar Sebagai Pembantah.pdf, (for field work where you record details of interested objectors, from which you key in their details into "4 Borang III Borang Pembantah_Individu.xlsx", before emailing to the objector).
    6 Maps Listing for Parliament & DUN.xlsx (this is to help you identify the Parliament and DUN's)

    Regularly refer to for updates.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>.

    'Vulnerable' voters will decide half of S'wak seats

    The Sarawak electoral constituency redelineation process will still see a third of the voters deciding on about half of parliamentary seats in the state, says electoral watchdog Tindak Malaysia.


    They are repeating this in Sarawak.

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