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Thread: Joe Singh: Precautions to avoid robberies

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    Joe Singh: Precautions to avoid robberies

    Dear Netizens,

    we hear this all the time. Our Complacency is an opportunity for others to take advantage.

    Advice :

    When you drive , just make it a habit to look back thru your rear view and side mirrors, see if you are being followed or notice any suspicious characters. Take a longer route , check again to see if you are followed . If you suspect something fishy of being tailed, drive to the nearest police station or to a busy area.

    You can also call the cops if you suspect being followed, no harm if it is a false alarm, play safe always.

    You can activate your panic button on your car alarm switch, all this noise will only make them more nervous and at the same time it will attract attention of people.

    Do remember that thieves do not like the sound of any alarm , use it when you feel unsafe rather than wait for some maverick to start another campaign on " SELAMATKAN LAH DIRI ANDA - GUNAKAN ALARM KERETA " OR " SAFE NEIGHBOURHOOD STARTS WITH YOUR CAR ALARM "

    A campaign can only work if you work for it. Just use your common sense and be alert.

    Never never never leave your valuables on top of any part of your car seats, If possible , just slip it between your legs and under the seat.

    If you are heading to your parked car, look around and see if anybody suspicious is hanging around, they may be pretending to talk on the phone or talking to each other, see if another person is nearby on a bike or if there is a unmanned motor bike nearby , perhaps it has a crash helmet hanging on the bike , if this is the case , wait and see , do not let them notice you watching them, if the person is still there, get help from someone or just call the nearest balai and seek their assistance, the cops will be more than glad to help you . Does not matter if it is a false alarm .

    I Rather have an inconvenience than an accident .

    B - Smart
    B - Alert
    B - Safe

    Joe Singh
    SS14 RA & Crime Watch Committee
    Community Policing with SS17 Balai Polis
    Rakan Cop Subang Jaya

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    Emergency Numbers

    You may want to print this out and key in the key numbers into your mobile.

    Emergency Numbers
    Telephone Email News
    Balai Polis Subang Jaya 03-5633 2222
    C/I Tuan Sulaiman bin Baputty 019-3707100

    Balai Polis USJ 03-5635 6904
    C/I Tuan Loi Yew Lik (eff. 15/02/09) 012-4118843, 03-56374471

    S/I Tuan Amir 012-2713294

    Balai Polis Taipan 03-5633 7222
    Sajan Thanabalan 012-2135377

    Balai Polis Putra Heights 03-5192 2404
    S/I Tuan Nordin b Mustaffa 012-3150775
    Sarjan Mejar Abdul Wahab b Abdullah 019-3626760

    Balai Polis Bandar Sunway 03-5638 2122
    C/I Tuan Krisnan (or Krishnan? Could be typo) 012-5818927

    The attached file will show the data better.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: Joe Singh: Precautions to avoid robberies

    Dear Residents,

    House breakins

    To prevent such happenings , it is good to do and have the following :

    a) CCTV ( good quality cameras with audio preferred )
    b) Alarms in the house
    c) Inform your neighbours if no one is in ( give them your contact nos )

    d) If you see any suspicious vehicle eg.,

    1) Lorry, Van, any big MPV/SUV ( tinted ) parked in front of a neighbours house, hide and observe, if you see anything suspicious, call your local police station, even if it is a false alarm, it is OK, no cop is going to penalise you , play safe rather than be sorry later. These crooks use big vehicles to block the view of houses in front . Try not to dry your laundry in front porch as this can also be used as a cover.

    e) Keep a dog if you like pets, even a small breed can make the same noise as the big fellows. If you hear a neighbour's dog barking, please come out of your comfort zone and take the trouble to find out what is irritating the dog , a dog only barks when he see's strangers... call the police if you suspect anything fishy.

    f) ACTIVATE YOUR CAR OR HOUSE ALARM if you suspect anything. Remember, these crooks do not like attention and any sound
    of alarm is not a good music for them. Other neighbours can chorus on this by activating their cal alarms in unison. More noise better MAH !

    g) You can also fix a siren in your home, activate it when the need arises.

    Remember : Automatic gates has a wireless frequency and there is a device from China that can read your digital code and these crooks can save it and unlock your gate . Nothing is fool proof these days.

    Remember , being a busybody can make a difference in the safety of your neighbourhood without the need to take the law into your own hands
    by illegaly barricading gazetted public roads. Any road tax paying motorist can take you to court and sue you for inconvenience.
    This is a fact and I am only sharing the truth of the matter.

    A caring neighbourhood is a safe neighbourhood. Get to know your neighbours today , invite each other for a cuppa and exchange phone nos.

    Have a safe n pleasant week.


    Community service

    Joe Singh
    SS14RA & Crime Watch Team
    Community Policing with SS17 Balai Polis ( Rakan Cop )

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