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Thread: Zaid: Najib must clarify 1Malaysia concept

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    Re: Zaid: Najib must clarify 1Malaysia concept - 1Malaysia Death Camp

    Is it a man-made calamity? — Lim Mun Fah

    OCT 29 — It was intended to be a happy camping trip. A total of 294 students from different primary schools excitedly crossed the suspension bridge after having supper to return to the camping site. All in a sudden, the bridge collapsed and 22 students fell into the rushing river. As a result, 19 students were saved, one drown and two missing.

    After the tragedy, an angry parent punched a teacher while some anxious parents burst into tears and severely scolded the teachers.

    Everybody felt the same, it was understandable that the parents were frustrated and anxious. But really, the teachers should not be blamed entirely.

    On the contrary, teachers who risked their safety to rescue the students should be praised.

    The incentive camp was organised by the Kinta Selatan District Education Department and it should be the one to take the greatest responsibility if there was any omission. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Re: Zaid: Najib must clarify 1Malaysia - PM aide's 'racist' remarks spark outrag

    Birds of a feather flock together. We can assess what is the character of Najib based on the character of those close to him.

    PM aide's 'racist' remarks spark outrage

    RK Anand, Feb 2, 10

    The stinging remarks made by a special officer to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak during a seminar titled 'Rapat 1Malaysia' in Malacca this morning prompted scores of MIC and MCA members as well as representatives from non-governmental organisations to stage a walkout.

    According to a source who attended the meeting, Nasir Safar had ruffled feathers when he labelled the Indians and Chinese in this country as 'pendatang' or immigrants.

    "He was saying that the Indians and Chinese came here as immigrants and are now enjoying life in this country.

    "He also remarked that the Chinese, especially the women, come here to 'jual tubuh' (flesh trade)," added the source who requested anonymity.

    He claimed that Nasir also credited Umno for being solely responsible in drafting the constitution, "sidelining the contribution of the other parties in the Alliance back then." 'Revoke their citizenship' .... Malaysiakini. Subscription required.


    by smike27 - 5 hours ago

    semua orang melayu pun pendatang, hanya orang asli adalah original bodoh sugguh engkau. Tak pernah orang kata orang lain pendatang tapi melayu bodoh

    macam engkau lah yang kata pendatang hoi pendatang jangan cakap orang lain pendatang bodoh telur.

    Mr PM Japanese proverb said if you don't know the character of a person look at his friend,

    now to know the PM character look at his special officer.

    More flak: Merely sacking the aide won't do. Heads must roll at a higher level. PM's aide probed for sedition.

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    Re: Zaid: Najib must clarify 1Malaysia concept - Is it copied from One Israel?

    The Review, April 1999

    Barak’s ‘One Israel’

    By Tzvi Fleischer

    Israeli Opposition Leader Ehud Barak has had a good couple of weeks. First, on March 4, he managed to put together the "One Israel" bloc, the linchpin of his plans to re-position his Labor party to gain more swing votes and deliver him government in the Israeli elections scheduled for May 17. Then, the results of an inquiry by the Israeli State Comptroller, released on March 15, cleared Barak of any improper conduct during the 1992 Tzeelim training accident, hopefully clearing him of allegations which have dogged his political career since he retired as IDF Chief of Staff to eventually become Foreign Minister under Shimon Peres in 1996. And finally, opinion polls have taken a turn for the better for Barak, moving him from a position where he was at best neck and neck with Prime Minister Netanyahu to a position where he seems to have opened up a lead over Netanyahu of at least five percentage points (although Israeli opinion polling is notoriously inaccurate).

    Israeli political analysts have begun to rethink their political wisdom. A few weeks ago, the majority view was that, barring a major scandal or political shake-up, Netanyahu was more likely than not to retain government. Today, the majority view is that election results are at this point too close to call. However, so far Barak is doing everything right.

    One Israel is a new electoral coalition of Labor, the Gesher party associated with former Likud Foreign Minister David Levy, and Meimad, a party that marries a religiously observant supporter base and dovish views on the peace process. Under agreements signed between the three, the combined One Israel list will see the Labor party list of candidates, established in party primaries last month, modified to include a number of candidates from the two other parties. Gesher is to get three safe positions for its candidates, including the Number 3 spot (behind Barak and former party leader Shimon Peres) for Levy, and a promise that Levy can have a senior ministerial position in any Barak government. Meimad receives one safe slot, one doubtful slot, and a promise that a Meimad leader who is not a Knesset member will be a cabinet minister. (Changes to Israeli electoral laws in 1992 make it permissible for up to half the Cabinet to non-elected.)

    The One Israel concept has been pursued by Barak since last year as a way to make his candidacy more acceptable to the large number of Israelis who would never vote for Labor. The Review Apr 1999.

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    Re: Zaid: Najib must clarify 1Malaysia - What are the elements of 1Malaysia

    What are the elements of 1Malaysia as understood by Najib?

    He has made it so nebulous that only APCO understands it.

    I am trying to compile them piece by piece.

    1. 8 Values of 1Malaysia. Amongst others, it includes “Acceptance”. I quote PM Najib in a video interview in which he explains that 1Malaysia “Acceptance” as:

    “…a state of mind that you are embracing something positively. It is important for us now to migrate from this concept of mere tolerance to acceptance. Acceptance in the sense that you are ready to accept things because if you are willing to accept things and embrace things willingly, then your capacity to look at things in a more positive manner is much, much better than mere tolerance. I think that that’s important than if you don’t have any baggage and you are not weighed down by any negative, preconceived notions and you are willing to look at the best that person can offer…”

    2. National Unity

    3. Justice.






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    Re: Zaid: Najib must clarify 1Malaysia - RPK: 1Malaysia will be Najib's downfall

    RPK: 1Malaysia will be Najib's downfall

    Tue, 25 May 2010 14:17

    By K Kabilan

    FMT EXCLUSIVE KUALA LUMPUR: Exiled blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin says that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will be toppled by forces within Umno if he continues to press forward with his 1Malaysia concept at the expense of “Ketuanan Melayu”. FreeMalaysiaToday....

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    1Malaysia concept - '1Malaysia' can never replace the original 'Malaysia'

    '1Malaysia' can never replace the original 'Malaysia'

    Richard Loh
    May 21, 10

    In order for Malaysia to become fully ai independent and developed country, all Malaysians must work together towards that goal. We got our independence from the British but instead of being truly independent and allowing the citizens to govern this country, we were just handed over by the British to another tyrannical master in the form and shape of Umno.

    After over 52 years of the tyrannical Umno rule, we are getting from bad to worse. You may disagree and claim that we have progressed and yes, we have progress. No doubt that what we see as in the roads and highways, super tall buildings, air shows, Formula 1 etc is progress. But this type of progress can be achieved by anyone as long as there is money and money is what we have for now.

    We, however, have not progressed as a nation in terms of the people's welfare, harmony among all the races, meritocracy and equality. We are so divided among the different races. There are miles separating the rich and the poor. Billions have been lost through corruption. There is suppression of truth and a total breakdown of the rule of law.

    The frequently used terms of racism, Ketuanan Melayu and religion are destroying and tearing this country apart. How many times and how much longer are all of you going to be deceived by Umno/BN in that they are still the best and most capable to run this country. On face value, they look capable but in reality, what do we see of their performance?

    The newest prime minister, groomed in the ways and styles of Umno's expired methodology of governing, has came out with another slogan of '1Malaysia, People First, Performance Now' and now after nine months it is more talks and no action. We still see racism rearing its ugly head through Utusan Malaysia, Biro Tata Negara and Umno'.

    The people are the last ones in mind when the prices of consumer goods keep rising while pay checks remain stagnant. What kind of 'Performance now' do we anticipate from his slogan? It does not indicate very much and we still see the police, MACC and judiciary doing the bidding of their master Umno.

    Previously, a few goodies thrown out by the prime ministers was good enough to satisfy the rakyat and they were happy to return back to Umno/BN. But then after winning back the voters and triumphing in election after election, they always went back to their racist, arrogant and corrupt ways of governing.

    Now after the March 8, 2008 tsunami, Umno knows that a few goodies alone are not enough to satisfy the voters.

    Malaysia must remain Malaysia and whatever we do to help Malaysians, we must always maintain the country's name called 'Malaysia'. If you sincerely want to unite all Malaysians and treat all as equal, you still can use the original 'Malaysia' to get it done - why do you want to bring another unwarranted name called '1Malaysia'?

    Fellow Malaysians, we have had enough of Umno/BN rule for over 50 years. We need to have a change, for better or for worse and we have to give it a try. There is nothing to be afraid of - do we fear a new government with no experience will destroy the country?

    Let me take you back to 52 years ago. If the British were to think like what you are thinking, would the British have given up their rule and handed over the country to Umno which at that time did not have any experience whatsoever in governing? Malaysiatoday....

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