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Thread: Everyone should invest in ASW

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    Everyone should invest in ASW

    With the recent announcement of more leftover ASW unit trust unit available for the bumis and indians, everyone is encouraged to invest their hard earned money into it. The quota for ASW stands at 49% for non-bumis and 51% for bumis. The chinese quota of 999 million units has been met. Instead of selling like super hot cakes as they usually are, this time take up was slightly slower. ASW units usually get snapped up within 12 hours.

    In case you are not in the known, ASW is a fixed price unit trust where you earn profit from its dividend that is usually around 4 to 6%. With a fixed priced unit trust. There is no risk of losing money at all. This is one of the best investment you can take up.

    But lets us examine these questions:

    If we add up all the holdings and money held by all national unit trust funds, either by the banks, insurance company or government endorsed bodies, don't they hold a capital base that is quite close to the market capitalisation of the KLSE? If that is not the case, it would never be possible to sway the market to their preferred direction.

    If domestic consumption is encouraged, wouldn't investing money in funds stopping the flow of money. Do that mean that someone needs to borrow a lot of money, and is looking for easily accessible money?

    Come to think about it, would giving our hard earned money held in the hands of financial bankers comparable to giving away the power to control our own direction? Is it like getting a car, and asking someone else to drive it for you while you pretend to be sitting on the driver's seat?

    If take up rate wasn't that quite high, would that show that confidence in investment is declining, or maybe it simply means our middle class has simply ran out of money trying to meet ends meet.

    If that is so.... wouldn't that significantly tells us who are standing stronger in this turbulent times?

    If the investment is so good, would you need a newspaper to urge you to buy it? Why would a government representative urges a purchase of product from a non-government organisation?
    What is the benefit to the government in urging people to purchase a product? I don't think they are getting any commision from it just like any salesperson. I don't think there is a dire need for financing either.

    Have the government asked you to buy milk before? Milk is good for you. Why not?

    Not withstanding this, we should all go queue up and get some ASW unit trust while stock last!

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    Re: Everyone should invest in ASW

    Don't buy.

    1. The underlying basis for the whole setup is flawed - paper currency. When it crashes, 6% p.a. is not going to do us much good. Better to buy gold and put it under a mattress.

    2. You will just be giving more money for UMNO to squander and future generations have to pay back, meaning your children and grand-children.

    I told my children to sell ALL their wawasan funds and they have happily parked it in gold.

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    Re: Everyone should invest in ASW

    I hope I am writing it right this time. Posing questions instead of statements. And being skeptical when stating.

    No ISA for me, pls.

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    Re: Everyone should invest in ASW

    6-7% per annum returns, you think it means a lot?

    Professional shareholder and investors easily earn more so ASW2020 offering this kind of interest, you think is fake?

    Read through the prospectus to find out more..

    Money do not go direct to UMNO, and PNB is registered within the list in Bank Negara Malaysia..

    I am not helping anyone, but this is true..

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