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    Re: Public Forum May 13 to 1Malaysia, 13 May PJ - The critical 30 minutes

    Quote Originally Posted by pywong

    Video recording of forum.

    HASSAN MUTHALIB on spending May 13 1969 in Kampung Baru.

    Background information: Soldiers were shooting the civilians. The Defence Minister then was Tun Abdul Razak.
    Abdullah Ahmad is trying to absolve Tun Razak (then Deputy PM) and Datuk Harun Idris (Selangor MB just before the 1969 elections) who was in danger of losing his MB post due to the results of the 1969 elections. They was organising Malays to riot in protest over the results.

    Below is Abdullah's story of what happened. It reminds me of an incident I had near a Royal family house in Brunei back in the early nineties.

    I was trying to start a small fire to burn some lallang. Suddenly a gust of wind came. The dry bushes caught fire and it became a towering inferno. Fortunately, I had an excavator nearby which I quickly called to put out the fire. If I had not succeeded, it could have burnt down the Royal family house and landed me in hot soup.

    Could I claim in self-defense that I was only trying to start a small fire?

    Absolutely not! When we play with fire, we are liable to get burnt. Likewise when Razak and Harun were playing with racial fire, thousands of innocent people died. They deserve the condemnation of history and Malaysians.

    The critical 30 minutes

    Posted by admin
    Thursday, 14 May 2009 19:53

    Razak asked Harun to calm the gathering and urged him, in strong terms, to attempt his best to stop the clashes from escalating. The rest, as they say, is history. Though Harun and I were not on good political terms, I must be fair. I think he did try, but by then, to no avail.


    WHILE WE remember the 40th anniversary of the May 13 tragedy, we should move on. It's time for closure of the sad, very sad incident. The tragic and vicious incident need not have happened had Tun Razak's message to Datuk Harun Idris, the Mentri Besar of Selangor, reached him 30 minutes earlier or had Tan Sri David Tan Chee Khoon and Tun Lim Chong Eu spoken to Razak 30 minutes earlier relaying their decision not to cooperate with DAP to form the state government of Selangor nor to work together in Perak and elsewhere. More…

    And RPK has a few words to say about that.. Yes, let’s move on But to forgive and forget there must first be remorse.

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    Re: Public Forum May 13 - Remembering May 13


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    Re: Public Forum May 13 to 1Malaysia, 13 May PJ - Video Recording

    Quote Originally Posted by pywong
    Although right now, Nizar may be more popular, Khalid Samad is more solid in his ideas. Unfortunately, the sound did not come out too well. More…

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    Re: Public Forum May 13 to 1Malaysia - redeeming the tragedy

    May 13 - redeeming the tragedy

    Steve Oh | May 14, 09 6:18pm

    The ghost of May 13 will not disappear just because Malaysians shy away from talking about it. Every nation has to deal with its past, no matter how painful, and only a reasoned approach upholding the truth and seeking reconciliation can expunge the nation of its sense of foreboding and repressed anger.

    Many Malaysians may share many similar views with a Chinese like Bob Teoh of MySinchew and a Malay like Farish Noor in their recent writings on this subject as the 40th anniversary of this tragic day comes and passes into history once more. More…

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    Re: Public Forum May 13 to 1Malaysia, 13 May PJ

    Public forum: “From May 13 to 1Malaysia – The Future of Malaysian Nation Building”

    Video recording by The Edge:

    Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    Lim Kit Siang, DAP Parliamentary Leader, Ipoh Timur MP.

    YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, Menteri Besar Perak, Bukit Gantang MP: Tape a, Tape b and Tape c.

    Tunku Abdul Aziz, DAP National Vice Chairman/Penang Senator-designate.

    Khalid Abd. Samad, Shah Alam MP.

    K. Ragunath, President of Bar Council Malaysia.

    Prof. Azmi bin Sharom, Law Professo.

    Tricia Yeoh, Research Officer to Selangor MB.

    Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad aka (Dollah Kok Lanas); Former NST Group Editor-in-Chief:
    Part a: He has admitted that Dato Harun was preparing to cause trouble because he was worried about losing his MB post in Selangor. He put the blame to Lim Chong Eu and Tan Chee Khoon for being late in informing Tun Razak that they would not challenge Harun. How does that explain that, for days after, soldiers were shooting unarmed Malaysians and their bodies buried secretly? More…

    and Part b.

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    Re: Public Forum May 13: Has the ghost of May 13 been laid to rest?

    Has the ghost of May 13 been laid to rest?

    By Kaypo Anak Sarawak, Posted by admin
    Monday, 18 May 2009 14:54

    Kaypo Anak Sarawak is a Columnist of Hermit Hornbill at The Borneo Post Online , His article is published in The Borneo Post every Sunday. (Used by permission of the Author)

    WHEN the date May 13 approached at this time every year, I was overwhelmed by a gamut of complicated emotions. Yes, four days’ ago, we witnessed the 40th anniversary of that tragic incident in our nation’s half century history.

    According to official record, the race riot broke out immediately after the 1969 general election, in which opposition parties made great gain at the poll, especially in Selangor and in the Parliament.

    Again, according to official sources, the mostly Chinese opposition victory rallies in KL had provoked fear and anger among the Malays, and havoc and violence ruled the capital city, until a State of Emergency was declared, and order was restored by uniformed personnel. Many opposition legislators and leaders were detained under the ISA.

    Democracy was suspended and the task of government was undertaken by a National Action Council headed by the then Deputy Prime Minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak.

    Check also the comments by Roseminah.

    written by Roseminah, May 18, 2009 16:18:12



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    Re: MAY 13 - The REAL story of May 13 (part 1)

    In particular, read the comments.

    The REAL story of May 13 (part 1)
    ARCHIVES 2008

    Thursday, 11 September 2008 Super Admin

    They say those who forget history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. In light of the recent sabre-rattling by those in Umno and the warning by the Armed Forces Chief, Malaysia Today feels compelled to republish an old article by Raja Petra Kamarudin that was published in Harakah on 24 September 1999.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    This is Part One of an article I wrote almost nine years ago, which was published in Harakah, the official media organ of the Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS). History is not something that should remain buried. History is something that should be a lesson to all or us so that we do not repeat the mistakes made by those before us.

    In 1968, Umno fanned racial sentiments in a bid to 'unite' the Malays under its banner. Umno realised that the Malays were abandoning it in droves and it needed an issue to reunite the Malays. Further to that, the Prime Minister was being blamed for what Umno perceived as a loss of Malay support and the Young Turks in Umno wanted to also use this issue to pressure the Prime Minister into resigning.

    Twenty years later, in 1988, Umno again went into turmoil with the emergence of Team A and Team B, which eventually split into Umno Baru and Semangat 46. Again, just like twenty years before that, the Malays had become disillusioned with the Umno leadership and there was a danger that Umno would suffer the same fate it did in 1969 if the general election was called. Malaysiatoday....

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    Re: MAY 13 - Merely a more violent form of terrorism against Malaysians

    We do not countenance your ways and we do not fear you, UMNO
    January 28, 2010

    Moderator’s note : Seorang pembaca blog ini bernama Peter, dengan menggunakan kemudahan yang disediakan oleh Google, telah menterjemahkan posting ini ke dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Terjemahan tersebut, walaupun bukan begitu tepat, boleh dibaca di SINI.

    Tahniah, Peter.

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    I was too young to fully understand all that was happening when the May 13 tragedy struck.

    I have since had the benefit of reading up on this dark passage of our nation’s history from every possible literature I could lay my hands on, including Dr. Kua’s “May 13?.

    Until an earnest attempt to lay bare the truth about the riots of 1969 is made through a mechanism akin to that of a truth and reconciliation commission, we may never really ever know what brought about the violence and mayhem which , as we now know, made all talk thereafter of nation-building, as envisaged by our founding fathers, rhetoric and little else.

    At the same time, the race-based ‘divide and rule’ blueprint laid out by the Malay nationalists of the day and carried forward by their progeny to this day has, over the years, been allowed to take root and firmly grip this nation by, again and again, playing out to a fearful people, the spectre of race and religion-based violence erupting to disrupt a peaceful existence sustained, not through genuine respect, acceptance and understanding, but the absence of dissent through fear.

    Again and again, the people are reminded of the dark history of May 13. malaysia-today.

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    Re: MAY 13 - Happy May 13

    A happy May 13th to everyone?

    Wed, 12 May 2010 14:09

    Two events in May have, for more than four decades, set the course of this country's history. It is quite apparent that both events lie behind Malaysia's failure to develop as a nation. One is the anniversary of Umno's founding. Two days later is the anniversary of Malaysia's day of infamy.

    Those two events, like steel threads, are woven stiffly into the tapesty of Malaysian life. Until all Malaysians, and Malay society especially, have come to terms with the full story of those days of horror in 1969, there will be little reason to be optimistic about a joint Malaysian future free of racial strife.

    On Tuesday, Umno marked its 64th anniversary, with lashings of self-congratulation and a note of caution. On May 13, another Malay-rights movement holds a rally for 10,000 ostensibly to urge the Malay community to strive harder to improve themselves.

    The Umno event was attended by Najib Tun Razak, son of the man at the centre at May 13, 1969 and its aftermath. With them was Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the other half of the Jeckyll-and-Hyde face of Malaysian race relations.

    Najib's message at the celebrations bore little of the jingoistic bombast of past such events. That may yet come when Mahathir, the prime proponent of race politics, makes his keynote address at the May 13 rally in Kuala Terengganu.

    It will be a celebration of race under the guise of empowerment and advancement, with the visible support of the man whose political philosophy, rooted in half-baked notions of race and genetics, and an uncompromising approach to power, has held back the flowering of Malaysian society.

    By no means can an event bringing together Mahathir and 10,000 others, "Malays First", and May 13, be regarded as anything but as a celebration of race supremacy and the politics of brute force.

    And as such it will be a truly grotesque spectacle.

    "Uncivilised," says PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayu. "Outrageous. Unhealthy. Bordering on extremism. Dangerous" were other words that the Islamic party used to describe it.

    Yet organisers of the May 13 rally say they have been misunderstood. Gertak, the name of the umbrella group holding the event, is a Malay word that means "to scare". The rally's theme is "Malays Rise". It is held on May 13. It is held in a city chosen as the venue because few Chinese live there.

    Yet rally chairman Razali Idris, a minor Umno apparatchik, insist there is no malice. "We just want to remind the Malays that we are not better off," he was quoted as saying. " It is not our intention to threaten other races."

    That is utter drivel, typical of the double-speak that Mahathir Mohamad practised and encouraged in his decades in power.

    No one who lived through those times can doubt the visible meaning of an event held on May 13, with the theme "Malays Rise' and the presence of a man whose political career was built on race-baiting, with a philosophy likened to that of Nazi Germany.

    Mahathir's rabble-rousing helped Tun Abdul Razak secure what was, in effect, a bloody coup d'etat against Tunku Abdul Rahman. As a beneficiary of that coup d'etat, Mahathir was never shy about using the cry of "May 13" to keep non-Malay communities and non-Malay politicians in line.

    Within Malaysia's non-Malay society, "May 13" will always be regarded, even if unstated, as the day Malay power was established by blood. The blood of thousands, according to Tunku Abdul Rahman himself in later years, a remark in tune with widely-held beliefs although the official report he authored at the time held the death toll to be within the hundreds.

    That is the unstated theme behind Umno leaders making reminders about "not wanting another May 13", usually quite coincidentally around May. Just as, earlier this month, another minor Umno functionary, Azhar Ibrahim in Penang, dipped his hands into the well with another crude warning, even linking it to military power. Though the state Barisan Nasional quietly dissociated themselves from his crude remarks, Penang Umno chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi himself was more circumspect.

    His reluctance to condemn or criticise such political crudity, and the silence from Najib Tun Razak and other Umno leaders about the crudity of the May 13 rally, is telling.

    It tells that Umno wants power at any cost, even the cost of innocent lives. If that impression is not true, then Umno leaders must prove themselves.

    They can prove their commitment to building a joint Malaysia future by making an outright condemnation of all use of the spectre of "May 13".

    They can prove their willingness to building a fully Malaysian future by helping Malay society come fully to terms with how and why May 13 happened, and not through touchy-feely measures as advocated by one adman to whitewash the brutal reality of May 13, 1969.

    That can only come with full public exposure of all the details about that day of infamy — and when Malay society, especially, fully comes to terms with what was done in their name. When Malay society and all Malaysians face the truth.


    Hours after this editorial was written, rally organisers said the event had been postponed on instructions "from the top". Razali Idris, amidst more drivel, said the May 13 date had been chosen by Mahathir himself. Enough said. Malaysiakini. Please support by subscribing as a reader.

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    RPK's Warning to UMNO on the May 13 threat: Do not cry wolf too often.

    The (confused) way forward

    Thursday, 21 October 2010 Super Admin

    Umno does not know what it is getting itself into. It had better tone down that race riot rhetoric lest it backfires on them. If they think the Indians and Chinese are going to react like they did in 1999 -- they reluctantly voted for Barisan Nasional out of fear -- then Umno is going to be in for a surprise.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    (The Star) - Feisty Sabah delegate Hamidah Mumamad Jafar called for support for bold moves to curb cases of baby-dumping, such as setting up a school for pregnant mothers and providing more baby hatches.

    The Putatan Puteri Umno division chief said the Government should fully support innovative approaches as the growing number of baby-dumping cases was alarming.

    “Setting the school and the baby-hatch provided a lifeline for pregnant unwed mothers and their babies.”

    “Sex education in schools is also a must to prevent young girls from being involved in premarital sex,” she said, to the applause of the more than 700 delegates.

    Johor Baru Puteri Umno chief Azura Mohd Afandi wants the Information Ministry to curb television shows and commercials that could lead people astray from the right religious paths.

    “Horror films and commercials deemed too sexy for young viewers might lead to deviant teachings.”

    “For example, commercials on sanitary pads are openly shown on TV and this could influence the young to get involved in social ills,” said Azura, urging the ministry to increase shows that teach good values and religious practices.

    Kedah delegate Azifah Abdul Rahman supports the continued use of the Internal Security Act against those who threaten the country’s security.

    She said: “The Act is needed, especially as there are those who dare question the Malay rights.”


    Kedah delegate Azifah Abdul Rahman wants the government to retain the Internal Security Act. This is so that those who threaten the country’s security, especially those who dare question the Malay rights, can be detained without trial.

    Questioning Malay rights is considered a threat to national security. So those who question it need to be detained without trial, reckons this delegate to the Umno general assembly.

    This is the simple way that the Umno delegates look at things. But then don’t simple-minded people always look at things from this simple perspective? If they open their mouths; detain them without trial. This will stop people from talking and questioning.

    Johor Baru Puteri Umno chief Azura Mohd Afandi considers horror films as the main cause of deviant teachings. How a horror movie can lead to deviant teachings was not explained. Nevertheless, the fact that Malays believe in black magic, witch doctors, ghosts, ghouls, zombies, walking dead, vampires, and whatnot, probably lends weight to this argument.

    What was also not explained is the fact that Malays believe in black magic, ghosts and whatnot since way back, long before the invention of television. Was it television that ‘poisoned’ the minds of the Malays and caused them to believe in rubbish and that led them to deviant teachings? If so how come they were already ‘led astray’ and believed in ‘deviant teachings’ long before there was even such a thing as television?

    This delegate also wants the government to ban advertisements on sanitary pads, which leads to social ills. If Malaysians were to see advertisements of sanitary pads on television they would turn into immoral people.

    Sabah delegate Hamidah Mumamad Jafar wants schools for pregnant mothers and more baby hatches to be set up. This will help reduce the cases of baby dumping, argues this delegate. How that would work was never explained. They dump babies to hide the fact that they were pregnant. Would they want to go to a school for pregnant girls/women where they would ‘advertise’ the fact that they are pregnant?

    Introducing sex education into schools is also a must to prevent young girls from indulging in premarital sex, argued this same delegate. So, if girls and boys get to learn about sex, they would certainly not indulge in premarital sex, is how this logic is presented.

    How does that sound logical? If you learn about it in school then you will not do it? Does this make sense to you?

    Actually, if you really want to prevent premarital sex then the proper way would be to introduce chastity belts. All unmarried girls from the age of 10 should be forced to wear chastity belts and on the day they get married their husband is given a key to unlock the belt.

    Of course, those who marry at the age of 40 would need to wear the belt for 30 years before they can see it removed. And those who never get married would need to wear the belt until the day they die.

    Another way would be to ban girls from the age of 10 from leaving their house unless escorted by a male member of the family. Girls and women must also be banned from driving and their face should be totally concealed so that no boys or men can get to see their faces. This is the practice in some other Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi Arabia also bans entertainment films on TV. (At one time they banned television totally). You only get to see the news and religious programmes. This would prevent, as Azura Mohd Afandi said, people from straying from the right religious paths.

    And of course, the internet is the main source of ‘deviant teachings’ that lead people astray from the right religious paths. In fact, the internet is worse than television. So, to protect people and prevent them from becoming immoral, the internet must certainly be banned.

    If this still does not work and if unmarried girls/women still get pregnant, then Malaysia can introduce the law of stoning to death, like how some countries practice. You get pregnant and you die (even if your are raped, like how some countries decree). And you die at the hands of hundreds of people who will throw stones at you until you no longer breathe.

    Premarital sex is evil. Getting pregnant before you are married is evil. So Malaysia has to find ways in preventing all this from happening, how drastic the measures may seem. The future of Malaysia rests on ensuring that no one goes around bonking and gets pregnant before they are married.

    Okay, maybe abuse of power, wastage of public funds, corruption, extrajudicial killings, manipulation of the legal system, violating the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, election fraud, institutionalised discrimination, and many more are also evil. But those are not crucial and need not be discussed at the Umno general assembly. We must focus. And the focus is on how to reduce or eliminate ‘illegal sex’.

    Warnings are also being issued by the top Umno leadership that blood will flow on the streets if Umno were to get kicked out of office. Malaysians are being told to be wary of May 13 Version 2, that may happen if Umno does not retain power.

    They did the same thing in 1999. The Prime Minister then, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, went live on television to warn Malaysians that if Barisan Nasional were to lose its two-thirds majority in Parliament then chaos will rein.

    A Barisan Nasional without a two-thirds majority in Parliament will be a weak Barisan Nasional, said the Prime Minister. And a weak Barisan Nasional will not be able to guarantee the safety and security of its people. In 1969, the ruling party lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament, the Prime Minister reminded us. And what happened after that? There was rioting on the streets and many people died.

    So, don’t let 1999 be a repeat of 1969, warned the Prime Minister.

    And it worked. Many people, in particular the non-Malays, did not vote for the opposition. They sheepishly admitted that they support the opposition but voted for Barisan Nasional because they were scared of the race riot that the Prime Minister promised would happen.

    But that was back in 1999. In 1999 the people were scared. But in 2008 many voted for the opposition and no race riot happened. This was because 50% of the Malays also voted for the opposition, as Umno admitted. And the anti-Umno Malays far outnumber the Umno Malays.

    Umno could not even get 100 Malays onto the streets of Kampong Baru in the aftermath of the 2008 general election. But the opposition can get 50,000 Malays onto the streets any time. So, if the handful of Umno Malays want to start trouble, they will have to face tens of thousands of other Malays.

    No, if riots do start it will not be a la 1969. The next riot, if it happens, will be Malays facing Malays. The Indians and Chinese need not participate in this May 13 Version 2. They can just stay at home or go to Singapore or Thailand for a short holiday. Let the Malays handle this matter.

    The Indians and Chinese need not fear anything.
    Dr Hatta Ramli has already issued a challenge. PAS will form a human shield. The Malays from PAS will emerge in great numbers to face those Umno Malays who want Indian and Chinese blood. As Dr Hatta said, “Over our dead bodies.” The Umno Malays would first have to slaughter all the PAS Malays before they can reach the Indians and Chinese.
    And let me assure you: many other Malays not from PAS are also issuing this warning. The Indians and Chinese are our brothers and sisters. And if the Umno Malays want to harm them then they will have to first deal with the non-Umno Malays.

    And this is because the non-Umno Malays are Muslims first and Malays second. This is what Islam demands of Muslims -- to be Muslims first and last while racism is haram or forbidden.

    And in Islam justice must prevail and the non-Muslims must be protected even to the extent that Muslims go to war with Muslims to protect the life of the non-Muslims. This is Islamic justice. And in Islamic justice no one must be persecuted or discriminated against because of his or her race.

    So, is it not good that PAS is an Islamic party? Notwithstanding the fact that there are some in PAS who aspire to see Malaysia transformed into an Islamic State (which can never happen unless PAS wins more than two-thirds of the seats in Parliament), an Islamic party like PAS is good for the non-Muslims because this party upholds Islam, which means the non-Muslims receive protection against persecution and discrimination.

    Umno does not know what it is getting itself into. It had better tone down that race riot rhetoric lest it backfires on them. If they think the Indians and Chinese are going to react like they did in 1999 -- they reluctantly voted for Barisan Nasional out of fear -- then Umno is going to be in for a surprise.

    Today, the Indians and Chinese have faith in their Malay brothers and sisters. They know that May 13 Version 2 being bandied about by Umno is not going to be a Malay versus non-Malay incident like back in 1969. May 13 Version 2 is going to be a Malay-versus-Malay affair with the non-Malays standing on the sidelines as mere spectators.

    And if you think this is not so then go ask the non-Umno Malays in Pakatan Rakyat. Hear it from their own mouths. And they will tell you exactly what I have just said. Malaysiatoday....

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