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    MPSJ Subang Ria

    This is how the civil service abuse their positions - buying retreats in Port Dickson for the staff. Under the Pakatan govt, they are forced to sell them off.

    Council to hear objections on June 15 and 22 2009/05/29

    SUBANG JAYA: Residents who have submitted their written objections to the proposed developments in the Subang Jaya Local Draft Plan should take note of these two dates -- June 15 and June 22.

    Subang Jaya Municipal Council president Datuk Adnan Mohd Ikhsan said the 2,066 objections submitted by the residents would be heard on those two days.

    The objections, he said, were filed between Nov 29, 2007 and Jan 28 last year.

    "On June 15, we will be hearing 1,564 objections from 61 individuals in relation to five issues which include the development of the Subang Ria park, the LRT extension project and the development on public land."

    "On June 22, the panel will hear 502 objections over two issues. The first is the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve where part of the land will be converted into a cemetery ground and the need for more Buddhist temples in Subang Jaya," he said.

    Residents who are objecting collectively are advised to form a group and inform the council.

    The panel that will be hearing the objection will be chaired by Selangor Housing, Building and Squatters executive councillor Iskandar Abdul Samad.

    He will be assisted by, among others, Local Government, Research and Development Committee executive councillor Ronnie Liu; Tourism, Environment and Consumer Affairs executive councillor Elizabeth Wong; and Petaling district officer Datuk Zulkifli Ahmad.

    In the full board meeting yesterday, Adnan also said that the council would be selling off its properties in Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan.

    The properties are two apartments at the Palm Spring Resorts which were bought as holiday retreats for council staff in 1998 at RM250,000 each.

    "We can no longer maintain the properties, which cost RM800 a month in maintenance fees, as the returns from the rental is insufficient," said Adnan.

    He said the Evaluation Department of Negri Sembilan had estimated the present value of the apartments at RM85,000 each.

    Meanwhile, Adnan said the MPSJ hall in SS15 would be upgraded and a two-storey parking space would be provided to tackle the lack of parking space in the commercial area. More…

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    Re: Objections Hearing on Subang Jaya Development on 15 & 22 Jun 09

    It's wonderful how Ronnie, the champion of the underdog, suddenly becomes a wimp upon election. This email from Eileen was forwarded to Ronnie Liu, Exco on Local Govt. He has been a big disappointment so far. RPK has threatened to do nasty things to his organs. I am just waiting in anticipation.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Eileen Cheah
    To: Hannah Yeoh
    Cc: Melvin Lee ; Theresa Ratnam Thong ; A.S Gill ;

    Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 8:11 PM
    Subject: subang ria park (The Star - Metro, June 23, 2009)

    Dear YB

    I am most disappointed and appalled by Ronnie Liu's views and statement regarding the Subang Ria Park, as quoted in The Star (Metro) today). To say I am feeling insulted by Ronnie's comments regarding his perception of SJ residents is also quite an understatement -- unless, you are disputing my personal comprehension of the report ... but I know I did not read and understand it wrong! (And I certainly do not buy the oft-used excuse-in-lieu of being "mis-quoted by the media"!!!).

    I quote from The Star:
    THE Selangor state government will take steps to protect the interests of the landowner and the public with regards to the Subang Ria Park, said state local government, studies and research committee chairman Ronnie Liu.

    “If we can convince the private company that owns the park land to keep most of it as a public amenity, we won’t say no to having a small part of it developed,” he said.

    “It will be crazy for the state government to acquire it as the land cost for the 29.14ha park is estimated to be more than RM100mil.”

    He said this at the second public hearing for the Subang Jaya Draft Local Plan yesterday which was chaired by state housing, building management and squatters committee chairman Iskandar Abdul Samad.

    From circa 1997 (I think, or could be even a little earlier) till today, many of the Subang Jaya residents (and sentiments similarly echoed by many of us in USJ too!), have talked, griped, articulated about Subang Ria countlessly. Thousands of petition signatures have been collected, public protests covered by the press, and with many column inches worth of articles published in the newspapers. And this does not preclude the numerous meetings & presentations to MPSJ and the former SJ ADUN led by the good folks of JKP Subang Jaya.

    AND, not forgetting too, THE RESOUNDING MESSAGE OF "NO DEVELOPMENT/PRESERVE & GAZETTE SUBANG RIA" DURING THE PUBLIC HEARING AT THE HOLIDAY VILLA (under then-ADUN SJ in presence of Sime UEP/Sime Darby personnel and MPSJ) as the more than 1000 residents turned up as a show of opposition to the developer's plans/counter-plans/etc.

    It certainly looks like the message has failed to be understood by politicians, civil servants and those with vested interests alike. Just which part of NO do the key-operatives not understand?

    Till today, the matter of gazetting the park (which should have been the adminsitrative procedure) -- the how's and why's and where-for's -- are still dangling in limbo.

    Why the dalliance over this is anybody's guess and we are aware this is real estate of immense value coveted by both sides of the govt, politicians and land-owner, to each their own private agendas. It does not help too that an originating error of land titling has never bothered to be corrected and the culprit made accountable for the mis-deed. (And btw, doesn't this sound just all-too-familiar? ... Mistakes/mis-representations made by civil servants are not made accountable ... in the hope it is swept under the carpet and eventually forgotten, over time?

    I suppose the play for time, purportedly under guise of administrative and legal hurdles -- the (mistaken?) issue of strata title etc -- and what nots, is intended to hopefully play out the hoped-for short-memory of residents (read: pioneer generation of residents and hoping their successors will not be overly bothered with the contentious issue, perhaps?).

    Perhaps it serves to be reminded again, and if you could please convey this to the Selangor govt, state exco and party seniors etc that there are still many concerned residents in Subang Jaya township as a whole who will still keep their eyes and ears open as rate-paying watchdogs of sustainable development in this township and will not hesitate to voice and/or "frustrate" attempts to degrade the quality of life expected of this "award-winning township".

    I only have one message for Ronnie Liu and would ask for you to kindly convey it -- if he thinks he has a good plan to compromise, may he be made aware that Subang Jaya residents (I am sure of this even as I make this statement based on a simple corridor-style opinion survey among the few residents i contacted!) too have plans and we are ready to take up yet another challenge to preserve the Subang Ria Park!

    It does not help too that Ronnie Liu's tardy attendance did not allow him to hear the entire session of Mdm Theresa Ratnam-Thong (and her team) presentation at the Public Hearing on the SJ Draft Local Plan yesterday -- during which the Subang Ria was given mention, so that he would have a better perspective of the issue . For whatever reason, it was already unacceptable that the hearing itself was delayed from intended schedule timing, and for Ronnie Liu to be uninformed and/or mis-informed regarding a much-publicised issue as the Subang Ria -- OR PERHAPS (and I hope not!) , to already have pre-concluded his own "done deal" in cahoots with the Subang Ria developer -- is simply not acceptable. (“If we can convince the private company that owns the park land to keep most of it as a public amenity, we won’t say no to having a small part of it developed,” he said.)
    While you may have been hardworking and diligent over issues as our ADUN (-- thus far!), I am sorry to say I do not share the same impression and empathy of some of your fellow colleagues.

    Perhaps, as you have already heard before -- and took offence to -- this statement made by a certain USJ6 resident, the political tsunami postMarch 2008 has raised expectations many notches. But of late, with the many issues besetting Subang Jaya & USJ, and the seeming "helplessness" and lack of WILL TO CHANGE and to initiate affirmative actions (to correct the fundamental wrongs which lead to the escalation of issues/events/situations) by the powers-that-be, we are very much in danger of heading to the consensus of similarity to the BN govt style of doing things.

    On the other hand, in response to “It will be crazy for the state government to acquire it as the land cost for the 29.14ha park is estimated to be more than RM100mil.” I can only say this ... I wonder if Sime has ever heard of CSR - today's buzzword? Sime Darby the paraent company has expounded to the nth about CSR -- I shall await the day it is lifted off printed matter and translated into action!

    I hope you will declare where you are sitting on this issue of Subang Ria. As the saying goes, you cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. Please let us know if you find it difficult to champion issues that are perceived as "going against the order of your party/state superiors".

    Thank you for reading thru the above.

    From: EileenC (in my personal capacity with existing resident status somewhere within SS12-19)

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    Re: Objections Hearing on Subang Jaya Development on 15 & 22 Jun 09

    Send email to your ADUN to object to any development of Subang Ria.

    from A.S Gill <>
    to SJaLert <>,
    ppsj members <>,
    JKP-Zone1 <>
    cc Datuk Samson Maman <>,
    Hannah Yeoh Adun <>,
    Dato Adnan - YDP <>
    date Wed, Jul 15, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    subject SJ Alert EMS Subang Ria Park another development plan

    Dear Residents of Subang Jaya and USJ,

    SimeDarby Properties Berhad (SPB) in their relentless effort to take away the only green lung we have, our loved Subang Ria Park held a press conference on Monday to announce their new proposed development plan.

    This is in direct disregard to the wishes of the residents. In 2007 at a public hearing held in Holiday Villa (in the presence of YDP Dato Adnan) the residents unanimously stated that the park should remain a park with no development on it except for recreational development and rejected this proposal. The proposal was withdrawn by the developer. Now yet again SPD has come out with another proposal to develop 22% of the park. Please see the Star-Metro Pg 2 (14th July,09) and you will note that there will be nothing left of the green lung with roads cutting thru the park as most of it being water and large portion is TNB reserve. You are urged to visit Subang Ria to make a sound judgement yourselves as to how untenable this proposal is from any point of view.

    By their own admission as reported in the NST-Streets Pg 3 on 14/7/09, “on the land title states that there should not be any development except for recreational purposes”. All of us know that Subang Jaya is a very sick township whose sickness is due to over building, complete disregard for density, traffic, environmental and other requirements.

    Let put a stop to any more construction and work hard on rebuilding our environment and quality of life. SJRA requests that you contact the SJRA to give your support as we plan to meet the Mentri Besar of Selangor thru our Adun Yb Hannah Yeoh to urge the Selangor State Govt to gazette this area as a park as promised many years ago by the previous govt.

    Please send your emails to the following.

    Theresa Ratnam Thong ( – Councillor MPSJ

    AS Gill ( - Chairman SJRA

    Moenuddin ( - V Chairman SJRA

    Tony Loh ( - Secretary SJRA

    SJRA thanks you for your support and continued display of persistence in protecting our little green areas for our children and grand children. As for the silent majority out there, please do not be silent as there will be an unrecoverable cost to you and your families daily lives if we remain silent.

    United we stand, Divided we Fall (Lets stay united and speak with one voice on this issue, let our Adun, Councillor and SJRA be that one voice).

    Warmest Regards
    AS Gill

    More here from SJ Echo - :

    Fences to go up....







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    Re: Objections Hearing - Subang Ria Park to be developed?

    Looks like the development of the Subang Ria Park is rearing its head again. Sime Darby Property (SDP) is having another go at getting development plans for the park approved. There is a pull-out supplement in the Sept 09 issue of the SJ Echo. SDP has put up on online survey at

    Go there to take part in the survey.

    Here is a compilation of past records to provide a historical background - Subang Ria background..

    The previous Subang Jaya ADUN, Lee Hwa Beng, in 2007, claimed that Subang Ria Park was alienated to Sime Darby in 1987, more than 10 years after the development plans for SS12 - SS 19 was approved. But earlier, in 2005, he gave an interview in the Star, which stated:

    Taken from The Star 8/8/2005

    Subang Jaya assemblyman Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, who brought up the issue, said the park had never been handed over to the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) even though it was marked as a green lung years before.

    “The developer is still holding on to the 32ha park’s title even though the land was the agreed upon 10% of development land that was supposed to be set aside as a green lung when the area was developed,” he said, adding that the park was supposed to serve residents from SS12 to SS19

    ”It is because of this park that nearby residents find only small pockets of open space within their housing areas. The MPSJ wants it handed over so that it can take over the maintenance of the park,” said Lee, who is also a MPSJ councillor.

    So, which version of Lee Hwa Beng do we believe - the 2005 version or the 2007 version.

    The saga continues.

    Take the survey.

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    MPSJ Subang Ria: A S Gill memo to Hannah Yeoh & MPSJ President

    Yb Hannah Yeoh, Dato Adnan,

    Many residents have asked me to convey this strong message to the both of you.

    I have consolidated the inputs and below is the Readers Digest version

    1) We the residents want this application to be rejected immediately based on the 4 reasons given in the press conference on the 6th March, 2010.

    a. Public hearing of 2007 still valid, no non recreational development on this lot. No need for another hearing.

    b. Follow draft local plan as it is a green lung and the only sizeable green lung for Subang Jaya.

    c. Follow town and country planning act of 2007(1,000 residents, 2 acres)

    d. This is our only town park, go back to history for all you want but take it back and gazette it as such.

    2) Stop giving political answers like it is private land, they can do want they want etc. In today’s world the stakeholders and eco-friendly terminologies are used as there are responsibilities, requirements, and social expectations for an equitable and better world. Learn from Mar, 2008, the ground has shifted significantly and we are sure you will agree.

    3) Stop assuming that the residents are stupid just because they do not openly voice their feelings. Everybody is very well informed and the communication is amazing. We want past mistakes corrected not condoned. So new government should listen very carefully to the spoken and unspoken voices.

    4) This nonsense of abuse of the law and not the spirit of the law has to stop, when it suits the governmentt they use the laws and when it does not they ignore them (good example is the 2007 hearing being ignored). i.e. both of you said they have a right to apply. Hello they lost this right when residents objected in 2007 to any non recreational development. Stop trying to pull wool over the eyes of residents as it will not work anymore and probably backfire.

    5) Lastly the residents are very tired of the charade, cut to the chase and do what the residents of Subang Jaya, Bandar Sunway and USJ expect of good governance, clean living with world class quality of life.

    Some vocal residents approached me and questioned Yb's allegiance and SJRA members went to great length to explain that Yb is for the residents, as that is not the impression that Yb's short speech created.

    Hope we can end this issue once and for all as it is very close to the residents hearts and nothing short of getting the park back to and for the residents will appease the residents.

    Warmest Regards
    AS Gill

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    Re: MPSJ Subang Ria: MB releases classified information on Taman Subang Ria

    Well, it is very clear. The land was applied from the State Govt for recreation purposes. Retain it for that purpose. No approval of development plans. If SIME-UEP doesn't like it, they can take the 10 houses back.

    Take note: The 10 houses are retained by MBPJ and not MPSJ. Subang Jaya gave the land. PJ got the houses.

    Lembu punya susu. Sapi punya nama.

    Also the District Officer who recommended a reduction in the land premium to be paid by Sime-UEP could probably be one of the tenants in the houses.

    Moral of story: Follow the money!

    MB releases classified information on Taman Subang Ria


    MARCH 17, 2010


    The State Executive Councillor (EXCO) meeting today agreed to declassify the minutes relating to the alienation of land in Subang Jaya, now known as Subang Ria Recreational Park.

    The Selangor Menteri Besar had exercised his powers under Section 2C of the Official Secrets Act 1972 to release the minutes of an EXCO meeting held in 1987 so that the public is aware of the decisions made by the previous government on the matter.

    The minutes revealed that United Estate Project Berhad (UEP), now known as Sime Darby UEP, applied for 72.64 acres of land in Petaling (now Subang Jaya) in 1986 for recreational purposes. The premium price for the land was tagged at RM4.95 million.

    However, UEP had asked for a discount of the premium and the then Petaling District Land Office (Pentadbir Tanah Daerah Petaling) advised the State Government to consider the company’s request as UEP had already spent RM10 million to build recreational infrastructure on the land and that the area would be for recreational purposes. It was further stated that a valuer’s report submitted then stated that the land is only worth RM1.575 million and if this value is used, the premium owed would be much less.

    It was then proposed that 10 housing units (nine semi-detached houses and one bungalow) said to be worth a total of RM2.7 million, would be purchased from UEP as an exchange for UEP’s land premium. This exchange concept (“konsep timbalbalik”) meant essentially that UEP would make its land premium payment in kind instead of in cash.

    The houses would be surrendered to the Selangor State Government, and gazetted as residences for the Petaling District Assistant Officers (Penolong-penolong Pegawai Daerah Petaling) and the Petaling District Council Secretary (Setiausaha Majlis Daerah Petaling). All 10 houses are located in SS19, Subang Jaya. This proposal was approved by the then State EXCO.

    It is hoped that this declassification clarifies the manner in which Sime Darby UEP obtained its land titles for the land at Subang Ria Recreational Park. The past Selangor State Government approved the alienation of land based on consideration in kind which essentially means that Sime Darby UEP is the valid title owner of the land as approved by the then State Exco.

    Although the current administration questions the ethics of the decisions made then and would not condone such practice in its current administration, nevertheless these decisions are binding and has to be taken into consideration in future decision making regarding the issue.

    Sime Darby UEP has since submitted proposals on development plans on the land and is currently being considered by the state. As the rightful owner of the land, the State cannot stop them from making development plans. However, the State will ensure that the residents will not be deprived of their designated green lung area for the community’s recreational use.

    Development in Selangor will not be done at the expense of the rakyat and the State Government assures that all decisions will be made with transparency and accountability and in line with the State’s “Merakyatkan Ekonomi Selangor” agenda .


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    Re: MPSJ Subang Ria - Dialogue with MB 28/04/10

    Here we go again. Another dialogue on a Win-Win Situation to allow Sime UEP to develop Subang Ria Park.

    To recap:

    In 1986, the State alienated 72.64 acres of land in Petaling (now Subang Jaya) in 1986 for recreational purposes for a premium of RM1.575 million.

    Now the residents are told that there are two options:

    a. Acquire the land back from Sime UEP for RM 100+ million
    b. Allow Sime UEP to develop part of the land and in return, they will release some of the land to be used for recreation.

    The trick here is how the options are framed.

    Also a few pertinent questions:

    1. How is it a leasehold recreation land can shoot up by 100 times in just 24 years? Mind you. It's recreation land, not commercial land!
    2. MPJS has been benefiting from the land premium said to be RM half a million a year.
    3. The 10 bungalows are worth some money. It can be returned to Sime-UEP to exchange for the return of the land.
    4. Over the years, house and property buyers have paid a premium in their purchases to cover the cost of the land. The park is a selling point for Sime-UEP to attract buyers in Subang Jaya. Factor that money into the compensation for Sime-UEP.

    We don't expect Sime-UEP to acquire the land and give it to the residents for free, do you? If you do, there's a crooked half bridge in JB that I like to sell you.

    And we have not even begun to talk about how the previous Govt and their civil servants colluded to "give" the land away for a song.

    Bottom line: Stop this charade. No release of Subang Ria from its original land use condition, which is recreation.

    If Khalid Ibrahim doesn't understand simple English, he will face the residents of Subang Jaya in Ijok come GE 13.

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    Re: MPSJ Subang Ria

    Subang Ria Project Stopped. Why does the State Govt have to value the land? There is no land acquisition involved.

    Dear Residents,

    This is to inform you that MPSJ has rejected Sime UEP's application to develop Taman Subang Ria Park, pursuant to OSC meeting dated 4th May and MPSJ Full Board Meeting today.

    The approved Subang Jaya Local Plan has maintained the whole area as a recreational park and will remain as such.

    We will now await for Tan Sri Mentri Besar's Office to advise us on the valuation of the land and next course of action.

    Thank you for your kind attention.

    Warm regards
    Theresa Ratnam Thong
    Ahli Majlis MPSJ

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    Subang Ria: Meeting with MB, 26th Mar 2011, Sat 3pm at MPSJ

    Please be informed that the Menteri Besar of Selangor Tan Sri Dato' Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim would like to meet residents of DUN Subang Jaya this Saturday at 3:00pm in MPSJ's Laman Kenanga (same floor as the lobby). Purpose of the brief meeting is to provide an update to the residents on efforts made by the taskforce appointed by State Government. DUN Subang Jaya residents are invited to attend.

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    Taman Subang Ria: Selangor Govt cancels proposal for commercial development

    Congratulations to the people of Subang Jaya and Hannah Yeoh for their hard work. In the first place, this should not have been necessary. The cancellation of the gazetting of the park as a commercial land should have been carried from the very beginning. But better late than never.


    26 MAC 2011


    Kerajaan Selangor hari inimemulakan proses membatalkan rancangan pembangunan komersil di tapak seluas 19 ekar (7.6 hektar) di Taman Subang Ria yang dimasukkan dalam Rancangan Tempatan Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 2020.

    Keputusan ini dibuat setelah Kerajaan Selangor mengambil kira rintihan dan bantahan sebahagian besar penduduk Subang Jaya serta pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) yang berkaitan.

    Tambah pula, usaha mencari penyelesaian terbaik bersama Sime Darby tidak mendapat kerjasama dari syarikat tersebut.

    Selepas diteliti secara perinci syarat-syarat rancangan tempatan, didapati kawasan seluas 19 ekar yang dicadangkan itu tidak sepatutnya dibangunkan untuk pembangunan komersil.

    Sehubungan itu, selepas proses ini, rancangan pembangunan komersil di tapak seluas 19 ekar akan dikeluarkan dari Rancangan Tempatan Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 2020, bermula hari ini.

    Dengan pembatalan rancangan pembangunan ini, seluruh kawasan Taman Subang Ria seluas lebih 70 ekar akan dikekalkan untuk kegunaan rekreasi.



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