Lee Kuan Yew's Visit and Mahathir

The man, Mahathir I mean, is a total disgrace to the Malay sense of gracious hospitality and traditional decorum.

By Tunku Abdul Aziz

The man does not follow Malay custom and he is technically not a Malay according to Article 160; he is true and true a Mamak.

If LKY is said to be a dictator, then he is like a benevolent absolute monarch, and he works for the interests of the people.

Mahathir have good reasons, to himself, to resent the visit of LKY. LKY could have been a very important leader for Malaysia if TDM did nothing to earn the reputation of Malay ultra in the 1960s, and if Jaafar Albar did not organize the 1964 riots on Prophet Mohamad’s birthday procession, which among others led to the eventual separation of Singapore.

Mahathir said that it would be meaningless to Malays in Malaysia if Malaysia had attained the standards of Singapore if Malays did not rule in Malaysia. To him so long as Malays rule, the country would be perfectly successful even if it has gone down to the level of Zimbabwe or Myanmar. That is the definitional views of a racist.

TDM considered ten millions and more Malays in Malaysia were happy to remain in low income group compared to the world, so that Mahathir, a NEW Malay barely qualify by the grace of Article 160 of the constitution, could be emperor. As absolute monarch, he was able to dictate to Malay Rulers regarding their personal behaviours and he could choose NEWMalays and original Malays at his pleasure to become fabulously rich through easy to national coffers, or through availing monopolistic rights. Their wealth facilitated money politics. It is the misfortune of Malaysia that the supreme leader for two decades chose to use race to discriminate against other races, at the expense of Malays too.

Mahathir needs not apologize to Mamaks since Mamaks gain both financial and political power during his reign but true Malays suffered primarily for earning a lower income and purchasing power, compared to the world.

NEP was utilised by Mahathir to give the impression that Malays enjoyed unparallel benefits. This is especially so when it is looked upon as giving Malays an easy life, without any consideration to make the race proud of their achievements. A little reflection would reveal that despite their hard work, Malays did not benefit fully from the learning efforts they put in because they had been misled in schools by low quality teachers. The teachers whose quality was suspect because they enrolled at a low entry standard into teacher training colleges and universities as a concession to Malays.

Further Malays who failed to meet the prescribed standards were allowed to graduate, because of the special privilege accorded to them. Such graduates lower the standards of performance in government services, and the citizens suffer collectively. But as teachers, they produced low quality students despite the efforts put in by the students, and that contributed to the cause of having some 60,000 unemployable graduates. Certainly some among those of similar standards ended up as teachers who unknowingly mislead their students, and the vicious circle continues. Even as Malays graduates ended up as competent professionals, their capacity was always in doubt. UMNO politicians would only openly criticise successful Malays as the product of NEP when they are no longer in UMNO, and to UMNO leaders all successful Malays owe their gratitude to UMNO. The efforts put in by Malays are not even recognised by UMNO Malays, and non-Malays know the sensitivity to keep assessment to themselves.

UMNO leader who had graduated from abroad simply have no respect for local graduates, and they had arranged for the sons, daughters and relatives of the cronies to receive overseas scholarships.
That was why the list of successful candidates for scholarship award is a state secret.

The ills in the country started after May 13, and TDM had a big hand in Malaysia’s decline
. LKY’s visit reminds him of his failings, and TDM had to divert attention. Not all the people can be fooled all the time.