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  2. Politics: Neil Khor - Why BN is in trouble ahead of GE13 & GE 13 is a high-stakes game
  3. Politics: Msian Parliament dissolved at 11:30am, 3rd Apr 2013.
  4. Politics: GE13 set to be Titanic Clash
  5. Politics: Pak Samad tells voters to oust BN
  6. GE13: JOM Balik Undi - 'Sabah & Sarawak need your help' fundraising campaign
  7. GE 13: Regime change & Economic Performance
  8. GE 13: Pemantau Training
  9. GE13: Watching the Watchdog PRU13
  10. GE13: UMNO leader threatens the Press
  11. GE13: A Smiling Bully by Thomas Fann
  12. GE13: Hadi says voters will decide Pakatan's choice of PM
  13. GE 13: Bersih seeks global help to stop political violence
  14. GE13: Uthaya forces 3-way fights in Pakatan
  15. GE13: Coalitions 'must reveal stance2
  16. GE13: Political Parties Logos registered with EC
  17. GE13: PAS announces national leaders as candidates - Husam to contest in Putrajaya
  18. GE13: PKR Chua Jui Meng to run in Segamat
  19. GE13: Polling possible on weekday, EC says
  20. GE13: Malaysia decides on May 5
  21. GE13: UNDILAH!!! by Dennis Lau & Yuri Wong
  22. GE13 Lembah Pantai: A blatant lie about Nurul Izzah
  23. GE13: Caretaker govt guidelines not legally binding, says EC
  24. GE13: 15 days not enough for campaigning, says Lim Guan Eng
  25. GE13: Penang Govt leads by example by returning official cars
  26. GE13: Polls to go on in Lahad Datu, Semporna, says EC Chairman
  27. GE13: EC claims it is not the dirtiest but the best
  28. GE13: Bersih Singapore now moonlighting as coach service operator
  29. GE13: Overseas Postal Polling Date on 28th Apr 2013
  30. GE13: Senarai Calon-Calon Parti Keadilan Rakyat Selangor PRU-13
  31. Ge13: Bersih shanghai press statement 15th april 2013
  32. GE13: Malaysia needs you. Jom balik UNDI
  33. GE13: Sarawak, Miri:
  34. GE13: Bishop condemns voting on a Sunday
  35. GE13: DAP use of PAS and PKR symbols a game changer?
  36. GE 13: PKR queries 'fishy' diversion of ballot box shipment
  37. GE13 Arson: Sri Andalas Wakil Calon's car set ablaze
  38. GE13: EC officials found recording postal ballot serial nos
  39. GE13: Senarai & Alamat Pegawai Pengurus
  40. GE13: Of indelible ink and spoilt votes
  41. GE 13: Ink used on voter's index finger is NOT indelible
  42. GE13: Ballot Paper Stamp - where should it be applied?
  43. GE13: Election Fraud - how to report
  44. GE13: Triumphant BN seen losing popular vote
  45. GE13: 101 East - Malaysia election, AlJazeera 19th Apr 2013
  46. Ge13: Australia radio national podcast on ge 13 elections & history
  47. GE13: The winners and losers
  48. GE13: Bersih withholds recognition of BN win amid fraud row
  49. GE13: BN’s polls slump a ‘Malaysian tsunami’, ex-NSTP boss says
  50. GE13: Pakatan not likely to, win, Malay support lukewarm
  51. GE13: The political war of attrition continues
  52. GE13: Malaysia coalition extends rule despite worst electoral showing
  53. GE13: Disturbing questions surrounding polls
  54. GE13: Drawing a turtle at the ballot paper’s voting box is acceptable
  55. GE13: Overseas Voting
  56. GE13: Was it free and fair? IDEAS
  57. Post 13th GE – Did BN Actually Win? GameOver for PR?
  58. GE13: Malaysia moves to post-election crackdown
  59. GE13: Isu memainkan kekauman oleh UMNO
  60. GE13 an urban, not Chinese swing, say analysts
  61. GE13: Gross distortions in Malaysia's voting system
  62. GE13: Will Najib share power with Pakatan?
  63. GE13: Is the new Govt legitimate?
  64. GE13: BN retain Johor
  65. GE13: Flights for voters ‘normal’, paid for by friends of BN, says Tengku Adnan
  66. GE13: Anwar praises rally participants
  67. GE13: Malaysian Elections Expose Worrying Social Schisms
  68. GE13 Malaysia Election Data
  69. GE13: Election Commission chief insists elections were clean! "Is he lying?"
  70. GE13: EC deputy chief dismisses electoral fraud memo
  71. GE13: BN is effectively a minority government
  73. GE13: New Malaysian home minister tells unhappy Malaysians to emigrate
  74. Ge13: Malaysia as a nation
  75. GE13 Lembah Pantai
  76. GE13 outcome: A people’s victory
  77. GE13: Notes from an almost voter
  78. GE13: Pemerhati Report by IDEAS & CPPS
  79. GE13: This is a Democracy, you understand?, Kee Thuan Chye
  80. GE13: SPR Statistics on EC Officers on duty
  81. GE13: Malaysian Elections Post-Election Report
  82. GE13: Sabah rep slams inept EC, cites irregularities
  83. GE13: Uthaya: Waytha is the new Samy Vellu
  84. GE13: Malaysia's 222 parliamentary constituencies: FB & Twitter Accounts
  85. GE13: Youths demand EC Chief resign over electoral fraud
  86. GE13: Malaysia’s election system drawn to sustain BN’s dominance, don tells forum
  87. GE13: Gazette of Results
  88. GE13 ; Reflecting on Malaysia’s Election, Murray Hunter
  89. GE13: Malaysia's Rigged Electoral System, Philip Bowring
  90. GE13: It’s all about strategy, by RPK
  91. GE13: Obsession with ‘Chinese betrayal’ poisoning post-election discourse
  92. GE13: CRACKDOWN: Najib's gamble with arrests of PR leaders may backfire; all eyes on KT rally
  93. GE13: White House Congratulates Najib but Concerned Over Fraud
  94. GE13: UMNO Baru's Hidden Agenda - a leaf drawn from the Rat Race
  95. GE13: The Unsung Heroes of GE13
  96. GE13: Rafizi reveals more ‘proof’ of electoral fraud
  97. GE13: CNN Censored News on Malaysian elections
  98. GE13: This is tyranny, says Anwar
  99. GE13: Gross distortions in Malaysia's voting system
  100. GE13: We will march if EC heads do not resign, say NGOs
  101. GE13: LGE - We are the majority
  102. GE13: Malaysia’s 13th General Election: Rising Citizen Participation – Analysis
  103. GE13: PKR Leaders miss main message from GE13 results
  104. GE13: Only Malaysians can validate GE13 results
  105. GE13: What did Anwar & Najib agreed upon before GE13? Lembu punya susu, RPK
  106. GE13: Pakatan Rakyat - just sleeping together but not married!
  107. GE13: Sg Siput Jayakumar's perspective
  108. ge13: PKR ups the ante on electoral fraud
  109. Ge13: Police must act against DG's threat to national unity, Global BERSIH
  110. GE13: PAS Made a mistake in Bkt Damansara to contest against PKR Dr Nasir
  111. GE13: Change or be changed, US think-tank advises BN
  112. GE13: Time on whose side? The Economist
  113. GE13: Anwar & Azmin blamed for GE losses
  114. GE13: A tectonic shift
  115. GE13: Msia Opposition will work with Govt, Anwar
  116. GE13: Jelapang Form 14 tampered with, claims DAP.
  117. GE13: Government coercing voters to back BN with selective aid, says Pakata
  118. GE13 Results: Yes, let us demystify the majority popular votes
  119. GE13: What boycotting Opening Ceremony of Parliament means
  120. GE13: What happened, what now? by Clive Kessler
  121. GE13: Malaysia's 'Berlin Wall'
  122. GE13: 'Only 11pct of Malay voters cared about Malay interests'
  123. GE13: Anwar: Solve election cheating issues, then talk reconciliation
  124. GE13 Padang Merbok: Seven gathering points for 505 Rally on 22nd Jun 2013
  125. GE13: Difficult Post-Election Period Beckons for Malaysia
  126. Ge13: EC: Swearing in lawmakers shows Pakatan hypocrisy
  127. GE13: UK backs push for reforms here
  128. GE13: Election Fraud Check - Borang 13 & 14
  129. GE13: Why suddenly so angry? RPK
  130. GE13: Retributive justice or restorative justice, Sakmongkol
  131. GE13: Can GE13 be free if the police practise the politics of fear?
  132. GE13: Sinchew interviews PY Wong
  133. GE13: Parliament info. 國會選區:馬來西亞半島
  134. GE 13: Postal ballots through Pos Malaysia not returned in time
  135. GE13: Umno relying more on rural Malay support, says James Chin
  136. GE13: Tell me again, why I should have voted for you, BN? - May Chee Chook Ying
  137. GE13: International team to document GE Freedom abuses
  138. GE13: Putrajaya misused 3 laws, says Forum Asia
  139. GE13: Transport cash with no conditions not a bribe, says EC Chief
  140. GE13: Chinese voters who voted against Saifuddin in Temerloh later regretted it, study finds
  141. GE13 Sabah Political awakening
  142. GE13: MB today, PM tomorrow
  143. GE13: Barisan would have lost without postal, advance votes, says Merdeka Centre
  144. GE13: Malaysia after the GE, a paradigm shift
  145. GE13: Us vs them- migrant workers as convenient scapegoats, Frederik Holst and Saskia Schafer
  146. GE13: 505 - The day BN won the election but lost the contest
  147. GE13: Bersih is against global settlement, says election judgest are to blame.
  148. GE13: BN aiming to catch Pakatan with its pants down in GE14
  149. GE13 Petitions: Federal Court allows petition against Ahmad Zahid’s election victory
  150. GE13 Election Petitions:
  151. GE13: SHAME! GE13 one of the WORLD'S DIRTIEST elections, just above ZIMBABWE
  152. GE13: 1 Year After, Bridget Welsh