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  1. Project BERES: Reference Literature
  2. Project BERES: Delimitation Literature
  3. Project BERES: International Standards and Conventios
  4. Projek BERES: Proportional Representation Society of Australia
  5. Projek BERES: How they stole the Malaysian Election - malapportionment
  6. Projek BERES: What are we?
  7. BERES: EC not keen on proportional representation system
  8. BERES: Alternatives to First-Past-The-Post system
  9. Projek BERES: Prof Abdul Aziz Bari on the Malaysian Constitution: A critical introduction
  10. Beres: Pakatan abandons appealing polls disputes, will push for reforms, say lawmakers
  11. Projek BERES in Sinar Harapan, by Syahredzan Johan