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  1. Candle Light Vigil - Penang
  2. Let us take responsibility for our lives
  3. Survey: A Study on Public Participation in Planning and Local Affairs
  4. KOMAS wins Germany's Prestigious Grundtvig Award
  5. Poverty in Sabah
  6. Building bridges
  7. Dina Zaman: The hidden and marginalised Malay
  8. topic. |query from beginner. |Who to depute? |What can I do? |sense like to know.
  9. Candlelight Vigil - PJ
  10. Support the customary right of the Natives of Sarawak to their land
  11. JERIT Cycle for Change
  12. President of Malaysian Bar Council receives US award
  13. Squeeze the People
  14. BANGKIT for Youths
  15. TI Book Launch: Reforming Political Financing in Malaysia
  16. Charity: Billionaire developer in Shenzhen donates all to charity
  17. Wild Asia Heroes: Tijah Yok Chopil
  18. Lobbying for change, from the ground up
  19. Civil Society Organisations (CSO: A New Social Contract with Civil Society?
  20. Malaysia Public Policy Competition 2011
  21. Activism: AVAAZ - Stand with Aung San Suu Kyi
  22. Activism: Community Safety is in our hands
  23. Activism: Komas REAL CIT ED PSA 1: Video - Know Your Local Council
  24. Activism: India's example of a fight against corruption
  25. UNDILAH: Make Your Vote Count
  26. Activism: Design your own park
  27. Activism: mySociety.org - What can we do for society?
  28. Activism: Wall Street Protest
  29. Activism: Protesters to greet Najib at CHOGM in Perth
  30. Activism: SUARAM condemns Tabling of Freedom of Assembly Bill
  31. Activism: Khoo Jay Jin (1948 - 2011), the passing of an activist
  32. Activism: Occupy Dataran at 11pm, 31st Dec 2011
  33. Activism: ABU - Clarity of purpose and vision
  34. Activism: Student leader Safwan in critical condition after ‘assault by police’ in Tg Malim
  35. Activism: Johor Bar Council Talk 9th Jan 12
  36. Activism: Institutionalized racism forum, 7:30pm, 17th Jan, KLSCAH
  37. Activism: Tenaganita URGENT ALERT on Illegal Immigrants Round-up
  38. Activism Etiquette
  39. Activism: HINDRAF - Waytha gets human rights award
  40. Activism: Intheloop@tacticaltech
  41. Activism: Occupy Movement Missing The Point
  42. Media: ‘KONY 2012′ Tops 100 Million Views, Becomes the Most Viral Video in History
  43. Action: ‘Do your worst, we will do our best’, SUARAM
  44. Activism: Universiti Bangsar Utama - UBU
  45. Activism: Free Pussy Riot, Free Russia - Avaaz.org
  46. Activism: M'sian youth activism flourishing
  47. Activism: Political Compass - How do you score?
  48. Activism: Direct voting in US
  49. Activism: ABU - Anything But UMNO
  50. Activism: Thrive Movement
  51. Activism: Say no to racism
  52. Activism: Human Rights Day - 10th Dec, Navi Pillay,UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner
  53. Activism: New Bar chief promises action
  54. Activism: Then they came for Adam Adli
  55. Activism: Making online petitions effective
  56. Activism: HINDRAF Uthaya jailed for 30 months
  57. Activism: 10 lessons about conflicts in activism
  58. Activism: Tear gas treatment
  59. Activism: Brazil - Protests lead to increased budget for public transport of USD 25B
  60. Activism: Whistleblower - Obama retreats on Snowden
  61. Activism: Street Protests Are the Easy Part
  62. Activism: Empowering our thinkers
  63. Activism: Tactical Tech's in the Loop, Jul 2013.
  64. Activism: How to Approach a Member of Parliament
  65. Activism: Haris Ibrahim and the growing Malaysian diaspora
  66. Activism: Independent candidates - From little margins, big margins grow
  67. Activism: RakyatkanPolitik
  68. Activism: Using technology to help people illegally detained, by Amnesty + OpenIDEO
  69. Activism: US - Giving our movements new life — the case of El Salvador
  70. Activism: Clay Shirky: How the internet will (one day) transform government
  71. Activism: Sampai Masanya, Kita Belajar Dari Mereka Tentang Negara Bangsa, Edy Noor Reduan
  72. Activism: Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is
  73. Activism: Reject the 'stadium solution'
  74. Activism: How grassroots organizing came to the rescue in West Virginia’s water crisis
  75. Activism: Why this might be the strongest wave for Reformasi – James Chai
  76. Activism: Social Inclusion Agenda
  77. Activism: Irene Fernandez's Orbituary
  78. Activism: Negara-Ku