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  2. A guide for expatriate drivers in Malaysia
  3. Financial crisis hits Japanses banking industry
  4. Living with wife
  5. Just unbelievable how sweet of him
  6. Red Indian Wisdom
  7. Why beer is a better investment than blue chip stock
  8. Great inventors
  9. The heavily drunked Paddy
  10. Starting a new life
  11. Dad at Mall
  12. Computer Problem
  13. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  14. What a coincidence
  15. Government job
  16. The current financial crisis
  17. Humour during the financial crunch
  18. MPSJ employee
  19. The Bear Remover
  20. Cheap *******s
  21. Funny Ghost Joke
  22. MOVED: Best Malaysian Political Jokes....?
  23. MOVED: Another Obama & McCain joke...
  24. MOVED: Rejuvenation, not reform: Tough measures to weed out corruption in Umno
  25. MOVED: Badawi: Shaping His Legacy
  26. MOVED: And you think you have got it bad
  27. MOVED: Be careful when entering tunnels
  28. MOVED: Great Test for Najib
  29. MOVED: English Literature: Learn your Shakespeare
  30. MOVED: Malaysian films that never made it to the Academy
  31. MOVED: The Malaysian Political Oscars Year 2008
  32. The Sauna
  33. Obama won....and Bush..????
  34. Setting Up Email Address
  36. How The Stock Market Works....
  37. 7 habits for successful Pg Hokkien folks (S'pore Ah Beng also)
  38. Financial Turmoil - More Jokes....
  39. Confusing Chinese Names
  40. There you go, George!
  41. When it comes to SEX!
  42. Why I fired My Secretary!!!
  43. What Do Retired People Do All Day?
  44. Understanding the Stock Market - When to Get Out
  45. Smart Woman.... or is it Stupid Men?
  46. Financial Planning
  47. Only A Woman Can Think Of This....
  48. Hi-tech Women... Three women in a Sauna!
  49. 5-Minute Management Course
  50. The secret to a successful marriage
  51. Second Opinion!
  52. What a way to die
  53. Pearls of Wisdom
  54. A Young Arab Asks His Father
  55. Be Careful What You Wish For
  56. Humour: On The Witness Stand
  57. Humour: Vegetable garden planting
  58. Humour: Understanding Engineers
  59. Humour: Her First Date