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  1. Royal Police Commission Report 2005 – REVIEW
  2. 8 cops to arrest Ronnie Liu
  3. Malik Imtiaz Sarvar: Policing the Constitution
  4. Charles Hector: Who does the Police listen to?
  5. You can fill in a form to check on the status of your police report
  6. Opposition leaders urged not to belittle security forces
  7. Armed Forces, Police To Jointly Tackle Security Threats
  8. Police: We are not against freedom of speech
  9. Musa Hassan: Crime problem! What crime problem? It's all in your head.
  10. Kit Siang accuses IGP of lobbying for private companies
  11. Poor little spoilt kids. They are hurt by cut-backs
  12. Msian businessmen say police force most corrupt institution, survey finds
  13. Kugan Died in Police Custody
  14. Malaysian Bar: How to deal with the police?
  15. I am Kugan too
  16. Asian Human Rights Commission: Police Brutality, Shootings and Deaths in Custody
  17. State police to decide ban on political ceramah
  18. Traffic cop charged over RM180 bribe
  19. Is the tail wagging the dog?
  20. Do we need the police?
  21. Lawyers: Police abused CPC provisions
  22. Police caution DAP assemblyman 's crime prevention unit
  23. The police must obey the law while enforcing the law
  24. Wake-up call for the police
  25. Fox Communications paid RM 200k to fix up Police's image
  26. What The Malaysian Insider did not report on Musa Hassan
  27. Poll on Crime
  28. The Royal Malaysian Police farce
  29. Police to interrogate another DAP rep
  30. Police: Norizan Salleh shooting case
  31. Police - Detention Without Trial (Dangerous Drugs Act)
  32. Police: Shooting of teen: Don't cover up, MP tells police
  33. The Little Red Book - Police see red over remand rights book
  34. Coroner's 'open verdict' in police custodial death slammed
  35. Police Abuse: Beaten and robbed by cops over expired road tax
  36. SJ Alert EMS The first success story of Ops Payung in Subang Jaya
  37. Police: Death of justice in police custody
  38. Police Harass PSM Sec-Gen
  39. Police Day: A Review
  40. Police: Malaysia is a police state
  41. Police: Crime Statistics now an official secret?
  42. Police: Suaram sets up hotline for police abuse cases
  43. Police, 1 of the Key Arms of the UMNO War Machine
  44. Police: Family wants independent inquiry into teen’s fatal shooting
  45. Police:
  46. Police: Summons for speeding using speed camera
  47. Police: Policing the police
  48. Police: G4S chief predicts mass police privatisation
  49. Governance: Why men and women of the Police force fear BN?
  50. Police: I was blindfolded, handcuffed, beaten - Tesco Security Manager
  51. Police: No investigation against former IGP because no complaint was made.
  52. Police: Staffing the Police
  53. Police: Cops and robbers
  54. Police: Political Policing: from Britain to Malaysia
  55. Police: Kopi O Khau Sikit Kurang Manis
  56. Police: More deaths
  57. Police: Beware of that thin blue line
  58. Police: Set up IPCMC, says Saifuddin