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Thread: General Discussion: Home Security

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    General Discussion: Home Security

    Video: How to Protect Your Home.

    Fred Burton, former special agent and STRATFOR’s VP of Intelligence, discusses ways to protect your home before you travel.

    Editor’s Note: Transcripts are generated using speech-recognition technology. Therefore, STRATFOR cannot guarantee their complete accuracy.

    As a follow-up to our video from last week on personal security while on vacation, I thought I would make some suggestions as to what you should do to secure your home before you go on vacation.

    Situational awareness is key, whether you’re at home or traveling. You should take advantage of your neighborhood watch program so you understand the amount and scope of crime that’s happening in your neighborhood, as well as some wonderful online tools such as RAIDS online. They push out on a daily basis the volume and the scope and the kinds of crime that’s happening around you. That just makes you more aware of the trending of crime as it unfolds in the location where you live. I fully understand that a lot of this kind of online information is not available to many of our viewers outside of the United States, but that still doesn’t stop you from visiting with your local police to understand the amount of crime that’s happening in your area.

    It is very important to have good dead bolt doors. Dead bolts are keyed from the outside and then latched from the inside. Your dead bolt lock should be pick resistant, and it’s also important to remember to lock your doors, for over one third of all burglaries happen when people simply forget to lock their doors.

    It is also important to have a good alarm system and remember to turn it on before you go on vacation, and it’s important that you test that alarm system monthly. As you can see, this one has fire, rescue and police that you can also use in a panic mode.

    Before you go away, make sure you tell a trusted neighbor about your itinerary and provide an emergency contact number for you. Also remember to cancel the newspaper and hold your mail if you’re going away for an extended period of time. It is also important to think about things like maintaining your yard, if you have a yard service, as well as to close your garage before you leave.

    Lighting is very important whenever you are trying to protect a house, whether you’re on vacation or not. It’s critical that you have good perimeter lighting on the exterior of your residence and that you maintain that while you’re on vacation. Also, you want interior lights that come on via a timer, and you could stage those around the house, for example in a bathroom or bedroom. But what you’re trying to do is to give the appearance of normalcy while you’re away so people think that you’re at home.

    Read more: How to Protect Your Home While Traveling | STRATFOR

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    Thanks for provide information here how to protect our home. Keep It Up

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    One more thing can do is to try maintain the items around yard as normal as possible. Like if u place the hose senget also can. Or bicyclce park like u wana enter home awhile only. Mess up some shoes also can. So it looks like u r home and around.

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    How about staying at gated community? it helps a lot

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