Watch your EPF. It can disappear into the Bermuda Triangle if you are not careful.

*Below is the response from EPF GM Public Relations to a member whose father had passed away after 55 and who had made withdrawals after 55 but he didn't re-nominate his beneficiary. Make sure you have re-nominated your beneficiary if you had made withdrawals after 55. Pass this on to your friends and family. ***

*Official response from EPF**
Thank you for alerting me to this email. Please forward our clarification below to your friend and inform her to send it to her other cyber friends who may have seen the chain email.**

The email claiming that EPF members have to re-nominate their beneficiary upon turning 55 years of age is only true if the EPF member has made an Age 55 Withdrawal.

If a member has made an Age 55 Withdrawal **and** continues to contribute to the EPF, he or she would **also** need to make a new nomination.

For EPF members who have turned 55 but have not made an Age 55 Withdrawal, their nomination remains valid.**

Thank you and regards,

Nik Affendi
General Manager
Public Relations, EPF*