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Akta-akta Suruhan Pilihan Raya

Listed below are the Akta-akta Surahan Pilihan Raya, which are taken from SPR's website.
For those who prefer to download and browse the acts on their computer, please download the attachment.
Akta-akta SPR

Akta 5 (Akta Kesalahan Pilihan Raya 1954)
Bahagian I (Permulaan dan Pentafsiran)
Bahagian II (Kesalahan Pilihan Raya)
Bahagian III (Perbuatan Rasuah)
Bahagian IV (Ejen Pilihan Raya, Belanja Pilihan Raya Dan Perbuatan Yang Menyalahi Undang -undang
Bahagian IVA (Pasukan Penguat Kuasa)
Bahagian V (Maaf Kerana Perbuatan Rasuah Atau Perbuatan Yang Menyalahi Undang-undang
Bahagian VI (Alasan Bagi Membatalkan Pemilihan)
Bahagian VII (Petisyen Pilihan Raya)

Jadual Pertama
Borang A (Borang Sumpah Kerahsiaan)
Borang B (Penyata Berkenaan Dengan Belanja Pilihan Raya)
Borang C (Pernyataan Atas sumpah Oleh Calon)
Borang D (Pernyataan Bersumpah Oleh Ejen Pilihan Raya)

Jadual Kedua
(Kaedah-Kaedah Petisyen Pilihan Raya 1954)

.................................................. ...................................

Election Offences Act, 1954, (ACT 5)

Part 1 (Preliminary and Interpretation) 1.pdf
Part 2 (Electoral Offences) 2.pdf
Part 3 (Corrupt Practices) 3.pdf
Part 4 (Election Agent, Election Expenses and Illegal Practices) 4.pdf
Part 4a (Enforcement Team) 4_a_.pdf
Part 5 (Excuse for corrupt or illegal practice) 5.pdf
Part 6 (Grounds for avoiding elections) 6.pdf
Part 7 (Election Petitions) 7.pdf

First Schedule:
Form A (Form of Oath and Secrecy) A.pdf
Form B (Return Respecting Election Expenses) B.pdf
Form C (Statement On Oath by Candidate) C.pdf
Form D (Statement On Oath by An Election Agent) D.pdf

Second Schedule:
(Election Petition Rules 1954) SCHEDULE.pdf