We were conned. The speed cameras are not valid in law before Dec 2011 and the RTD cannot blacklist the car-owner when renewing his road tax. Bunch of crooks running the Govt.

Don't pay saman ....why?

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Summary (from the video):

We should not pay any speeding saman from hidden camera prior to 2011 because it's unlawful and they cannot bring us to court and cannot blacklist us because it's not stated in the law prior to 2011.

But our stupid govt. con us to pay the saman by giving 50% discount so that they can earn more money before anyone noticed this loophole.

In future they are going to get 2 private companies to manage the saman system. These 2 companies are BN's CRONIES to gain or make more money!!

How they are going to gain more money?

They are going to install speed trap cameras and take commissions based on %age of total saman paid....

Malaysia is the FIRST country in the world using PRIVATE (CRONY) companies to conduct speed traps and collect summons. All other countries use their own police to conduct such operations !!!!!!!! Why is this necessary ? Can't the police do their basic job Money, money and more money into someone's pockets !!

How much they'll be getting??

Estimated commission of RM3billion within concession period of 5 years for that 2 crony companies....

Eventually, everything and every dept is going to be "privatised" to crony companies? -- Income Tax collection, Customs inspection and collection, health care (hospitals), Aviation control, Drainage and irrigation, maybe even the Police Force too !!.

After all water and electricity, waste management, Highways, railways and MRT/LRT are already "privatised" !!!