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Thread: Activism UndiMalaysia: What is UndiMalaysia, by Edmond Bon

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    Activism UndiMalaysia: What is UndiMalaysia, by Edmond Bon

    UndiMsia! is a non-partisan movement, basically doing education and
    empowerment work for youths based on our 4 pillars: Information, Process,
    Action, Platform. FactSheets are here: -
    much has to do with being a more educated voter, but thats not all: that we
    must take action before and after the vote to seek out solutions to our
    problems. In other words, we provide tools to be solutionists and to take
    action as opposed to complaining only. We basically give tools to the youth
    to empower themselves to find solutions to problems they face which may be
    as small as getting a water cooler in their college to racism, corruption
    and public education woes.

    1. Under Information - our deliverables have been infographics and videos: - we believe that to push any movement forward and
    sustain it to improve life conditions, we need to research and source
    credible information as the base to create the messages and causes we want
    to take up.

    2. Under Process - our deliverable has been the Laporan Rakyat: - where we use it as a base to
    educate voters as to the core questions one might ask before voting or just
    engaging with the MP/ADUN. We rolled it out in the test Hulu Langat
    constituency and a report on the feedback is coming soon. TheSun and other
    media has featured this initiative with much favour as it probably is the
    first time its being done in this concerted way. We also under this pillar
    regularly host different MPs/ADUNs/policymakers/superstars/hit activists to
    talk about issues that affect the community, including working with locals
    at Hulu Langat to make things better for themselves by engaging their
    elected reps.

    3. Under Action - we run our regular unique flagship #IdolaDemokrasi
    Gameshops which basically are made up of modules regarding rights,
    democracy, Msian system of governance, and what action you as a young
    citizen can take - it takes us in about 4 hours through the whole gambit of
    issues and coming out of it like yoga more energetic. Our deliverables are
    the various Youth Action Groups (YAGs) that are encouraged to take up
    causes for their communities and move to spread the messages of this
    movement. Many videos have been done as seen below in the links, and many
    various quite drastic action has been taken by some of these movers/YAGs
    empowered after the GameShops.

    (Target groups are young about 17-35, usually participants ideal number is
    minimum 30 but we have done it for 100 before. I will send in my next email
    an organiser's pack with all you need to know to organise it. We need about
    minimum 4 hours for the Gameshop)

    4. Under Platform - we coalesce various NGOs who do education and
    empowerement to showcase them and share resources without duplicating their
    work and vice versa. This is important as we are all volunteers and need to
    maximise our resources. The numbers of NGOs are growing and the link to the
    information about this is here:


    *Some teaser videos are here:*
    *Some snapshot videos of the #IdolaDemokrasi Gameshop are here:*
    *Many pictures of the #IdolaDemokrasi Gameshop are here:*

    *We have been featured in the media including here:*’/

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    UndiMsia! Facebook group Finally here!

    30 July 2012 | UndiMsia! | Posted by PusatRakyatLB aka Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism & Human Rights (MCCHR)
    Hey all.We now have a Facebook group; UndiMsia! (Official FB Group).Do join!To join, send in your requests via Facebook here. Or ask mutual friends who are already in the FB group to add you in.We promise not to flood the Facebook group with loads of events and articles.Have fun Facebook-ing with us.P.S. Even if you are part of the UndiMsia! egroup, there’s no reason why you should not be on our FB group as well. This is especially so if you check FB more than email.

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