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Thread: Food: How to tell if your eggs are fresh?

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    Food: How to tell if your eggs are fresh?

    Fill a container up with warm water. I use warm water. The reason

    for this is that eggs are porous. If you put an egg in cold water, it will
    contract and draw any bacteria that is on the outside of the shell in
    through the pores. This is not good. So, if you use warm water, the
    egg will expand, and you will notice that little air bubbles form on
    the shell.

    Put your eggs into the warm water, and look at them. A very fresh

    egg will sink to the bottom and lay on is side. Week old eggs will
    rest on the bottom but the fat end of the egg will rise up slightly.
    Three week old eggs will be balanced on pointy end with the fat
    end sticking up. Old eggs will be floating, bobbing along the surface
    of the water. These floaters should be tossed as they aren't any good
    to eat.

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    So three weeks eggs are bad even if its kept in refrigerator?

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    So three several weeks eggs tend to be awful regardless of whether its kept within icebox?

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    Just put them on water if eggs float those are bad ones while those which sink are good.
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    is the traditional way of cracking open eggs individually not suitable anymore? like crack each egg in a bowl then only pour into a main bowl later?

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