Dear Piang Yow Wong,

We would like to draw to your attention a new announcement on the ACE Practitioners’ Network that corresponds to one of your areas of interest:
The new eLearning course on ICT and Elections Management by the Joint EC-UNDP Task Force on Electoral Assistance (JTF) is now available online:

The course aims at addressing thoroughly the issues and challenges of introducing technology into various elements of electoral administration, including voter registration and results management, etc. It also addresses thoroughly the role and challenges of working with biometric technologies, and discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of eVoting systems. The JTF also addressed issues related to linking voter and civil registries, and introduced the topic of digital identity and its interface with voter registration. The primary focus of the course is on the crucial question

of how to determine whether proposed technologies are sustainable and appropriate for the environment in which they are being considered.

The JTF believes the course will be of major benefit to electoral management bodies, electoral assistance providers and other electoral stakeholders (including observers and other civil society groups). The course should take between 4-6 hours to complete, and a certificate is available to all those that complete the course (following completion of the course exam modules).

The JTF believes encourages the use of the course in the work with EMBs, and to be shared with all other interested stakeholders. Your feedback is most welcome. Pending the availability of funds in the future, we will consider translating the course to French and potentially other languages.

Best regards,
ACE Facilitators
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