Something we can use to guide our behaviour in society and business.

The Red Button Problem:

Coming Clean:

Areas of Opportunity for Coming Clean

I. Cross-Cutting Opportunities for Cleansing & Building Our Total Wealth
1. Be Divine:
2. Be Inspired:
3. Check Our Indicators:
4. Optimize Our Time:
5. Switch to Real Deal Media:
6. Vote for Excellent Leadership:
7. Participate in a Solari Circle:

II. Our Living Equity

8. Create Excellent Health & Well-Being:
9. Create a Beautiful Home:
10. Strengthen Our Relationships:
11. Honor Our Children:
12. Create Community:
13. Value Nature:
14. Raise Our Learning Metabolism:

III. Our Financial Equity
15. Appreciate Money as a Power Tool to Build Our World:
16. Learn "How the Money Works" Around You:
17. Eliminate Debt, Create Financial Freedom:
18. Vote with Your Money to Build Real Wealth:
19. Vote with Your Job:
20. Profit from Protecting Natural Resources & Infrastructure:
21. Invest in the People & Assets You Know and Trust:
22. Integrate Your Time and Money:
23. Gift and Tithe with Intention:

A New Unity Is Percolating

IV. Appendices:
A. But . . . I'm Only One Person!
B. But . . . Greed Is Bad!
C. But . . . Altruism Is Bad!

Beyond Tape Worm Economics: