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Dear patriotic Malaysians in Southern China & Hong Kong:

With GE13 looming ever closer and the details for overseas voting not getting any clearer Bersih HK hereby calls out to all eligible voters to go home to cast your votes.

We are organising a group JBU departing from Hong Kong to KL 2 days before the Election Day (if say the GE is on 30/3, then we will fly on 28/3). Participants of this historic event can decide on their respective return dates.

In order to get the best deal patriots are advised to book tickets with full name and passport number Cost of the tickets can be directly paid into the appointed travel agency's bank account which will be revealed soon.

At the same time we do welcome any amount and form of donation towards this meaningful event to lessen financial burden and also to awake the patriot within. Details can be communicated via the above mentioned mailbox.

We sincerely hope that this JBU from HK can remind Malaysians from around the world that every vote of ours could lead us to a better Malaysia for our children.

Remember, every vote counts. Jom Balik Undi!

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大选即将到来,在海外选民投票细节尚未令人安心之前,香港净选盟呼吁所有合格的已登记选民回家 投票!

我们将于大选投票日之前的两天从香港组团飞回家投票(假设3月30号是大选日,我们就在3月28号出发), 回程则可自行决定日期。

为了方便统筹及获得最有利之条件,请大家尽早把全名、护照号码和逗留时间发至,接着大家可以把相关费用直接转入当地的旅行社银 行账户(会于稍后公布)。

同时我们也欢迎慷慨的爱国人士对此活动的任何捐献,作为减轻负担及鼓励爱国的意义,详情可发邮件到上述邮箱 咨 询。

我们希望此举能激发起全球大马人的爱国情操,为了祖国为了前程为了自己为了下一代出来投票。切记,少你一票 很 少、多你一票很多!请大家分享出去!