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Thread: Thinking out of the box: The creativity of crowds

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    Thinking out of the box: The creativity of crowds

    CT Choo has some very interesting ideas in this article: The Creativity of Crowds.

    He touches on:

    Crowd Sourcing for the sharing of ideas and design resources,

    Crowd Funding which can be used to raise funds for charities, political parties, entreprenuers, etc.

    He also suggests that this could be a springboard to unleash the creativity of Malaysians who have not been able to secure funding from mainstream sources.

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    Business Think Different

    The only one mantra to survive in your business today is to start thinking differently. Luckily, you have resources available in the market, which will help you grow and learn these skills. One of such program is the business think different program, which helps entrepreneurs learn and master this skill and grow in business.

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    Entrepreneurship men think to different to other people. They want to work different of others. So that think creative and mature to other. One business dream to high and think to big according to a common men. I am wishing to all business men people they start to work entrepreneurship.

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