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UN Report: Malaysians are TERRIBLY UNHAPPY, here are some reasons why

Written by Christopher Fernandez, Malaysia Chronicle

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Just last week, the second World Happiness Report was published and coincidentally, Malaysia was ranked 56th out of 156 countries that took part in the compilation of the report’s findings. The coincidence is that after 56 years of Independence or “Merdeka” Malaysia ranks so lowly at the 56th spot and the majority of Malaysians are found to be a terribly unhappy and disgruntled lot.

This is not just about any report. It is a document that is endorsed by the United Nations and is a direct result of a 2011 resolution passed by the UN General Assembly that encourages members to measure the happiness of their people and use it to frame public policy.

This certainly means the BN government of Malaysia has its work cut out for them. The fact that poorer and less developed countries fared better than Malaysia such as Trinidad & Tobago and Thailand goes to show that all is not well in the country despite the BN government’s claim to developing the nation.

This really is a damning report and shows very clearly that the misguided way and manner of the BN government’s governance of Malaysia has caused many Malaysia’s to be unhappy and miserable although the wealth created is quite commendable.

This means, while Malaysians are now better off, they are certainly not happy about it. There are a growing number of reasons why Malaysians are unhappy and it looks like if the BN government is to cling on to power they have to start doing some real transformation in the areas of Malaysian life that really count and matter.

Corruption at the root of unhappiness

It is not just the non-bumi’s such as the Chinese and Indians and others that are unhappy in this country but also vast numbers of bumiputras especially Malays despite the BN government’s lop-sided and partisan policies practiced in favor of the Malays.

More and more Malaysians are not buying the bull of the BN government’s affirmation program for bumiputras especially Malays who believe it is really a political ploy by the government to make use of the Malay community, with the non-Malay bumiputras used as a pretext to make the affirmation programs look genuine, but has only benefitted enormously the minority bumiputra elite.

This is the root of the problem of why Malaysians of all walks of life are unhappy and miserable. Be they Malays, Chinese or Indians or Sarawakians and Sabahans or Portugese or aborigines (the “Orang Asli”), Malaysians are feeling hot under the collar and uncomfortable of the BN government’s affirmation programs since 1970.

What is more irksome and annoying to Malaysians is the fact that affirmation programs have all the while failed to work miserably and have only served to fuel corruption in which the bumiputra elite have been the main beneficiaries.

Besides this, government programs and policies are badly managed and expedited, often without consultation or feedback from the ‘rakyat’ in ways by the BN government that is suggestive of autocratic governance in which the wishes and aspirations of the people are not heeded.

This is why in the implementation of government projects and policies there is so much of mismanagement and very often the results desired are not achieved, or if attained, it is really not to the satisfaction and happiness of the ‘rakyat.’

Corruption has seeped and permeated into every sphere of Malaysian life and this is at the root of the unhappiness and misery of Malaysians. This certainly means Malaysia’s BN government might want to sit back and take a good, hard look at the direction it is heading and leading the people towards – more misery and unhappiness.

Several other reasons why Malaysians are unhappy

The numbers of the Malaysian population that are better educated and better informed have risen especially in this New Millennium where education has become an important thrust and focus of the people.

This is another reason contributing to the unhappiness of the people. Being better educated and informed, most Malaysians know the BN government reeks of insincerity and are not genuine in their endeavors to serve the people.

Through the use of social media and what is happening in the real, hard, harsh realities of life, people are able to surmise and infer and get a sniff and whiff of the real reasons behind BN’s political ploys and it this enlightening knowledge of BN that hurts and makes people unhappy.

BN has betrayed the people more and more over the years of its governance through its failure to practice meritocracy, fair play and justice and the people are now becoming aware of this and after 56 years of BN governance being placed 56th of 156 countries shows that the BN government has failed in serving and looking into the actual needs of the people.

The failure of the BN government to play by the rules of the game and to subscribe to the full tenets and obligations of democracy are other reasons why Malaysians are unhappy. This is because of the curtailment and the curbing of the civil liberties of Malaysians.

Malaysians of this era don’t like a government that does not allow them to think and to express their thoughts and ideas freely. They hate terribly and are very miserable and unhappy that the BN government wants to do the thinking for the people and dictate terms and conditions.

It is a case where the government does not serve the people but the other way round where the people are being forced to serve the government which is a blatant and flagrant violation of our democratic rights causing Malaysia to be viewed in a bad light not just by Malaysians but by the international community as well.

How can Malaysians save the nation?

There is this real dire prospect that in future Malaysia will become a failed state or rogue nation. This is an absolute certainty if Malaysians fail to recognize the signs and symptoms of how ailing the nation has become and take measures to rectify the situation.

There is much redress that needs to take place in this nation. There must be first and foremost firm belief that it is not too late to save Malaysia from becoming a destroyed nation. What is more important is for Malaysians to come together to work for the betterment of the country, to set aside their prejudices and differences, and to make Malaysia a Great Nation.

While it is not too late, in the time ahead, Malaysians have to be prepared to be honest with themselves and put the interests of the nation above self and learn to think firmly and decisively as to what to do about corruption, inept governance and the future shape and direction of this country.

These are not trivial issues but larger-than-life questions and need Malaysians to be open, honest and transparent in laying all the cards on the table to come together to practice democracy in its fullness. This is when the happiness of Malaysians will improve along with the quality of life of the people.

Malaysia will then serve as a true role model of a multi-cultural nation and be the pride and joy of not just Malaysians but the world at large.

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