Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft's Word.

Microsoft Word is probably one of the tools you use mostly at work or at home to write letters, created documents, or even finish that book you've been dreaming about. You might sometimes feel that writing all that much is taking too long and that it's too frustrating. So I have just the thing to improve your Word skills.

These keyboard shortcuts are fun little tricks that will help you work faster much easier. Many of them will also work on other programs such as Outlook and Excel so they are really good tips to know for just about anyone!
General document management:
+ Open new document
+ Open existing document
+ Close current document, but don’t close Word
+ Save document
Save document as…
+ Print document
+ Switch between open Word documents
+ + Count the number of words in a document
+ Close Word (this works for any program so be careful when using it)