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Thread: IT: Handy Word Tricks

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    IT: Handy Word Tricks

    Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft's Word.

    Microsoft Word is probably one of the tools you use mostly at work or at home to write letters, created documents, or even finish that book you've been dreaming about. You might sometimes feel that writing all that much is taking too long and that it's too frustrating. So I have just the thing to improve your Word skills.

    These keyboard shortcuts are fun little tricks that will help you work faster much easier. Many of them will also work on other programs such as Outlook and Excel so they are really good tips to know for just about anyone!
    General document management:
    + Open new document
    + Open existing document
    + Close current document, but don’t close Word
    + Save document
    Save document as…
    + Print document
    + Switch between open Word documents
    + + Count the number of words in a document
    + Close Word (this works for any program so be careful when using it)


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    Navigating inside the document:
    / Move one note left or right
    + / + Move one word left or right
    / Go to the end or the beginning of the line
    + / + Move one paragraph up or down
    / Move one page up or down
    + / + Go to the end or the beginning of the document
    + Search the document for letters or words

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    Choosing a text: (also known as marking or highlighting)
    + / + Expand the highlight one note to the left or to the right
    + + /
    + +
    Expand the highlight one word to the left or to the right
    + / + Expand the highlight to the end of the line or back to the beginning
    + / + Expand the highlight one line up or down
    Expand the highlight until the place where you click your mouse, to exit this mode press -
    + Highlight all the text in the document

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    Text editing:
    + Copy marked text
    + Cut marked text
    + Paste the text that was copied or cut
    + Make the text bold
    + Make the text italic
    + Underline the text
    + + Only underline the text
    + + Double underline
    + / + Increase or decrees the size of marked text
    + Add a hyper-link
    + Open a new page in the document

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    + Undo last action
    + Redo last action
    + Move text to the left
    + Move text to the right
    + Move text to the center
    + Align text to both sides (only when the text is marked)
    Delete one note backwards
    Delete one note forwards

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