The overbearing cockiness of DAP – Adli Ghazi

Published: 30 October 2015 5:22 PM

What would make DAP think it has the support of Malays in attacking PAS? Do they think with GHB they can garner Malay votes?

DAP forgets that current members of GHB fought and lost with PAS's ulamas. Let us digress a bit and think what was PAS's unique selling proposition to the voters. It is RELIGION, nothing more, nothing less and a majority of Malays are people of faith. Whether they practice or not, that's besides the point, it is their fall back plan, God will save those who believe.

The professionals in PAS are like luxuries they can afford to lose. The majority of Malays who voted for PAS would still vote for PAS with or without the professionals. The same cannot be said for the majority of Malays who voted for DAP when they were in cahoots with PAS. Voting for Faith (PAS) according to a majority of Malays trumps over voting for the kafir (DAP).

We don't need to go far to see DAP "Malay" events did not garner much support from the young urban Malays. A handful were there just to see the DAP youth magnet girls (who, in my opinion, after talking with them, are nothing more that poster girls to recruit Malay men). The rest there were either already in the party or just curious to see what they are all about, but we were turned off somewhat and went back early. There was something amiss with the whole setup of the event; indoctrination of DAPs philosophy and communistic approach by calling fellow members comrades were too much to take.

Recently there was a DAP fundraising dinner held in Petaling Jaya. I brought along several of my Malay friends just to see what their reaction was to the event. Although they do not have high opinion for the current Najib administration, they couldn't stomach the whole "Chinese" (as they said it) dominated event and had to go back early. Mind you this event had Rafizi, Mat Sabu, Dyana & etc.

So what was wrong with this picture? The Malays will make noise and screw Najib/Umno /BN left right and centre, but when the time comes to pick someone out as their leader, they will always pick their kind for better or worse.

DAP by picking a fight with PAS is just asking for trouble. How can they not work with their strongest coalition partner, which provided the machinery, manpower and the loudest voices?

There lies the problem. PAS is becoming too strong for DAP, thus turning allies into foes. PAS wanted some things that DAP couldnt conciously give without desecrating their core values which are socialism, equality and secular state.

Another factor which is a killer against DAP is their leadership. They may be smart, they may be good orator, but their composition is 96% non-Malays bar the three young chaps. How can a party that claims to be the "Malaysian" choice have that kind of racial composition? Here again lies the true nature of picking their-own kind. Since a majority on DAP members are Chinese, hence their leaders will always be Chinese.

At this current course of action DAP is heading to impending doom which they could not see due to the 1MDB dan 2.6B fog of war. Those issues are oubled-edged swords and might impale DAP during its assault on Umno, and being as cunning and sly as Umno is, they will have something up their sleeves. Something surreptitious is brewing.

One thing that DAP's single tracked mind is unable to comprehend os that by pitting against PAS, it will only bring the Malay unity issue much stronger. If you cannot make concessions with your partners, they will divorce you or look for other partners. PAS will not be allies with Umno due to their history, but they can remain friendly and not get in each other’s way. If PAS is also stubborn and goes into 3-cornered fight, then the only conclusion will be a win for Umno (remember Kota Damansara)

All this politiking has reached the saturation point. Malays are no longer keen to talk about politics and got back to surviving like they always have. Most Malays were astonished by the sudden surge of Chinese policitical sentiments on social media and in their daily interaction. It is good that this segment of population became more politically active but at what cost? These are some of the questions that would come out; would it endanger the status quo and the current Malay centric policies and take their privileges (if any), would we turn into Singapore? Would meritocracy make the poor farmers' children with C grades unable to go into university; instead these places would be taken by tuition induced urban kiasu kids? Would UITM be open to all? Once meritocracy is practiced then would it be difficult for them to get places? These are genuine concerns.

One thing that could work in DAP's favour is the increase in non-Malay voters. If reports are correct, the exponantial increment in that segment of voters could affect the composition of voter demographics. Even though the Malays are the majority of the population, but the majority of eligible voters are non-Malays.

The Lims, Tony and friends need to think hard on their pompous stand and actions, as it will only give reason for more hatred.

But since their main tactics is to create disharmony and resentment for others, it's nothing new. – October 30, 2015.

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