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    The key for the Rat's imprisonment is financial ignorance. This is explained in the Rat Race Mental Model - The Circle.

    The Malaysian Insider
    Friday January 08 2010

    James Chin is a Malaysian academic. The views expressed here are his own and do not reflect the views of institutions he is associated with.

    Sarawak is BN’s secret weapon

    JAN 8 — This article is for Sarawak observers and Sarawakians in general. After the last state election in 2006, many think another state election would be due in 2010. Sarawak is BN’s “fixed deposit”, to quote Pak Lah, and Sarawak’s 31 seats are worth about 13 per cent of the seats in Parliament.

    However, BN will probably lose up to three parliamentary seats in the next general election in Sarawak. A lot will depend on whether Sarawak will hold state and parliamentary elections simultaneously. Right now, Sarawak is the only state in Malaysia with a separate date for state elections.

    Many experts say that “money politics” or the direct buying of votes is a key feature of why BN is able to hang on to power there. This is especially true in rural areas and among native voters. In this article, I would like to offer a slightly more sophisticated explanation.

    Before I do that, I would like to state that my observations are meant to stimulate debate. They are not meant as a general observation of the entire native group or groupings. It is not in any way related to racism or anything of that sort.

    It is simply an explanation of how and why money plays such an important role in winning political support in Sarawak. However, having said that, I believe that my observations are valid for the majority of non-Muslim natives living in the rural areas and those who have moved to the urban areas in the past decade.

    My theory is actually quite simple and not original. In academic literature, it is sometimes referred to as culture deficit or underdevelopment of capitalism. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – Kelantan 1977 revisited: to understand Selangor 2010

    When you see all the events breaking out and bombs going off, relax. Just refer to the mental models in the Rat Race. Use it to filter the information and you will be able to see a very simple pattern. In this article, RPK is explaining the same thing in words....

    UMNO is trying for a repeat of Kelantan 1977 in Selangor using religion and race riots to trigger a Declaration of Emergency in order to take over Selangor. Trust RPK to burst the balloon. UMNO is going to be faced with 2 challenges in this gambit.

    1. People are more mature now.
    2. The internet has broken the dam over information flow which used to be sole preserve of UMNO through the MSM.

    The thing to do is to remain calm and watch UMNO tying itself in knots trying to work up the extremists.

    Read the words in red below very carefully. Observe how threats are made using the tyranny of the majority, how words are used to twist the truth to manipulate the minds - that's psychological warfare at work, using fear as the primary emotion. It's interesting to see how fragile some people's egos are.

    1Word! 1Word! and they go ga-ga. It's time these morons stop messing with the harmony of the nation and grow up.

    Go and get a life.

    Steady. Steady. Wait for GE 13. Then show your hand.

    That day shall be known as the Revenge of the Rats.

    Meanwhile to let go of some steam, go to your bank, withdraw your savings and buy gold. It will hurt UMNO real bad.

    Kelantan 1977 revisited: to understand Selangor 2010

    Friday, 08 January 2010 Super Admin

    The target is Selangor, the jewel in Pakatan Rakyat’s crown. Najib wants back Selangor and he wants it back this month. So Umno has to do a ‘Kelantan December 1977’ revisited to get back Selangor in January 2010.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    ABIM, TERAS, PERKASA, PPIM, PKPIM, PEWARIS, KIMMA, PEKIDA, etc. What do all these NGOs, associations and movements have in common?

    Well, they all serve the Umno agenda under the guise of ‘protecting’ Islam.

    To understand Umno’s agenda you have to take a walk down memory lane, all the way back to Kelantan in 1977. In 1977, Umno wanted to bring down the PAS state government of Kelantan. So Hussein Ahmad ‘imported’ some gangsters from across the border town of Golok, Thailand, and paid them to burn Chinese shops, houses and cars.

    (Hussein Ahmad used to be a rice smuggler in Rantau Panjang before he became a Cabinet Minister so he had good links with the Thai underworld in Golok).

    Kota Bharu was in utter chaos so the federal government had ‘no choice’ but to declare an emergency in Kelantan and suspend the Kelantan State Assembly for a few months. Then, fresh state elections were held in March 1978 (only for the State Assembly and not for the Parliament seats) ahead of the 1978 General Election.

    Invariably, Umno swept Kelantan and PAS was kicked out where it remained in the opposition until Umno split into two (Umno Baru and Semangat 46), which enabled PAS, in ‘joint venture’ with Semangat 46, to take back the state in the 1990 General Election.

    Read: Kelantan Emergency of December 1977.

    Remember Malaysia Today wrote some months ago that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak plans to take back Selangor around January 2010? Pakatan Rakyat of course denied that this would happen. Maybe they thought Najib was going to pull off another Perak exercise by buying over some Pakatan Rakyat State Assemblypersons.

    Of course, in Perak this was possible because of the narrow three-seat majority that Pakatan Rakyat had whereas Pakatan Rakyat has a much larger majority in Selangor. So it is not that easy.

    But there is more than one way to skin a feline and who better than Najib when it comes to skinning pussies? In fact, he can even make the fairer sex and their immigration records disappear if he wants to. That is how good he is with pussies.

    And another way of skinning felines of any kind is to do a repeat of Kelantan 1977. Trigger another chaos in the state, declare an emergency, suspend the State Assembly, and a few months later call for new state elections with maybe an ‘Operasi Lalang 2’ thrown in for good measure.

    Notice that the church burnings and car smashing are only in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur? Kelantan and Terengganu have a Muslim population of more than 97%. And there are churches in these predominantly Muslim states as well. Why are there no problems there? In fact, other than Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, there are no problems in any other parts of Malaysia.

    Simple, really -- the target is Selangor, the jewel in Pakatan Rakyat’s crown. Najib wants back Selangor and he wants it back this month. So Umno has to do a ‘Kelantan December 1977’ revisited to get back Selangor in January 2010. And that is why Umno paid its goons to burn churches just in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur but not in any other area in Malaysia.

    Yes, I know, they are now going to make another police report against me for this article. But with about 15 or 20 police reports made against me over the last year alone, does one more make any difference?

    Now let’s all sing the song ‘Get me to the church on time’!

    ************************************************** ***
    Malay rights group Perkasa has lodged a police report against Malaysiakini over a comment posted by a reader in the online news daily.

    The report, which was made by Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali late yesterday, said that the comment could offend the sensitivities of the Muslim community.

    The National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students (PKPIM) lodged a police report against Herald for its usage of 'Allah' in its Catholic publication.

    The report was lodged at the Dang Wangi police station today at 3.30 pm following a protest at the Kampung Baru Mosque earlier today.

    Abu Qasim Nurazmi, the deputy president of PKPIM accompanied by Muhamad Raimi Abdul Rahim, the secretary-general of ABIM filed the report.

    They alleged that The Herald is using 'Allah' in their publication with malicious intent and that their action is mala fide.

    "We urge the police to conduct a through investigation on the motive of The Herald for insisting on using 'Allah' in their publication,"
    said Abu Qasim said.

    In the police report, the Muslim group said The Herald should respect Article 11 (4) of Federal Constitution and not try to confuse the Muslim community.

    Article 11 (4) states that State law and in respect of the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, federal law may control or restrict the propagation of any religious doctrine or belief among persons professing the religion of Islam.

    According to Muhamad Raimi, state Islamic departments in 10 states have issued a fatwa against propagation of other religions to Muslims.

    "Thus, we feel that The Herald is disregarding the provisions of the Federal Constitution and disrespecting Islam, creating disharmony among Malaysians," he said.

    Abu Qasim agreed and felt it could lead to further chaos in the country if The Herald does not respect that Islam is the official religion in the country.

    Earlier, cries of 'Allahu Akbar!' and 'Takbir' were heard moments after Friday prayers concluded in the Kampung Baru mosque.

    About 50 people gathered within the compounds to protest against the usage of the word 'Allah' by non-Muslims.

    Calling it a "Youth Awareness Campaign", the group proceeded with their speeches despite calls to "go home" by other Muslims who were leaving the mosque.

    "The churches have already been blown up, and now you want to 'blow up' here as well? Just go home!" said one man.

    However, the group's leaders were quick to add that they condemned the incidents of arson on the three churches.

    'Accept the fact, Islam is the official religion'

    Representing 38 NGOs including Abim, PPKIM and Sahabat Insan dan Iman, the group presented a declaration titled: "Declaration for Harmony between Religions".

    It said all must "understand and respect sensitivities of Muslims, and accept that Islam is the official religion of Malaysia and that the constitution was written based on this fact."

    It also said society must "realise that the consitution has placed Islam in a special place and this has been agreed upon by those of different religions and races in Malaysia."

    Thus, the NGOs called for "a halt on all claims on matters pertaining to Islam that disrupts and hurt the feelings of Muslims, and undermines national safety".

    They also said matters like the 'Allah' issue must be "handled out of court".

    However, Muhammad Raimi said they supported the Home Ministry's decision to appeal the lift of the ban on the usage of the word 'Allah' by the The Herald.

    He stressed that they respected the court's decision, but are gathering to show their dissatisfaction regarding the issue.

    'Don't test our patience'

    "We want to send a message that this is a sensitive issue. Leave 'Allah' for the Muslims,"
    he said, matching banners which read: "The word 'Allah' is only for us".

    Others who spoke included Zaim Shaari from Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia who said: "We don't want our land to be colonised."

    "There is a limit to our patience; don't challenge us or try to incite our anger. We do not want to invite altercations. If we can respect other religions then why can't they respect us and not try to mix everything in one bag?" he asked.

    PKPIM president Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz called on all Muslims leaders in the country to produce a joint statement "to defend the word 'Allah'".

    "This is not a political issue, so I urge the leaders to overcome the political divide and to unite in the name of 'Allah'," he said.

    Despite what the group claimed that the use of 'Allah' by non-Muslims offends all Muslims, members of the faith appear divided on the matter.

    Groups like the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) supported the lifting of the ban.

    Muhammad Raimi said: "Perhaps they have this view because they are a minority (in North America). They are entitled to their own views but we don't agree with them." - Malaysiakini Malaysiatoday....

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    The trend that best describe's UMNO's strategy to emasculate the middle-class: On the road to Myanmar. We reckon between 3 to 5 million of our best and brightest have left, if we factor in their children born overseas. While an equivalent number were brought in through Sabah and Sarawak to broaden the lower class. That's to push us towards the Myanmar model.

    Why would UMNO want to do that? Because observation of our neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea has clearly shown - the regimes who overstay their welcome are kicked out by the middle class. Is it any wonder that PAP and UMNO are working so closely together - UMNO driving out the Chinese and Singapore grabbing them?

    Here's what Masterwordsmith wrote on the same subject, albeit much more brilliantly: Indelible strategy.

    And a business friend's observation of Myanmar during a trip there in Dec 08. Note how rich in resources Myanmar is and yet we have so many Burmese manning our coffee shops. See whether you can spot the similarities with Malaysia. At the rate we are going, we will soon be exporting our sons and daughters overseas to work as labourers and maids. That will be the final result of the NEP.

    Isn't that ironic? UMNO the so-called defenders of the Malays sending them off to explore the world.... as maids and labourers.

    That are no short-cuts in life. Nature requires us to struggle to survive and to become strong. Pampering any class will condemn them to a life of misery, just like those parents who spoil their children condemn them.

    Myanmar update (12 Dec 2009),

    Back ground

    I was on a business trip to Myanmar (previously Burma) recently. The following was what I found out through my observations and my conversation with the local businessman (who speaks English or Chinese):


    Myanmar has about 60 million population and endowed with very rich minerals deposit. It has probably the largest untapped copper & gold deposits on earth. Its jade and gemstones industry is the largest in the world. It has also discovered a sizable oil & gas deposits in recent years.

    Per capita income & Education

    1. Myanmar gained independence from the British in 1947. At that time, it had one of the highest per capita income and literacy rate in Asia, and the second most English speaking country after Philippines.
    2. Until the seventies, its per capita income was still ahead of Vietnam, Cambodia, China & Indonesia among the Asia countries.
    3. Today, it has the world second lowest per capita income after North Korea. Hardly a few percent of its people understand or fluent in English. English language is only known to the military & social elite class but it is very alien to the ordinary Myanmarese in the street.
    4. I was told that the illiterate rate in the rural areas is as high as 50%.
    5. Most local university graduates are jobless. The lucky ones who can find job will get a starting pay of US$50/month pay.
    6. The general costs of living in Yangon is high and probably as much as KL. As a result, everyone is known to live like a magician i.e. to stay alive for a month with their official salary that can at best last them a week. Well, the obvious answer is to stay alive by corruption.

    Transportation sector

    1. The streets in Yangon are still flooded with 1st generation Japanese cars which were built in the sixties onwards. Mind you, a 1960s old junk Mazda still worth about US$10 - 20k. This phenomenal is largely caused by the government’s archaic policy that imposes exorbitant “import permit“(much like Malaysian’s “AP” for imported cars) for all road transportation equipment. As an example; an import permit for a year 2000 Mitsubishi Pajero would cost US$ 250,000.00 today. However, there is one thing Myanmar is doing better than Malaysia is that the US$ 250,000 import permit fee is paid to the government’s coffer while Malaysian’s APs are given free to UMNO’s cronies.

    2. New vehicles are reserved for the junta and the relatives. Ordinary rich businessman can at best buy used imported car and pay for an “import permit” that may cost more than 10times the value of the vehicle he imports.

    Government & Civil Service

    1. Myanmar also has a bloated civil service probably more serious than Malaysia. But practically nobody “works” in the government unless you pay them directly to work for you.
    2. According to my friend who is an established local businessman, everything and anything is negotiable in Myanmar, including getting away with murder and drugs, as long as you are ready to pay.
    3. Of course the there is still one very glaring exception to this rule is getting involved in politics. Nobody can be free when involved in politics including the Nobel Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Internet Access

    1. In the major cities like Yangon & Mandalay, internet “broadband” is widely available in hotels but it is really operate at snail’s pace. It may take you 30 minutes to read and reply a simple email from you “gmail” box. But one funny thing we realised is that there is no way one can get to ‘Yahoo” without accessing it via Saudi Arabia’s ISP.

    Electricity Supply

    1. In general, most parts of the cities like Yangon & Mandalay only have an average of 3 hours of power supply per day from the national grid. This is mainly due the serious shortage of power generation capacity for the whole of Myanmar which only stands at about 700MW while it total estimated demand reaches 7,000MW. Most of the people in the rural areas have never heard of national grid power supply. Some are connected to local diesel gensets during night time while still many have no power supply at all.
    2. The only places that are sure of getting 24 hours power supply are the government offices that do nothing for the people, military camps, junta’s owned industrial parks.
    3. When we discuss with the well connected people about the potential of constructing large scale power plant in Myanmar to satisfy the national power demand, we realise nobody is keen because it is a money losing business. Why? Because the power tariff to the people is only US$ 0.05/kWh whilst the cost of generate power there is as high is US$ 0.30/kWh.
    4. This sounds familiar with Malaysian government’s mentality of subsidising the poor people (while it should be called the impoverished people). But the big question is who impoverished the people in the first place?

    Luxurious Items & Lifestyle

    1. Everything imported to Myanmar seems to have been heavily taxed. Including the standard poor man daily necessity such as bicycles, bicycle spares and medicine etc.
    2. On the other hand, it gives me the feeling that government is very supportive of the rich people life style. Imported items such as alcohol and steak in top end restaurant are really cheap by international standard and I was told luxurious items are usually tax free. May be they did this to support the demand of junta’s high life.
    3. Through my interaction and conversation with many businessmen and elites of the society, I was given the impression that these people are very cash rich. They usually stashed away the money in Singapore bank’s account or convert it to GOLD bars and hoard them under their “bed”. I was told that GOLD price in Myanmar is always higher than international gold price because of the black market demand.


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    Religion is just a tool of mind-control for the Ruling Class. The so-called religious scholars are paid hacks who issue Farts at appropriate moments to keep the Rats docile as in Parlov's Dogs.

    By whose standards?

    Monday, 18 January 2010 Super Admin

    Afghanistan, Turkey and Malaysia, all Muslim countries. But they have different rulings on even such a ‘simple’ thing as the tudung. And all three countries have religious scholars who have issued religious decrees. But why is it not consistent? Why the differences?


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Did you watch the debate between Khalid, Yusri and Marina on Al Jazeera (watch the debate here)?

    There are many reports and videos on this same matter but today I would like to talk about this one in particular. This is because, first of all, I personally know all three personalities and, secondly, because of what these three personalities represent.

    Khalid is a PAS (Islamic Party of Malaysia) Member of Parliament. So he is supposed to represent the extreme, uncompromising, radical, intolerant face of Islam (as what most people view PAS to be). Yusri is ABIM (Islamic Youth Movement), a product of UIA (International Islamic University) as well as MCKK (Malay College Kuala Kangsar; a ‘secular’ school), plus one-time personal assistant to Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (the founder President of PKR; a non-race-based, multi-ethnic liberal party). Marina (the daughter of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) is Sisters-in-Islam (whom many Malays view as ‘deviant’ Muslims). Malaysiatoday....

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    Nowadays, as in old, we have lots of acronyms to catch our attention - 1Malaysia, GTP, KRA. In earlier days, we had NEP, NDP, Wawasan 2020, Malaysia Boleh, Islam Hadhari,... All of them had one objective in mind - how to keep UMNO in power.

    To really measure UMNO and by extension, BN's performance, we need to monitor their progress in returning our democratic rights to us. These rights have been -stolen over the years to prevent us from exercising our democratic right to choose the government we want.

    What are the measures that we need to monitor?

    Here are a few suggestions:


    Revert to the broad principles of the 1957 Constitution:
    Malaysia is a secular state.
    There shall be no racial discrimination.
    Elected Local Government.

    Institute the following answerable to the Agong. Selection by Parliament and through public hearing.
    Independent Commission for Appointment and Regulation of Judges

    Make the following bodies answerable to Parliament:
    Attorney General

    Redraw the boundaries such that no one constituency will have more or less voters than the national average by more than 15%.
    Automatic voter registration.
    No postal voters for any citizen residing in the country. If postal votes have to be maintained, such votes shall be distributed evenly among all the seats.
    Election officers to be assigned to the voting centre where they vote and allowed to vote 30 minutes before general voting is allowed.
    All counting of votes to be carried out in the balloting centre.
    All overseas voters are allowed to vote in Malaysian embassies abroad, provided they register 6 months before elections. Their votes are to be evenly distributed throughout the Parliamentary and State seats.

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: The fallacy of Malay unity


    Keep the Malays weak and fearful of the Cina bogeyman. Then they will rally behind their "UMNO Protector" constantly forgetting that "Harapkan Pagar, Pagar Makan Padi".

    The fallacy of Malay unity

    JAN 30 — They say, that when a stick is on its own, it can be broken. But when many sticks are bound together, they become strong and unbreakable. So for Malays to be strong and unbreakable they must unite. For if not, then the non-Malays, and all those who wish to undermine the Malay race and Islam, will break them. This is what Perkasa and others like them peddle to the Malays. What a load of hogwash! And I say this as a Malay and a Muslim.

    In reality, this call for Malay unity is the opposite of what is needed to bring members of my community out of its despair. And the reason is simple.

    The price Malays pay for this unity is their individuality. If you belong to a herd, and your strength comes from the herd, then as an individual, you are weak. No capacity for self determination when left to your own device. You become subservient to a set of values that is driven by the elite, who will act as your protector, and who will demand your obedience. You will have no capacity to challenge the elite, and you will cower to those in authority, happy to be either an underachieving dependent of the system, or aspiring to join the ranks of the elite, to do that which once was done unto you.

    The outcome of continued dependence on Malay unity is obvious. A select, strong and powerful elite will remain in control of wealth and power; and a mass of happy ignorant followers will continue to be dragged along with what is pronounced by those with authority, never daring to question, never daring to challenge, and ever willing to fight the fight, if called upon by their leaders. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: If this is an animal farm...

    There are no other choices - It's either FIGHT or FLIGHT!

    If this is an animal farm...

    Praba Ganesan

    FEB 4 — Totalitarianism. Form of government that theoretically permits no individual freedom and that seeks to subordinate all aspects of the individual’s life to the authority of the government (Encyclopaedia Britannica).

    Malaysians have to ask themselves whether they live in one, even if it is likelier a neo-totalitarian state. Both have the common thread of an absolutist government — seeking to sustain itself at the expense of its people.

    When you live in a totalitarian state then your first principle, prime objective has to be to free yourself from that predicament. Either flee or defeat those who uphold that totalitarianism. Everything else comes secondary.

    Democratic ideals can only prevail in their entirety when they have breathing space. Otherwise they are choked, twisted and ultimately denigrated as dangerous precedents which will lead to uncertainty, Western imperialism, religious extremism or godlessness (same-same really) and moral decadence.

    Those accusations are not true by the way, but the control of political process, finance and “law” enforcement instruments enable those in power to portray things external to “their” reality as being counter to “our common good.”The Big Four Auditors are here at Register and let them select you.

    Those living on the wrong side of the “Iron Curtain” for the most part of the 20th century can bear testimony when only a single paradigm reigned over peoples irrespective of their personal views on what constitutes better government.

    But totalitarianism was not exclusively a malady of socialism, in fact socialism became the victim of totalitarianism. Many post-colonial nations are or were victims of it, because it is very tempting to rule by barring reason.

    Whether it was Stalin’s communism, Kruschchev’ antagonism, Mao’s communalism through teacher barbeque, Tito’s Slavic assimilation or Mobutu Seko-Seko’s pro-democracy through local brutalisation (replaceable with Pinochet), ideology and theory are compromised in order to protect an elite.

    That is obvious enough.

    But looking at Malaysia, many fail to realise that even those who initiate opposition to the oppression are also victims of the system. They are products of a totalitarian system and our expectation for them to rise above the muck effortlessly is naive.

    Bandar Kulim’s Zulkifli Nordin’s agitations are not remarkable if you have followed his open allegiance to religion above anything. The PKR men in Penang — Bayan Baru’s Datuk Zahrain Mohamed and Nibong Tebal’s Tan Tee Beng — associate funds with the ability to serve, one used to be Umno and the other the son of a Gerakan founder. Other grouses across the nation have been made by various people, and they won’t end anytime soon.

    That is unsurprising. What is? The unequivocal sense of betrayal among Pakatan voters.

    Many threaten to support BN if individuals inside Pakatan Rakyat cannot harmonise and act consistently with higher ideals.

    The dudes act like that because the system has led them down that think.

    They’ve been raised by parents working in the system, went to school with the system firmly in place and worked in an economy emphasising the dominant think. Odds are they swam downstream rather than fight the system every step of the way — they’d be in an asylum if they fought their way out of the womb and stayed fighting.

    We are all guilty of it. We laugh at the brain-numbing indoctrinating elements in our social science subjects, but we did comply to get the grades. We condemn corrupt behaviour in government contracts, but these sub-contract jobs are taken up by us the SMEs.

    Sure, we are forced into the situation, but we make those choices. And the list of things we do to live within the system will astound us one day when the systems have collapsed and we look back.

    If we are vulnerable, why can’t others like us trying to fight the system also have that vulnerability?

    The neo-totalitarian state is exacting. Sure you can read this column, but you are not going to find this news site printed on paper (mind the pun!) and reach the warong in Rawang. Or dare allow a free-TV station or radio station not belonging to a BN-ally. Even in Russia which is being accused of returning to authoritarian ways, there are neutral TV stations.

    This is not to make excuses for the politicians, PKR or the entire Pakatan Rakyat. The matter is about our personal freedoms, your right not to fear pursuing democratic ideals along with other Malaysians.

    The parties, coalitions and individuals opposing the totalitarianism today are your conduits to freedom. Their human frailties and failing do not mean the fight is wrong, or justifies the passing of our trust back to the guys pinning us down with a gigantic boulder of tyranny.

    This political reality is upsetting because it is a nightmare, but it is our nightmare. Our frustrations and anger are compounded by our inability to overwhelm the situation in a single stroke.

    That we have to cope with.

    What you have to decide is whether you are in a neo-totalitarian nightmare. If you decide that you are, then there is one principle above everything else, seek the end of the totalitarian nightmare. Everything else comes after.

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Nutgraph - BTN's real message

    Psychological warfare. Preaching of racism, religion, hatred and fear. As is common with all repressive regimes, it always the military, the police and the secret service. These are the protectors of the Ruling Class.

    Biro Tata Negara’s “real” message
    3 Feb 10 : 8.00AM

    By Shanon Shah

    MOHD Khalid Mohd Nor, 27, attended the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) programme in 2002. Back then, he was a Public Services Department (JPA) scholar about to be sent to Germany to attend university. Khalid is now in London finishing his PhD in advanced manufacturing technologies. He is not on a government scholarship anymore.

    The Nut Graph will continue to publish testimonies of former BTN programme inductees for as long as we receive these public testimonies. We believe these stories remain important until the government takes responsibility over how the publicly funded programmes were run to disunite Malaysians.

    Indeed, these stories provide important documentation of a programme under the Prime Minister's Department that until recently was shrouded in secrecy. Here is Khalid's testimony of his BTN experience, sent to The Nut Graph via e-mail.

    TNG: Where did you attend your BTN course?

    Mohd Khalid Mohd Nor: Ulu Sepri, Negeri Sembilan.

    How long did it last?

    Four days and three nights, if I am not mistaken.

    What would you say was the racial composition of the participants? How many participants were there?

    The participants were only those in my batch who had qualified after their A-Level examinations. We were students from the Overseas Preparatory Programme (PPP), now known as the International Education Centre, located on the Universiti Teknologi Mara campus in Section 17, Shah Alam.

    In my batch, around 120 students qualified. If I am not mistaken, there were around 40 non-Malay [Malaysian] students at least. We [Malay Malaysians and non-Malay Malaysians] were all JPA scholars.

    What was the racial composition of the trainers/facilitators?

    The facilitators were all Malay [Malaysian]. They looked like former police or military personnel. They were really strict.

    Other than the facilitators, I cannot remember if there were other outside speakers. But for sure, those who gave the motivation talks or trash talk were all Malay [Malaysians].

    The BTN facilitators looked like former military personnel

    Describe a typical day's programme during the course, from the time you woke up until the time you went to sleep.

    For the Malay [Malaysians], the day might have started slightly earlier as we needed to do our morning prayers first. The day started before sunrise — everything was still dark. Once we finished bathing and had breakfast, we would assemble in the main hall.

    In the hall, the day would start with us singing Negaraku and I think there was a camp song — I have totally forgotten the lyrics. We would then start listening to a whole series of ceramah about nationalism as we were all bound for Germany. Aside from the talks, there were group activities. We normally ended the day at midnight.

    On one of the days, the Malay [Malaysians] had qiamullail, where we stayed in the surau the whole night reciting verses from the Qur'an and performing optional prayers until [the time for obligatory dawn prayers].

    Where did the participants sleep? In big dormitories or small rooms?

    We all slept in dormitories with bunk beds. The camp in Ulu Sepri looked relatively new.

    Outside of the sessions, was there inter-racial/inter-religious/mixed-gender mingling?

    Yes, there was mingling among the races and sexes, since we had all studied at the same place for the previous two years. When I was [in the course], I overheard one of the facilitators saying they were surprised to see other races, [since we had come from] UiTM. When they thought of UiTM, they assumed only Malay [Malaysians] were attending.

    Were any of the lectures racist in nature? Can you describe one that was particularly disturbing?

    I believe our BTN course was catered for Malay [Malaysians], and they were surprised to see other races as well. Therefore the facilitators needed to devise a plan on how to deliver the real message or purpose of BTN.

    On the last day, we all assembled just outside the main hall with our belongings. The final speech was given to all of us. Suddenly, only Malay [Malaysian] students were requested to assemble in the surau. We were all surprised. Then it all started. They gave us a piece of paper which I think contained the song Warisan. Before singing, they gave short lectures on [Malayness], ketuanan Melayu and so on.

    They [said] other races were not welcome in Malaysia and we must protect our country before we Malay [Malaysians] became slaves or hamba in our own country. I was surprised that they were like this. The worst part was, these hate speeches were delivered in a surau.


    Most of the [other Malay Malaysian participants] came from boarding schools, such as the Mara Junior Science Colleges. So some of them agreed with what was presented by the facilitators. Another friend and I could not accept what was presented as we were both from day schools, where we had mingled with all races since childhood. I have mingled with all races since I was in Standard One.

    Aside from that, there was this one pak cik who commented on Buddhist and Hindu statues and temples. He was making fun of how the statues were, and also I think he made some sexual comments about those statues. He said the statues of Buddha are fat due to eating too much. This, however, was not done in the surau. It was during one of the team-building sessions. I remembered some non-Malay [Malaysian] friends in that group got upset. He apologised to them eventually.

    In my opinion, these incidents show that the facilitators were intolerant towards other Malaysians.

    Were any of these lectures documented? Was there a written syllabus for the course? Or was the content communicated verbally/through other means?

    I think there were some lectures documented, but those did not have racial content. If it did contain racial stuff, the camp might have erupted from day one. I might still have some stuff from BTN at home, but unfortunately, I threw the paper containing the song that was presented to us in the surau [out of] the bus window as we left the camp.

    How did the course impact you? How did it impact the other participants, from your observation?

    The course has impacted me in a negative way — I am now more racist towards [fellow] Malay [Malaysians]. Not to all Malay [Malaysians], but to some. I am unsure of my other friends, but I am really disturbed by this, and this is the true reflection of our country.

    There are still [Malay Malaysians] who consider non-Malay [Malaysians] in my generation as not worthy of calling Malaysia their home. If not Malaysia, which place are they supposed to call home? They are not migrants but Malaysians.

    I am racist towards Malay [Malaysians] who are racist towards other races. Currently the Malaysian government is sending lecturers abroad to complete their masters and PhDs so as to upgrade the Malaysian education system. These lecturers are from government-funded universities.

    In my university here [in London], they [have] started a society, but this society only [comprises] Malay [Malaysians] even though they [know] there are other Malaysians here as well. These lecturers will one day go back and start teaching at various institutions and shape future generations.

    [My analogy is], if the mould has rough surfaces or edges, how could this mould shape future generations so as to build a truly [united] Malaysia?

    Are there any positive things about the course you observed?

    I personally did not gain anything positive from the BTN. The Nut Graph....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: The sodUmny never stops

    The sodUmny never stops

    Dean Johns, Feb 3, 10

    At the risk of repeating some of the sentiments I expressed back when Anwar Ibrahim was charged with Sodomy II, his latest trial is just one more in an unending series of Umno/BN sodomies on the Malaysian people.

    Ever since Tun Razak shafted Tungku Abdul Rahman by allegedly orchestrating the May 13 riots back in 1969, successive Umno/BN regimes have violated every principle of civic virtue and good governance in their insatiable lust for power and plunder.

    This species of SodUmny became routine during Mahathir's premiership, a 22-year debauch that saw the ravaging of the judiciary's political independence, the defilement of the media and other civil institutions by a combination of force and corruption, and the rape and pillage of the nation's riches by Umno/BN members, relatives and cronies.

    One of Mahathir's dirtiest public deeds, of course, was his vicious assault on his erstwhile deputy, Anwar Ibrahim, in 1998. A charge of sodomy that was so clearly and evidently false that the judge in the case, the late, unlamented Augustine Paul, had to give prosecution three goes at getting the time and scene of the 'crime' straight.

    As you may recall, the condominium at which the 'offence' was at first alleged to have occurred turned out not to have been built at the time. And on the second occasion on which the sodomy was alleged to have taken place, the defence demonstrated that Anwar had been out of the country on that date.

    Then, in the course of the hearing, 'victims' and other procured witnesses recanted the testimony that they had initially given. But despite all this perjury and other irregularities the charade proceeded, and Anwar was convicted and jailed.

    But Mahathir hadn't finished with him yet. When Anwar complained of a black eye and other injuries as the result of a beating by the then head of the Royal Malaysian Police, Mahathir brazenly sneered that Anwar had probably inflicted the injuries on himself.

    This was a glaring example of possibly the most disgusting sodUmny that Mahathir, his two successors and their entire regime have committed, and continue to commit against the people of Malaysia: utter perversion of the truth.

    A pack of pernicious lies

    Official government propaganda and public relations are a pack of pernicious lies. Najib Razak's “1Malaysia. People first. Performance now,” is so plainly and patently false as to constitute a sodUmny on the people's intelligence.

    Far from truly promoting a united Malaysia, Umno persistently plays on the issues of race and religion to keep-up its pretense of championing the cause of the Malay/Muslim majority at the expense of the rest.

    Witness the notorious “cow's head” protest against the construction of a Hindu temple. The police stood by and did nothing to stop it, and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein excused the perpetrators on the grounds that they had “no intention” of provoking racial or religious ill-feeling.

    Another glaring example of Umno/BN's promotion of racial and religious disunity has been its involvement in the latest episode of the God/Allah controversy, in which it has allowed one of its newspapers, Utusan Malaysia, total license to inflame the sectarian passions of its readers.

    But of course Utusan Malaysia is just an extreme example of the fact that Umno/BN commits its ultimate sodomy of the truth by means of a Printing, Presses and Publications Act that requires virtually all of the nation's news media to submit to Umno/BN's rapacious demands for special treatment.

    No coverage of news of the few Umno/BN crimes that escape the net of the Official Secrets Act. No criticism of Umno/BN derelictions, lies or idiocies. No positive coverage of opposition politicians or supporters. Nothing, in fact, from the pathetically prostituted 'mainstream' television, radio and press but the Umno party line.

    So, despite the heroic efforts of the few independent virtual media and the burgeoning pro-democracy blogosphere, millions of Malaysians still live in blissful ignorance of many of the obscenities of the Umno/BN regime.

    And will continue to, if the authorities have anything to do with it. Barry Wain's book 'Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times' is apparently not yet allowed into the country, presumably to spare Malaysians from revelations of putrid dealings like the preposterous public funding of Umno headquarters, Putra World Trade Centre.

    And two other books apparently headed for the banned list are '1Funny Malaysia', a collection of cartoons by Zunar lampooning the Umno/BN regime, and 'Where is justice?', an account of countless atrocities committed in police and MACC custody, including the cases of Teoh Beng Hock, A Kugan, Altantuya Shaariibuu and Anwar Ibrahim.

    A good account

    Now that we're back to Anwar, according to the ongoing Malaysiakini report he's giving a good account of himself on the first day of his Sodomy II trial.

    On the grounds that his accuser and alleged victim Mohd Saiful Bukhan Azlan met at least twice with Prime Minister Najib Razak prior to reporting the 'crime', Anwar said that he intends to request the court to subpoena Najib and his wife Rosmah as witnesses.

    “If Najib and the government have managed to cover up the Altantuya (murder),” he asked, “what more is this? This is a desperate attempt to implicate me.”

    Anwar's lawyers also applied for a review of last week's decision by the Apex Court denying them additional evidence, documents and CCTV footage needed for his defence.

    The trial is being attended by foreign diplomats, legal observers and global media, with BBC News already running a report on the first day of proceedings.

    So Malaysia's image, already darkened by Dr Mahathir's global notoriety, Najib Razak's dubious reputation and the ruling regime's dismal record of financial, social and human-rights abuses, is bound to be blackened even further by this latest bum rap.

    Let's hope there's enough of an international outcry, and sufficient revulsion on the part of sufficient Malaysians, to finally depose the political inverts of Umno/BN, and put an end to their sodUmnies for once and for all.

    DEAN JOHNS, after many years in Asia, currently lives with his Malaysian-born wife and daughter in Sydney, where he mentors creative writing groups. Soon to be published in Kuala Lumpur is a third book of his columns for Malaysiakini, following earlier collections 'Mad about Malaysia' and 'Even Madder about Malaysia'.

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Using fear against a bogeyman

    It is bemusing to see how UMNO attempts to paint the Chinese in Malaysia as the enemy and the bogeyman to stampede the Malays back to UMNO's folds. A cursory look at the numbers of Chinese MPs in Pakatan Rakyat will show how weak the Chinese are politically. No Chinese in PR would dream of usurping power, especially those in PKR.

    Chinese membership in PKR, the party with the largest no. of MPs in PR, is only 11%. Malay dominance in PKR is over-whelming. One only need to look at the leadership in the Central Working Committee, the State Liaison Chiefs and the State Election Directors. There are no Chinese State Chiefs or State Election Directors. Are the Chinese complaining? No! They only want to get rid of UMNO to build a better Malaysia.

    Take another statistic - MPs. There are only 28 Chinese MPs out of 82 PR MPs. That's only 34%. So, all this talk by UMNO working up a scare of the Chinese bogey is merely proganda warfare by UMNO against the Malays itself.

    Chinese MPs in Pakatan Rakyat
    Total MPs Chinese % in party Chinese MPs % Chinese MPs
    PKR 31 11% 7
    PAS 23 0 0
    DAP 28 70% 21
    Total 82 28 34%

    Racist Umno Youth propaganda in London

    Ahmad Naim, Feb 11, 10

    The only person to take the stage was the quite sizeable Umno secretary Rauf whilst the Umno Youth exco members also fielded questions from the floor. I wasn't eavesdropping but the booming voices – especially those of Rauf and one Umno Youth member by the name of Megat – made it quite easy to make out the racist remarks which were spilling out of their primary orifice.

    In his rant, Rauf called non-Malays 'bangsa asing' who were trampling on the Malays in 'Tanah Melayu'. I remember a direct quote, 'Jangan biarkan bangsa asing pijak kepala kita' as though the non-Malays were interested in little else than seeing Malays fail for their sinister, selfish goals.

    There was also a vigorous defense of Nasir Safar's recent comments against non-Malays which branded non-Malays as beggars and prostitutes. According to one Umno Youth exco member present, those comments were not at all racist but quite contrarily 'just facts'. My oh my, I saw a Chinese couple next to me trying to tune out the words and focus on their meals.

    Throughout the session, non-Malays were treated as the enemy and whilst they did praise Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, there was no mention of '1Malaysia', unity or multiracial nation- building.

    During some moments in the session, they sounded nothing less than Vikings on the path to war – an Umno Youth exco said something to the effect of Umno willing to fight to the death against threats made by non-Malays. These threats were, strangely enough, never detailed. Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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