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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Enforcing NEP on minority religions

    Looking at the title, one would have thought that the subject is religion or maybe politics. The actual subject is propaganda warfare. In Malaysia, the Malays are victims, so are the Chinese, the Indians, the Kadazans, the Ibans. In fact, all the Rats. We are caught in the Rat Race where the Ruling Class uses the strategy of divide-and-rule that they learnt from the British. UMNO has been at this game since 1948 ever since the signing of the Federation of Malaya Agreement.

    We have to learn from History how it started.

    We have to recognize who is the real enemy. It's not the Malays. It's not the Chinese. It's not the Indians, the Orang Asli, the Ibans, the Kadazans or the Others. It is the Ruling Class! The day Malaysians recognize who is the real enemy is, that is continuously trying to divide the people, is the day we can become united. Then and only then can we work together to kick out the enemy.

    Enforcing NEP on minority religions
    Written by Helen Ang
    Wednesday, 04 August 2010 19:20

    A football analogy of religion in Malaysia will be this:

    The Ketuanan Melayu-Islam (KMI) team has on the pitch 11 players. The opposing team, the Minorities, fields 5 players – this ratio follows the Ibrahim Ali formula of 67% bumiputera representation, albeit appropriating the Christian native and pribumi animist share.

    The referee is the KMI team manager, and the linesmen, the KMI club president and treasurer.

    The goalmouth on the KMI side is 8 yards wide and goalpost 8 feet high. On the Minorities side, the corresponding dimensions are 30% extra at 10.5 yards/10.5 feet, thereby giving KMI strikers an advantage in chances for scoring. Furthermore, the Minorities goalkeeper is permitted to keep goal with only one hand.

    Before kick-off, a ‘let’ is given by handicapping the Minorities three goals. The duration of play is 30 minutes each half, reduced by a quarter of an hour in keeping with NEP affirmative action.

    If after the final whistle the scorecard still shows the Minorities ahead, the match will automatically go into extra time. If KMI fails to equalize despite the extended play, they will be accorded five penalty kicks. And if KMI still proceeds to lose despite the rules of the game deliberately crippling their opponent, the KMI fans will riot and burn down the stadium.

    Does the football hooliganism allusion have any basis? The Shah Alam cow-head oafs and the church arson indicate, yes. The fact that the Mazu ‘Goddess of the Sea’ statue cannot be erected in Kudat, Sabah shows there is no level playing field.

    Without any fair play, the conduct of the game then hinges on ‘toleration’, that is, the extent to which fundamentalist Muslims can tolerate the notion of pluralism in the matter of religious verities. Reciprocally, at what point would Muslim insistence on Islam as the sole divine truth make life too intolerable for the dhimmi?

    Reaching breaking point

    If I were to do some storekeeping, what’s ‘mine’ as non-Malay, non-Muslim is very scant. Small roadside shrines constructed under trees, faux churches in shoplots or looking like factory buildings and YMCA complexes (the rebuilt and recent completed Metro Tabernacle church is one example), temples in terrace houses. What’s ‘yours’ is magnificent and everywhere.

    Not only do ‘you’ get free public expression of Islam, you also receive overflowing public funds. I needn’t delve into details; it’s not like most people don’t already know.

    To further my football analogy, let’s take the junior league. One aspect of our religious NEP is the restriction on non-Muslim fellowship in schools. Conversely, there is no restriction on Kelab Islam.

    Banning non-Muslim religious societies is like forbidding the stepchildren from being taught football and depriving them of footie practice in the school field.

    While other religions are kept off the timetable, Islamic Studies is an integral component of the syllabus. It is mandatory for Malay students to take the paper in public exams.

    In some schools, doa (Muslim prayer) is recited weekly during assembly. However, if a Christian, Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist prayer were ever recited in a gathering where Malay pupils are present, there will be uproar.

    In some former mission schools (now become national school), crosses and icons of Virgin Mary and other saints have been removed by the new principals. And perhaps chapels closed down too. There have been incidents of teachers confiscating crucifixes and other religious symbols worn by pupils.

    Why do you think that more than 90 percent of Chinese parents see no choice but to shield their children from the sekolah kebangsaan system? If I were a mother, I would never wish to subject my vulnerable child to a bellicose environment where my race, and the traditions and faith beliefs I’ve imparted to my son or daughter are disparaged.

    In national school, even should my offspring be lucky enough to dodge any active proselytization, there is not escaping the Islamized climate that favours one party and discriminates against the other.

    If you try to tell a Malay about another religion other than the one he was born into, you are guilty of a crime punishable with jail. Christian literature is required by law to carry a disclaimer ‘for non-Muslims only’. The Muslim is perfectly free to persuade you that his religion is best. You’re hard pressed to rebut, particularly when – for instance – the bible cannot be published and printed in the national language locally.

    When you try bringing imported religious material through customs, these Christian CDs and bibles in Bahasa Indonesia are confiscated. Books on comparative religion are banned, even Karen Armstrong’s innocuous ‘The History of God’.

    Where are we headed?

    Circulars issued by the Education Departments and directives interpreted (if not further extended in scope) by Little Napoleons result in the alienation of non-Muslim pupils. Were the controversies in the Klang High School, and other schools in other states merely isolated episodes? I’m more inclined to see a determined NEP pattern arising from the powerful institutional forces of Islam at work.

    There have been children who were converted during their schooldays. The Susie Teoh case was one that made legal history. Susie was formally instructed in Islam without the knowledge and consent of her father. The authorities made her a ward of the state until she was almost of age to legally convert to Islam. Another case is S Banggarma converted as in child in an orphanage.

    Ahmed Burhan Tee Abdullah, who is the younger brother of controversial Utusan columnist Ridhuan Tee, gave an illuminating account of his introduction to Islam in a ‘Bicara Agama’ column of the same newspaper. There was no compulsion insofar as Burhan was concerned; it was his own heart’s desire.

    Nonetheless, some points crop up in hearing Burhan’s narrative. He recalled how the ustaz in his school was able to answer “clearly and logically” the questions posed by him as a child whereas to his disappointment, Mr and Mrs Tee failed to satisfactorily explain the significance of religious rituals inherited and practiced by the Chinese.

    Granted we are not acquainted with the Tee family faith practices. But taking a more general view, can you fault Chinese or Indian or Orang Asli for not being able to provide adequate spiritual guidance to their children when they themselves are religiously oppressed by the state?

    On the one hand, Islamisation pervades every cubic inch of air we breathe in Malaysia.

    On the other hand, other religions are suppressed. One infamous incident occurred in 2004 at Christmas where the Selangor Sultan and assorted cabinet ministers were invited guests. At this official function, hymns mentioning Jesus could not be sung.

    A person like Lina Joy cannot safely reside in Malaysia. A youth bearing the name Ali bin Bakar on his Mykad made front page news in a national paper because he is Buddhist – such a shocking, sensational revelation!

    Those who can among the minorities have elected to emigrate rather than challenge the NEP. The pro-Malay policy that was to have ended in 1990 is prolonged under various guises and set to continue into the distant future.

    It will be the same for religion. NEP yielded Ketuanan Melayu; NEP phase II yields Ketuanan Islam. For its poster boy, Ridhuan Tee is the face. But look too at the state sanctioned structures and processes that facilitate the creation of such a convert.

    Converts are even paid money by the state when they embrace Islam. When a ‘victory’ or human souls are won by NEP-like means, how honorable is that? cpiasia.

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – Two elite groups – the Wealthy, the Religious collude to dominate M'sia.

    Quote Originally Posted by pywong View Post
    The UMNO War Machine

    This is the mental model (more definitions of mental model here & here)

    Amendment: UMNO Rebels added

    Amendment: Tentera Wataniah added under VII Militias
    This article is describing in more detail one of the elements of Part IV - The Propaganda Depts: Religious depts.

    Two elite groups – the Wealthy, the Religious collude to dominate M'sia
    Written by Pak Sako
    Thursday, 19 August 2010 12:41

    In a criticism of the MCA president’s recent statements about Islam in Malaysia, a Malaysian blog (Sakmongkol) made the claim that ‘Umno stands for moderation’.

    This claim can be disputed.

    It can be disputed by showing that the state of Malaysia’s political and economic democracy, as well as religious orientation, is affected by the dominance of two elite groups, not one as is commonly assumed.

    For simplicity we shall refer to them as X and Y.

    X is the corporate, political/bureaucratic and aristocratic clique. This group is the more familiar of the two. Its constituents are here conflated into one since they normally have secular characteristics and similar goals (wealth accumulation and the perpetuation of their social positions). They also operate in a highly mutualistic manner.

    Y, the less obvious elite, is made up of select religious conservatives holding various top bureaucratic positions. The ascendency of this religious element resulted from their cultivation by group X. This was done to outdo the rise of religious political rivalry without X having to abandon its appearance, at least, of secularity or moderation (see here and here). Some might call this strategy a form of ‘outsourcing’ (the process of contracting a job to a third-party).

    Having sufficient power, funding and community compliance, Y is able to stand on its own, and it too seeks to perpetuate its position and deference by society. A testable hypothesis would be whether there could be an indoctrination element or effect in the process of Y espousing its official functions, similar to that of the controversial Biro Tatanegara programme.

    Y is served by religious departments such as JAIS, JAIP and Jakim. Some of these departments attracted international attention in the case of the caning of Muslim women. It is debatable whether such actions can be regarded moderate.

    Scratching each other’s back

    Although descriptively distinct, X and Y interact. They support each other’s incumbency and overlook each other’s disgraces in the interest of maintaining and furthering collective hegemony.

    As X relies on Y’s authority, Y for its viability also has interest in X’s political agenda. Examples of the latter would be Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria's solicitation of PAS to join forces with Umno for Malay unity and his statement that a ‘new Constitution’ is being drafted to replace the present federal constitution of Malaysia.

    In all of this, X and Y manoeuvre delicately to paint a picture of separateness in the public’s perception (see, e.g., here). cpiasia.

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – Control the Vote Bank by Keeping them weak and stupid - anecdotes.

    We cannot cheat nature. Eventually, there will be a price to all this when we keep on taking without giving back. And the ignorant will pay the price. Observe it in the US and watch how it unravels into a 3rd World.

    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    The One & Only Problem In Malaysia

    By Syed Akbar Ali

    Here is another story. A friend who comments often on this Blog, went to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to register a new persatuan. They asked him to fill all the forms, chop & sign everything, attach photocopies of IC, etc. Then he was told to drop off the application into a hole set up at the counter at the ROS. There was no “acknowledged received” etc. When he asked for an acknowledgement, the ‘don’t disturb me’ guy working at the counter said, “this is the new system, no need for acknowledgement, we will send you a letter. You can go now”.

    So he went back and waited, for two months. Nothing happened. So he went back and asked them what happened. The same ‘don’t disturb me’ guy said they had no record of receiving any such application. So my friend flew into a tantrum and started yelling. So they said, ‘please fill up another set of borang, do the photocopies again and give it to us and we promise to get it done in two weeks. My friend yelled again, ‘you mean you must first lose my application, I must wait two months, then I come and beg and now you will process my application in two weeks?’

    So this is what is happening over the counter at our Government departments. How do you fix this? Why not just follow how they do this in Finland, Iceland, North Korea, Singapore or maybe even in Ali Rustam’s Melaka? Apa susah sangat? If lets say in Melaka or Singapore they can get this done in 48 hours, why not we just follow them? Apa susah sangat?

    Or maybe someone can tell the wife of the Prime Minister? So that she may tell her husband. I heard that is a quicker method of getting things done nowadays.

    We will become worse than Zimbabwe in double quick time if we do not speed up the Government delivery system. And where is Pemandu & Pemudah? (do you realize that pemandu & pemudah rhymes with hisap candu & hisap dadah?)

    Here is another story. My son and his college friends went to Pulau Ketam to take pictures and make some sketches of the place. They took the last commuter train back from the Klang Commuter station. It was the last train but the ticket counter was closed. So everyone (about 30 people) lined up at the ticket vending machine, which accepts coins. So everyone began running around looking for coins. Then they found out the machine was rosak – it would spit out all the coins. There were two uniformed KTM guys lepak-ing at the turnstiles. So naturally everyone went to the two guys and asked for help. The guys just said, ‘kena beratur, cuba mesin sekali lagi’. This went on for sometime (the train had not arrived either). Finally the boys called up another friend who picked them up by car. The fate of the remaining 30 passengers is not known. How did they get home that night. Did they just board the train without tickets? What system is this? Where are Pemandu and Pemudah? (it still rhymes with hisap candu & hisap dadah)

    These things happen in our country everyday. I can safely say that this is the general state of the type of counter service at Government departments in our country. The exception being the Passport counter at the Immigration Department and some Government hospitals which provide excellent service. Biar saya ucapkan tahniah dan ribuan terima kasih. But minus these exceptions, overall it is not good. What are we doing to improve this situation? Shall we hire more “con”-sultans? Pemandu, Pemudah?

    The same thing happens in the private sector. My other son and his friends went for lunch at a steak restaurant in Kuantan. They asked for ‘black pepper’. The girl looked puzzled, smiled and disappeared. After a while she came back with a newspaper. She thought they wanted the ‘paper’. So they explained again ‘saya nak lada hitam’. Again she disappeared for some time. A while later she came back with a small bowl of cut ‘cili padi in black kicap’.

    The boys then started using hand gestures to explain the salt and pepper shaker. Finally the girl understood and reached behind a counter and got the pepper shaker. I have been to that same restaurant and the Bangla boys who also work there are exactly on the dot when taking orders and when you ask them for anything.

    Here is another example. I once walked into a hardware shop to buy some ‘kayu panjang’ to string up some plants in our garden. I picked up about half a dozen pieces of the kayu which was quite long and would not fit into my Ford 4WD. So I asked them to cut the ‘kayu panjang’. There was a young boy there (possibly an SPM holder) and I told him ‘adik tolong potong bagi dua, sama panjang’. He had a Black & Decker power saw, a measuring tape, pencil, ruler everything (it was a hardware shop lah). I left him to cut the wood into two pieces and went to get nails etc. When I came back about ten minutes later he had cut the wood pieces into two, but all of unequal lengths. No two pieces were of the same length, some were as much as six inches off. When I asked him, he said he did cut the wood ‘sama panjang’ !

    Folks here is another example. I go for walks sometimes at the Lake Gardens. Since I don’t wear a watch, often I ask someone for the time. I have noticed that when I ask the time from people who are wearing watches with hands (non digital) they often have problem telling the time quickly. Too many times I have heard them say ‘jam saya rosak’. They just cant tell the time fast enough. They cannot do the multiplication fast enough to say it is 6:35pm or 6:47pm. Only those wearing digital watches tell the time quickly. If you don’t believe me, try this experiment yourself. I am not kidding.

    Here is another example. The air conditioning guys came to fix an air conditioner. They had to fix an exit pipe for the water to drip. They fixed the exit pipe sloping upward (instead of downward). Of course water cannot run uphill. My wife spotted the mistake and had to tell them to reposition the exit pipe so that the water could drain off. This took extra time and work (and money). You can lose your business if you make mistakes like that. But the boss is my friend so I keep going back to them, against my wife’s advice.

    Once we renovated the bathroom. The contractor I called took about two months to complete the job. The kitchen area near the bathroom was a mess for two months. My wife was at her wits end. The guy I hired kept disappearing to his kampong. Although I paid him cash advances he did not pay his workers and he also did not buy the materials from the hardware shop (cement, bricks etc). I ended up supplying lunch for the workers so that at least they could work.

    When we want to make renovations in our shop, I call my Chinese contractor. He charges top dollar but the work gets done and it is good. And he works overnite (until 4 am in the morning) because we have to open the shop for business by 10 am.

    An elderly friend sent his old car to the workshop for some repair. The car did not come back for three months. The mechanic had to balik kampong, jatuh sakit, cuti and all kinds of excuses. If you take the car to the Chinaman mechanic, he will tell you almost exactly what time he will get it done, then he will call you and say ‘Boss, kereta sudah siap. Saya tutup pukul tujuh malam. Tolong mari ambil kereta’.

    Both are equally competent in their technical skills. What makes the difference? The difference is in the the attitude. Why is the attitude so different? Is it because of the culture? Is it because of the religion? Has anyone done an objective study? We really have to think this through carefully. Because herein lies the real problem and hence the real solution for this country.

    This is the general level of competence of our people everywhere. But please be aware, not all kids are like this. Budak Cina berumur 18 tahun pun berbeza sekali. Jadi apa bezanya? Ataupun kenapa depa beza sangat? Why don’t we really seriously study and make comparisons and make a real attempt at finding out what produces these “racial stereotypes”? Anyone who says there is no such thing as “racial stereotyping” is a dunggu. If you think otherwise don’t bother sending your comments here. Buang masa saja.

    Most of the people I am talking about above here are school leavers, meaning SPM holders. But among them there are also STPM and Diploma holders. And also increasingly degree holders. And lets be frank, these are mostly Malay kids ok. Budak-budak kita. Please don’t take these examples lightly. What I am describing here are actually “poverty manufacturing issues”. This is how poverty is manufactured. This is how we become poor. When the general level of competence of our population at large is just so incompetent, we become poor. And we remain poor.

    The vast majority of our future generation are SPM holders. Many are also PMR holders. But let us not get too excited with our SPM holders ok. One man who has been marking the SPM exam papers says that the passing marks for SPM Matematik can be as low as 15 marks !!!! This is really shocking. 15 markah saja boleh lulus Matematik SPM !

    Can our YBs raise this matter when the Parliament Session starts in October. Ask the Minister of Education to give exact details about the minimum passing marks for all SPM subjects. Also ask what are the minimum marks for our SPM students to get an A? Lets be transparent. No hiding information. I think the situation is very, very bad. How else do you think the kids can score 17As, 15As or 12As? When I did the MCE (Malaysian Certificate of Education) in 1977, we were told that an A1 was 90 marks and above. A2 was 80 to 90 marks. Out of eight subjects I got 5As in Physics, Mathematics, two English subjects and Geography. Although I have not studied Geography any further until today I can recall what I learnt in Form 5 Geography. But nowadays the kids can get 17As in a jiffy because they only need 15 marks to pass Mathematics.

    Folks, who are we trying to fool? Ourselves? What for? Dan yang ramai sekali terlibat kesan negative “markah rendah” ini penuntut Melayu. Why? Because they are the majority lah. 65% - 70% of our population is Malay. In some Government schools, 98% - 100% of students are Malay. These are demographic realities. You cannot run away from facts.

    I don’t think I am too far off if I say that this is the general level of competence of our people. This is 2010. 50 years ago, there may not have been steak joints or DIY hardware shops in the country. But the world is just so super duper changing all the time. If we cannot keep up, we will become poor. I have blogged about Universal Studios in Singapore. They employ so few people for such a large outfit. Most of the kids there are school leavers too – ‘O’ Level holders from Singapore or SPM holders from Johore. Yet they run the place, they can answer almost any question pertaining to their job and more. In Korea, the young people manning their shops, hotels, counters etc are not only well informed but they jump out to serve you. That is why their country is getting wealthier and wealthier.

    And talking about our university graduates, only about 2% - 4% of our population is educated above high school (degree and diploma holders). This includes all races. Kalau tolak non Malays, Melayu degree holders lagi sikit. This ‘drop in the ocean’ is the average for most countries, including the US.

    In Sweden (not only one of the highest per capita income countries in the world but also a country where crime is low, corruption is less, where neighbours are decent and people are more human) they have achieved 30% of population with tertiary education. We must aspire for the same too. But it must be a quality university education.

    Our university graduates often cannot even write a sentence properly – in any language. And please forget about their English skills. If the Government and the GLCs don’t hire them, many bumiputra graduates will not have a job at all. They are “unemployable”. The same is not true of our non bumiputra graduates. Non bumiputras graduating from UKM or UM can straight away get jobs even overseas in Hong Kong, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Singapore and elsewhere. They read the same text books, are taught by the same lecturers and even eat the same campus food. What makes the difference?

    Yesterday I heard something else. The IT department of one GLC does not hire bumiputra graduates for some IT jobs. The graduates think they are too clever and they refuse to read or be trained for new skills like learning Java. So the GLC hires bumiputra SPM leavers who are more willing to be trained on Java. And they serve the GLC sufficiently well for its Java language programming purposes.

    To digress, it makes no difference whether it is UMNO, PAS, BN or Pakatan that rules the nation. That is oversimplifying the matter. Do you think that if PAS becomes the Government tomorrow, my air cond guy will stop making mistakes in fixing the drip pipe? Or the Malay renovation contractor will work until 5 am to finish my shop renovation? Or that the young kid in that hardware shop will do a better job of ‘potong bagi dua, sama panjang’? That is not going to happen anytime soon folks. Please wake up. Please grow up too. The problems are a bit more deep rooted than that. All the problems that we are facing can be summarized into just a few words : the Malays must compete. Meaning the Malays cannot yet compete in sufficient quantity.

    Then someone should make a survey of the number of Malay versus non Malay university graduates who ‘berhenti kerja’ from their first job. I knew too many friends who would quit their jobs at the drop of a hat. I recall one bank pleading with its new bumiputra recruits, ‘please work for us for at least five years, and get your feet really wet before you want to move on to another job’. The five graduates in that group all left within just one year.

    Even Dr Mahathir complained that he spent tons of money to train a Malay bakery chef to run his bread business (The Loaf). The guy quit too. This is an attitude problem. This problem has to be solved. It does not require a billion Ringgit of modal, crony contracts, monopoly projects, APs or monopoly licenses. Its just an attitude problem.

    Then I know of business people who have become ‘kaya sikit’, and then they don’t serve their customers well anymore. When they serve you, it is as though they are doing you a favour. In the kedai emas business, I knew one Kedai Emas Kelantan in Pantai Dalam who handled only Kelantanese customers. That’s what his non Kelantanese customers complained to me so often. He would also close shop often and disappear. Not long after his business closed down.

    Another kedai emas usahawan also opened her shop irregularly. Her timing was also off, she would open shop late (3 or 4 pm) and close at 9pm. Latest I heard from some of her customers is that she is also closing down.

    Then there is the “ponteng kerja” problem. Even after 12 years of running our business, every morning we must do a roll call because the staff that we hire can go AWOL at anytime. Its an endless series of ‘ada siapa tak datang kerja hari ini’. I am not the only complainant here. Young Malay kids just don’t realize the importance of going to work everyday and building up tenure or racking up the experience. They don’t think beyond tomorrow.

    Just yesterday, a young girl whom we were training to become an executive quit. After more than a year she is leaving for a yet to be defined job somewhere else. Why? No answer. She was unhappy too and cried. Further digging revealed family issues etc. Pening kepala saya.

    Another girl we had moulded for seven years from the age of 18 to become a manager (she can run the business all by herself) just quit on us a few years ago, giving us 24 hours notice. Why? Suami suruh ikut. Ikut pergi mana? Pergi ke Johor. Pasal? Dia dapat kerja baru. ‘Ok’ we thought. Then two weeks later she came back to KL. There was no job for the suami in Johor. Feeling segan she did not come back to us. Until half a year had passed. Then she came back. Then things were fine for another couple of years. Then she quit again this year to take care of her young kids. But at least by now, she is 26, she is a fully capable business manager. She still helps us out from time to time. But these kids don’t sustain. There is always this ‘ada hal’ issue.

    Then there is the ‘cuti’ problem. We always lose staff over long holidays. Over the Hari Raya holidays, there are always staff who balik kampong and go AWOL for two weeks or one month after Raya. They most certainly lose their jobs. Which employer is going to wait for them to finish their AWOL. But they don’t seem to worry too much. They don’t really look beyond today at their future. The cuti is more important.

    They always get side tracked from the real issues at hand. The contractor guy whom I hired to renovate my bathroom just had this never ending ‘saya ada hal di kampong’ problem. He was a breadwinner so he was constantly being asked to ‘balik kejap’. But the nature of his contracting job determined that if he was not at the work site, he would lose his business. Which he did eventually. He was never dependable – the most important criteria for anyone wanting to survive in any business be it contracting, kedai emas or a private doctor. If your customers cannot rely on you, cannot depend on you, cannot be sure if you will be around tomorrow then they will not come back to you. People will say ‘tak boleh harap’.

    Other than ‘ada hal’ issues (which usually means family matters, ‘kena balik kejap’ etc) sometimes people also disappear to ‘lawat kawan sakit’ or ‘jiran saya masuk hospital’. And they can be absent for two days. Then there are the “big time” disappearances like ‘dah pi umrah’ or sometimes ‘dia sudah pergi tabligh’. Folks I am NOT making this up. The ‘sudah pergi tabligh’ is a very nice young man who makes roti canai in a mamak joint in Masjid India. This young man’s fast hands make roti canai for about two hundred people a day – dia punya pahala lagi banyak daripada air Sungai Kelang – believe me. But he disappears on tabligh for months. He has a wife and young baby daughter – who also wears a mini tudung for babies !!

    Each time he disappears on tabligh, his mamak boss has to find a stand in. But how is this young man, who is very capable, pleasant and talented ever going to run his own business and be the Tuan that he should be in his own tanahair if he drops everything and disappears on tabligh for months at a time? Who is going to feed his family? More importantly his customers will go elsewhere. Bukan susah nak buat roti canai pun.

    Ini pun kita masih main kat tepi saja. We have not talked about how to price products, marketing strategies, promotions, hiring and training staff, branding our business, creating a niche, keeping up with the competition, etc etc etc – the million things about the actual running of any business.

    So the usual complaint that the Malays “tak cukup modal nak buka niaga” is not the reason anymore. There is enough modal. The Government has been dumping billions and billions into the NEP since 1970. My wife and I started our jewellery business 12 years ago with just RM50,000 without any help from anyone. That includes shop renovation. Our opening stock was just about RM25,000 then. And the non Malays too can start business with little capital.

    The issue is not modal. Neither is it not enough university graduates or not enough higher education. The issue is not UMNO or BN or PAS or Pakatan either. The issue is one of attitude, commitment, culture and religion. We have to make serious changes here – and we have to do it yesterday. We don’t have time.

    Why? Because the rest of the world (and the non Malays) are moving ahead at light speed. And wealth is relative. Relative to your neighbor. If your neighbour’s child who goes to the same school, reads the same books, eats the same roti canai and goes to the same university can get a job in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore or anywhere in the world or run a business successfully but your child can only get a job with the Government or with a GLC, then your neighbor is moving ahead very far and fast. We are not. The jurang perbezaan is going to worsen. This will be the case no matter who is in power.

    I personally believe that if the PAS or Pakatan come to power the Malays will be left even further behind. Look at Kelantan. What has 25 years of PAS rule done for them? All those people who say that ‘orang Kelantan kaya’ are delusional. Much of the money in Kelantan comes from tom yam stall remittances in Kuala Lumpur. Kelantan is undoubtedly the “kereta 2nd hand” capital of Malaysia. All sorts of old junk cars can be found there. If you collect old Mercedes Benz cars, you can buy spare parts for them anytime in Kota Bharu. It’s the “old car” capital of Malaysia. People there are poor.

    This is the only problem in Malaysia. The Malays cannot yet compete. We have to figure out quickly how to make them compete. Modal, university education, project, kontrak, peluang niaga etc are available aplenty. What we do not have in plenty is the work ethic and the attitude. That is the only part that is missing.

    But I most definitely and convincingly believe that we can make a paradigm shift, we can make a complete transformation of all our capabilities within just one lifetime. 15 years is enough time to completely revamp this country. Even 10 years is enough to completely change the Malays. But we must make the right decisions. It is easy. Just get rid of the ‘not useful’ things and increase the ‘more useful’ things in our country. We must be brave. We need brave leaders who are not afraid. We need a cultural, religious and social transformation of the Malays so that they can compete. I really believe this can be done. To me it is quite clear what we must do.

    The formula is simple : it involves religion (aka conformity), science, technology, culture, the right language (English) and most important of all modernizing our thinking. We need much more of some and much less of the others. If we don’t tackle this in a hurry, then we better learn to say “Mangwanani Livukenjani.” According to a phrasebook I found on the Net, it means ‘Good Morning’ in Zimbabwe. If we don’t get our act together, our grandkids may need to migrate to Zimbabwe to work in their golf courses or something. “Fambai zvakanaka Uhambe kuhle” - that means ‘good bye’. (Their language is not efficient in words too). syedsoutsidethebox.

    Posted by Syed Akbar Ali at 6:07:00 PM

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – Control the Vote Bank by Keeping them weak and stupid - anecdotes.

    Quote Originally Posted by pywong View Post
    The One & Only Problem In Malaysia By Syed Akbar Ali

    Syed Akbar Ali thinks it is an attitude problem. Raja Petra thinks it has got to do with psychological warfare through the manipulation of religion.

    It is actually more than that. To visualize, think of the Matrix movie, how a computer chip is embedded in human beings to keep them sedated. In real life, UMNO has embedded the poison of racial hatred and religious extremism into the Malay minds. Mix in a potent brew of jealousy, fear, greed, financial ignorance, half-baked historical "truths", arrogance and occasional outright stupidity, you have got a real mess.

    You want to see a different Malay? Go to South Africa. Talk to the Cape Malays. They are as capable as the next entrepreneur, very similar to the Kelantanese women, except much better.

    It is not enough to talk about problems. We have to address the solutions.

    The solution is inside the Malays' heads. They must want to get out of the Rat Race Trap. They must wake up to the dangers facing them through UMNO's malevolent designs. Nature does not allow anomalies to her law "Survival of the fittest" for too long. Eventually, she will take action. And the results may not be pleasant.

    Bottom line: No one owes us a living. If we don't live by that principle, eventually we will pay the price. We are seeing it in real-time in the US right now.

    Dear Syed Akbar Ali


    Monday, 20 September 2010 Super Admin

    Yes, Syed, I agree with you that the Malays need help. But it is not the kind of help that you are thinking about. The help the Malays need is to help them free their minds from outdated religious superstition and from the belief in folklore and myths, which they have accepted as the indisputable word of God.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    I have been following your latest two articles:

    1. The One & Only Problem In Malaysia

    2. Concluding "The One & Only Problem In Malaysia"

    In fact, I have linked Malaysia Today to your first article, which I hope has resulted in some extra traffic for you.

    Before I go into what I want to talk to you about, allow me to digress a bit. I am in the midst of reading two new books I just picked up last week. The graphics of the book jacket can be viewed below. I really need not stress that these two books are most controversial by any standards but I thought they may be of interest to you knowing that you are also a writer of controversial books and articles (plus you support controversial people like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad).

    I suppose in that sense that makes us almost like two peas in the same pod.

    It’s been a long time since we sat down to discuss the issue of Islam, the Muslims and the Malays, which once used to take up hours of our time in debate and discussion. I must admit I miss those marathon sessions where we used to tear everything to pieces. Five hundred years ago you and I would have been burned alive at the stake as deviants, heretics, and apostates who have committed blasphemy.

    Anyway, one man’s blasphemy is another man’s science discovery. Was not Galileo Galilei almost 400 years ago in 1616 condemned by the church because he believed that the earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around? Thereafter he spent ten years under house arrest until his death in 1642.

    It was not until 31 October 1992 that Pope John Paul II expressed regret for how the Galileo affair was handled, and issued a declaration acknowledging the errors committed by the Catholic Church tribunal that judged the scientific positions of Galileo Galilei. However, it was not until another 16 years in March 2008 that the Vatican proposed to complete its rehabilitation of Galileo.

    So you see, Syed, even one of the greatest scientists in history suffered religious persecution because of the ignorance and narrow-mindedness of the so-called people of the cloth or religionists. And that is why I suggested you read the two books below because a lot of myths and superstition in religions can be rebutted by science.

    Some people view any attack on religious bigotry, superstitious and folklore as an attack on religion or an attack on God Himself. This has always been the modus operandi of those who are at a loss in defending their beliefs. When they lose a debate then they start throwing verbal abuse at you and label you with all sorts of things.

    Dr Mahathir himself has argued some points regarding issues such as the authenticity of some of the Hadith. I personally heard Dr Mahathir say that the Hadith should be reviewed (not rejected) and only those that are suspect should be rejected. You have said almost the same thing and what happens? People start labelling you as anti-Hadith.

    Why anti-Hadith? Why not pro-Quran? The word anti is negative while pro is positive. So they use anti to make you look negative rather than pro, which will make you look positive.

    I know that many Muslims will argue that the Quran alone is not enough because many things are not mentioned in the Quran. Furthermore, they argue, we need the Hadith to explain the Quran because otherwise we would not understand the Quran.

    Okay, there are many things wrong with this argument. First of all, only about 30% or so of the Quran is explained by the Hadith. If we need the Hadith to understand the Quran and if we would never be able to understand the Quran without the help of Hadith does this therefore mean we will never be able to understand 70% of the Quran since there are no Hadith to explain them?

    Secondly, the Quran is supposed to be complete, according to the Muslim belief. But if it is only complete when read alongside the Hadith and would be lacking otherwise would this not rip to shreds the belief that the Quran is already complete?

    I know that the Hadith argument can never be settled till the end of time. The fact that some accept 7,000 Hadith, others accept only 500, and others reject all the Hadith totally means that Muslims will always be divided on the matter. And the fact that originally there were about 700,000 Hadith and now have been reduced to 1% or 0.1% of the original tally means that close to 99% of the Hadith are classified as either false or suspect.

    Anyway, my purpose today is not to discuss this matter although God only knows we have spent probably hundreds of hours discussing it in the past. What I want to address is your two recent articles.

    As you and I both have already summarised, Malays and Islam just can’t be separated. They come in a package. Therefore, to reform the Malay mind, as many, even those in Umno, would like to see we must first address the religious understanding of the Malays.

    Let me offer you one example. Most Malays would never eat pork. In fact, if you invite them for dinner and you have a roast suckling pig in the middle of the table they would get most offended.

    However, if you have bottles of wine, beer, whisky, brandy, etc. on the table they would not mind. Just make sure there is no roast suckling pig. The liquor is okay. Many Malays would even join you for a drink. A bit of wine, a glass of beer, or a peg or two of hard liquor is not a problem. But please, no pork.

    Why do Malays foam at the mouth and get extremely upset when you ‘show them no respect’ by serving pork? But why do they not show the same unhappiness when it comes to spirits? And why would they not allow a morsel of haram meat (even beef or chicken not ‘properly’ slaughtered) to touch their lips but have no problem downing gallons of beer, wine and whatnot?

    So you see, the Malay mind is very complex and not easy to understand. And to qualify as Malay you must also be Muslim. A Christian Malay is not a Malay. So when race, culture and religion are one and the same then to change the Malay mind you must first change their mindset about Islam.

    I really do not want to delve into all the various examples. We have been down that road before and whatever I may say would be just repeating myself. But then how best to describe Malays viz-a-viz the other races? Even Dr Mahathir lamented as to why the Malays can’t be more like the Chinese. And before the Hindraf people start accusing me of being a racist I had better mention the Indians as well.

    I suppose we can sum it up as follows.

    The Chinese do not stop to think about God too much. They just go out and make money and once a year during Chinese New Year they devote to God. That is why the Chinese are successful, economically at least.

    The Indians appeal to God every day but God Samy Vellu just enriches himself, his friends and his family and ignores the Indian community. But the Indians do not appear to see that God helps those who help themselves. You can’t expect others to help you. If India maintained that same level of thinking as the Malaysian Indians then India would probably still be a British colony until today.

    The Malays know that praying alone does not help (they need to help themselves) so they go out and steal all the money (help themselves to the taxpayers’ funds) and then fly off to Mekah to pray for forgiveness and then come home to enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

    Basically, the Chinese look after themselves. The Indians want their hands to be held. And the Malays live by the principle that the ends justify the means just as long as you repent later and pray for forgiveness just before you die and leave this world. In fact, the closer to the point of death the better because repenting and asking for forgiveness too early in life would mean you run the risk of repeating your sins and therefore would have to go through the entire repentance process all over again.

    Therefore, Syed, understanding the Malay mind, how do you honestly propose to, as you said, help the Malays? You lament that no one is talking about how to help the Malays. My question is: can the Malays be helped unless they change their mindset as to what is right and what is wrong?

    That, Syed, is the crux to the whole matter. We need a mental revolution. We need a Muslim Martin Luther to nail his reform proposal to the door of the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur. But when the Malays are embroiled in debates about whether ‘dirty’ Malaysian Chinese should be allowed into the mosque seeing that they are opposition supporters while the rule should not apply to Taiwanese Chinese since they are tourists do you really want to waste your time by attempting to engage the Malays?

    Yes, Syed, I agree with you that the Malays need help. But it is not the kind of help that you are thinking about. The help the Malays need is to help them free their minds from outdated religious superstition and from the belief in folklore and myths, which they have accepted as the indisputable word of God. Malaysia-today....


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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: UMNO and Population Engineering

    This is part of UMNO's long-term plan to drive Malaysia to the level of Myanmar where there is no more opposition and government rule by force and fear.

    Very insightful analysis by Steadyaku's Hussein Hamid.

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    UMNO and Population Engineering

    Since 1957 UMNO has effectively carried out the population engineering of our country to ensure its long-term survival by creating the myth of a two pronged “Ketuanan Melayu”. “Ketuanan Melayu” for the Malay masses who are lull into a feeling of being superior over the non-Malays because of their numbers and “Ketuanan Melayu” for the UMNO Malay political elites through the accumulation of massive material wealth for themselves and their cronies. And while UMNO has failed by almost any measure you chose to gauge them – good governance or morality – without question they have succeeded too well in the engineering of the population of this country of ours.

    The duplicity of UMNO in proclaiming Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara while all the while undertaking a relentless program to whittle down the numbers of the non-Malays through very precise and focused initiatives is breath taking in its effectiveness!

    Consider this:

    In 1957:
    – 45% of the population was Chinese.
    – 12% of the population was Indians.
    In 2010
    – 25% of the population is Chinese.
    – 7% of the population is Indians.
    Over 600,000 Chinese and Indian Malaysians with red IC were rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship and possibly 60% of them had passed away due to old age.

    Since 1957:
    – 2 million Chinese have emigrated.
    – 0.5 million Indians have also emigrated overseas.
    – 3 million Indonesians migrated to Malaysia to become Malaysian citizens with Bumiputra status.
    Now the non-Malays are well aware of this tinkering and engineering of our population and it would do us Malays no good to say that it was UMNO doing and that we had no hand in what happened. As a Malay I was then comfortable that UMNO was the dominant partner in the Barisan Nasional.

    It was comforting to know that Malays controlled four of the five major banks.
    Education? Between 1968 to 2000:

    – 48 Chinese Primary Schools closed down.
    – 144 Indian Primary Schools closed down.
    – 2637 Malay Primary Schools were built.
    Of the total government budget for these schools 2.5% were for the Chinese Primary Schools, 1% for the Indian Primary School and 96.5% for the Malay Primary School.

    Petronas Petrol Stations? Of the 2000 station the Malays owned 99%.
    Yes we Malays were indeed in control. In control of what?

    We were in control of the all the business licenses and permits for Taxis and Approved Permits.

    We were in control of Government contracts of which 95% were given to Malays.

    We were in control of the Rice Trade through Bernas that bought over 80% of Chinese Rice Millers in Kedah.

    We were in control of UMBC, MISC and Southern Bank – all previously owned by Chinese.

    We were in control of bus companies. Throughout Malaysia MARA buses could be seen plying all the routes. Non-Malays were simply displaced by having their application for bus routes and for new buses rejected.

    Every new housing estate being built had a mosque or a surau. None, I repeat “no” temples or churches were built for any housing estate!
    So why with control over all these highly visible entities and business opportunities are the Malays still unable to stand tall and with pride over and above the non-Malays? We are unable to so do because it was not the Malays that benefited from these opportunities

    - UMNO did.

    Why must UMNO constantly harped about the need to spoon feed the Malays – about ketuanan Melayu when it is already in place and about Bumiputra status and all the privileges and rights that goes with that status?

    And as a Malay I want to ask the non-Malays why you still chose to live in a country whose government has by its actions and deeds done whatever it could to make you not feel welcomed? The non-Malay I know have all told me the same thing – Malaysia is their country – they know of no other country they can call their own. And so they stay and put up with the abuses.

    The difference now is that there are enough Malays who are shamed by the antics of this Malay political organization call UMNO. There are enough Malays to tell the non-Malays that we feel your pain. We understand your frustrations and despair at not being treated as equals in a country you call your own. And enough non-Malay has migrated abroad to cause our country to understand that their loss is another’s country gain. A loss, which our country can ill afford to sustain.

    And more important all these ground swell of disgust and contempt at UMNO has manifested itself in a way these political idiots understand – losing our votes in the 12th General Elections. Amen for that.

    And so we wait for the 13th General Election which we hope will dish out the relevant karma for UMNO and its Barisan Nasional partners. Meantime understand what they have done to us all – not only the non-Malays but also to the Malays and do not allow Barisan Nasional to play the race card and start their divide and rule antics on us anymore. You are one with me we are two. hussein hamid.

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: BTN – a Frankestein gone berserk

    BTN – a Frankestein gone berserk

    Tue, 05 Oct 2010 10:35

    NEW The Biro Tata Negara (BTN) or National Civics Bureau has been hogging the limelight lately for all the wrong reasons. Ostensbily created for the purpose of fostering patriotism and “commitment to excellence”, the BTN has become an incubator of bigotry and intolerance. It turned out to be nothing more than “communal brainwashing” and is anything but civic. It started off as an obscure agency in 1974 with an innocuous-sounding name: Youth Research Unit. It mutated into BTN at the time when Mahathir Mohamad had just assumed power. And unbeknown to the public, the devils in the BTN had been subtlely and at times blatantly poisoning the minds of scholars, public servants, university students and youths sent there for training in the past quarter of a century.

    For decades, BTN had been training and producing “graduates” to become future leaders who would come out well-rounded intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. The courses they studied had noble objectives: enhancing patriotism, strengthening self-reliance, building character and discipline, promoting excellent work ethics, and fostering a spirit of camaraderie “regardless of race”. The goals were fine on paper but it appears they were not put into practice or had become totally irrevelant. Once shut up within the four walls of BTN, it is a known fact that the “students” were subjected to racial and political indoctrination.

    The products of the BTN system were there for all to see: A school principal in Johor reportedly said “Chinese students should go back to China” and likened Indian prayer strings to dog leashes. A special officer openly said that “Indians came to Malaysia as beggars and Chinese, especially women, came to sell their bodies”. A high-ranking BTN officer shocked the nation when he allegedly called Chinese “slitty eyed” and Indians “alcoholic”. These are the tip of the iceberg: more muck will float when incendiary remarks made in public or in private functions see the light of day.

    The courses were also political in nature, emphasising Malay supremacy and loyalty to national leaders. According to one BTN alumnus, a song was taught with the lyrics: “the land that you walk upon is owned by others”, insinuating that the non-Malays have grabbed all the land and that it was time the Malays asserted their rights and reclaimed lost ground. Another alumnus was put off when the trainers tarred the Chinese as the “Jews of Asia” who were engaged in a conspiracy to topple the government. Yet another participant was shocked when one lecturer blatantly declared that the Malays “were the most supreme race in the world... while the others were insignificant”. The opposition was mercilessly flayed to bring home the message that it did not pay to vote for the other side.

    The BTN continues to exist in its monstrous form. Apologists like Ahmad Maslan, deputy minister in the prime minister's department, and Mahathir were quick to defend the ogre. Maslan dismissed the whole hullabaloo as a mere slip-up by one lecturer, while Mahathir had nothing but high praise for the BTN for “inculcating the values of discipline and hard work in public servants and scholars”. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin came out from the dark to say BTN programmes “inculcate nationalism and unity... in line with the 1Malaysia concept”. These are weak responses. Even the recent directive to all heads of government departments to check their officers from making sensitive statements is an exercise in futility. It does not address the glaring abuses in the system.

    Undoubtedly, BTN has failed to discharge its duty responsibly. It has created and released hundreds, perhaps thousands, of bigots into the civil service and other sectors who will continue to spit racial slurs and undermine the very concept of patriotism. Love of country cannot exist in a cauldron of hate and spite. Moral and ethics cannot take root when public servants themselves do not show exemplary conduct. Team spirit cannot be built on the mucky soil of racism. Unity in diversity is a lost cause when the doctrine of Malay supremacy is worshipped as a national ideology. BTN is an antithesis of everything that is good, principled, decent.

    BTN was recast largely in the image of Mahathir. When the doctor took it under his wings in the Prime Minister's Department, the creature underwent a series of operation. Drastic changes were introduced to ensure that all who attended the courses would come out with the look of the devil in their eyes. BTN had turned into a Frankenstein monster that has gone berserk and done harm to millions of people who called Malaysia their one and only home. There is only way to strap down the monster and put it to sleep: abolish the detested BTN. This calls for firm, decisive action. BTN aka Frankestein must be consigned with all haste to the dung heap of history. FreeMalaysiaToday....

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    THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Taking over Sabah through Project M

    We have Hishamuddin piously declaring: sun2surf: No compromise for traitors, knowing full well that production of ic's on such a massive scale can only be carried out with the full connivance of UMNO/BN. The test is: Who gains from this act? UMNO or the opposition parties.

    The dilution of the Christians in Sabah

    Thursday, 14 October 2010 Super Admin

    The ISA is not actually used to prevent crime, as what the government says. It is used to hide secrets of government wrongdoing. And in the matter of the government issuing identity cards to Muslim immigrants so that the non-Muslim voter population can be diluted, this is definitely something that the government would like to hide.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Many probably did not take too much interest in the story about seven Immigration Department officers being detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA). You can read The Star and Bernama news items below.

    Many also probably did not realise that this is the second time that Immigration Department officers, plus National Registration Department officers (the state director included), are being detained under the ISA.

    The first round of detentions was some years ago, soon after PBS was ousted from Sabah and Barisan Nasional took over the state. Now we are seeing a second round of detentions.

    SAPP, in fact, raised this matter back in 2008 in an article called Sabah population increases by 285%, whilst Malaysia's population increases by only 113% - something is very wrong…

    This was what they said about the matter:

    The discrepancies in the population increase between 1970 to 2000 in Sabah, Sarawak and Malaysia: 10,439,430 to 22,202,614 or up by 113 percent in Malaysia; 976,269 to 2,012,616 or up by 106 percent in Sarawak; and 636,431 to 2,449,389 or up by 285 percent in Sabah.

    Read more here:

    Other articles on the same issue can be read here:

    600,000 MyKad di bawah ‘Projek M’ di Sabah

    Project IC

    Now, why was the first group of Immigration Department and National Registration Department officers detained under ISA some years ago? According to what they personally told me when I met them three or four years ago -- after they were released from detention -- they were not running a rogue operation. It was a ‘legitimate’ exercise. The only thing is the ‘operations centre’ was not in the National Registration Department office but in an ‘underground’ office in Kampong Pandan in Kuala Lumpur.

    If this was not a rogue operation, and if it was legal, why the need to operate outside a government office and instead operate from an underground office in Kampong Pandan? The reason, according to these officers, was so that no one would know about it.

    The target was to ‘import’ Filipino Muslims into Sabah and issue them with Malaysian identity cards. Some say as many as 600,000 were brought in. Others say it was one million. And some estimates put it at 1.5 million.

    Nevertheless, whether it was 600,000 or 1 million or 1.5 million, the numbers are very large indeed.

    Now, what I want to talk about is not the numbers. What I want to talk about is that if these officers from the Immigration Department and National Registration Department were actually running a rogue operation and if they had committed a crime (and since they were detained under the ISA then surely it is because there is evidence they have committed a crime or else how can the government detain them?) why not just charge them in court?

    The reason they can’t be charged in court is because the government does not want anything being revealed during a trial. Under ISA detention there is no trial so nothing comes out. In a trial everything will be revealed.

    The government needs to avoid a trial because in a trial it would be revealed that these officers were merely doing what they had been ordered to do -- that is, issue identity cards to immigrants. So they need to instead be detained under ISA to hide the truth.

    A lot has been written and said about this issue, which is now infamously known as ‘PROJEK M’. It was a project to dilute the Christian population of Sabah by flooding Sabah with Muslim immigrants who would be issued with Malaysian identity cards.

    And once they are the owners of Malaysian identity cards they can vote in the elections. And once there are more Muslim voters than Christian voters, the PBS ‘Christian’ government can be brought down. And this did happen, as we all now know.

    The sad thing is PBS went and joined Barisan Nasional after they were kicked out of the state. These guys must have their brains up their arseholes. Did I not say that all politicians are slime-balls and scumbags?

    The ISA is not actually used to prevent crime, as what the government says. It is used to hide secrets of government wrongdoing. And in the matter of the government issuing identity cards to Muslim immigrants so that the non-Muslim voter population can be diluted, this is definitely something that the government would like to hide.

    I think I will go join the anti-ISA demonstration in London on Saturday, 30 October 2010. The ISA is not only being abused. It is being used to reduce the non-Muslim population so that Umno can practically rule forever.

    And now the influx of immigrants into Sabah has created a huge social problem. The crime rate and drug problem are extremely high in Sabah. So are the homeless and abandoned children on the streets. Sabah, which was once a paradise, has been turned into a living hell.

    And all because Umno wants to make sure that there are more Muslim voters than non-Muslim voters.

    What the fuck is the ‘Christian’ PBS doing in Barisan Nasional? Their leaders should all be lined up against the wall and shot. And the belacan-brain Malay officers who collaborate with Umno in issuing these identity cards end up under detention without trial instead of getting awards and titles.

    Sama-sama bodoh macam orang PBS.


    7 immigration officers detained under ISA

    (The Star) - Seven Immigration Department officers and two foreigners have been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for alleged involvement in human trafficking.

    Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said all nine were arrested at different locations between Sunday and Tuesday.

    However, Ismail refused to reveal more information on the detention and identity of the suspects.

    “The arrests will enable us to investigate the syndicate’s activities,” he told reporters yesterday.

    Ismail said if no stern action had been taken, the situation could have posed a threat to national and regional security. “Irresponsible parties might take the opportunity to get involved in criminal activities such as terrorism, firearms and drugs smuggling.”

    Ismail said police were also making efforts to ensure Malaysia was not used as a transit point by foreigners for their criminal activities.

    On Oct 4, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) arrested five Immigration Department officers for allegedly allowing foreigners without proper travel documents into the country.

    They were arrested at Pulau Ketam Jetty and in various places in Klang.

    Two other officers were also arrested in Port Dickson for allegedly receiving bribes and permitting the unlawful entry of foreigners.

    The authorities also arrested several runners for syndicates linked to the officers. The MACC also found almost RM100,000 on the officers and the runners.

    Pegawai Imigresen sekongkol sindiket berbahaya

    (Bernama) - Tujuh pegawai imigresen termasuk seorang berpangkat Timbalan Penolong Pengarah yang ditahan mengikut Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) kerana bersekongkol dengan ketua-ketua sindiket yang sangat berbahaya serta boleh memudaratkan keselamatan negara, kata Menteri Keselamatan Dalam Negeri, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

    Beliau berkata, penglibatan mereka bukan hanya melibakatkan penyeludupan manusia melalui pintu masuk utama tetapi juga terdedah kepada pelbagai jenayah serius lain seperti aktiviti pengganas, penyeludupan senjata api, dadah dan penyuluhan (pengintipan).

    "Mereka telah dipantau lama oleh polis, dan penglibatan mereka dengan ketua-ketua sindiket ini sangat berbahaya dan serius.

    "Saya memandang berat kes-kes penyeludupan ini kerana melibatkan soal keselamatan di pintu masuk negara sekali gus menjejaskan nama baik negara dan turut menimbulkan ancaman kepada keselamatan di rantau ini," katanya di sini hari ini.

    Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas penahanan tujuh pegawai imigresen itu dan dua warga asing mengikut ISA dalam operasi besar-besaran selama tiga hari bermula Ahad lepas.

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    The rat race part vi – malaysia: How did umno stay in power - psychological warfare on the vote bank

    This is psychological warfare to keep the Rats in the Matrix. Interesting analysis. The missing element not described here is the feudal mindset of the Malays who accepts orders from the top unquestioningly.

    Ketuanan Melayu enslaving the community

    AB Sulaiman Jul 13, 10

    COMMENT A lot of things have developed recently centring on the formulation and implementation of grandiose public policies under the Ketuanan Melayu leadership.

    Public opinion and perception however say most of them have proven ill-conceived, poorly implemented or constructed, causing colossal wastage of life, money and other resources, and hardly ever comprehensively and professionally managed.

    Many of them are even crooked and sinful in nature.

    • Just look at the Maminco debacle,
    • the forex fiasco in the 80s,
    • the recent PKFZ controversy,
    • faulty submarines,
    • lost air force jet engines,
    • abuse of public institutions,
    • broken public institutions, and very recently,
    • the falling roof of a stadium in Terengganu and
    • revelations of possible hanky panky with the construction figures of the new Agong's palace and
    • with the Felda accounts.
    It's the devil's free for all out there. When was the last time we got up in the morning, turned on the alternative communication media, read the latest exposure of government indiscretions and misconduct and not had our hair stand on end?

    I am presenting this article hoping to understand the issue so as to enable us, the poor Malaysian citizenry, withstand the effects of failed Ketuanan Melayu policies. If we are to be run down by a bus, at least we should know what make it is.

    Welcome to the C-string and the D list of Ketuanan Melayu thinking.

    C for Contention

    The C stands for 'Contentions' (or assumptions) :
    The basic assumption is that human thinking is divisible into two - the natural and the rational. There are several features of the natural norm:

    i) It accepts all wisdom inherited from the elders, and that these are accepted without any criticism, doubt, or scepticism. Just look at the way the Malay accepts his culture and tradition, and even his religion to illustrate this point.

    ii) Any inherited wisdom is considered the truth and the whole truth. It can never be wrong. Again take note of the Malay contention that the Malay race is the best, and Islam is the only one religion for mankind. His favourite ideology 'untuk agama, bangsa dan negara' says it all.

    iii) It has no facility or avenue to realise its own mistakes. The Malay mind is not privy to alternatives so he is never wrong. So to follow his inherited wisdom as outlined in the illustrations on tradition, culture, and religion above is the right thing to do.

    iv) It has no facility to solve its own mistakes on its own volition.

    To illustrate the viability and credibility of these assumptions we might just look at this new institution called Perkasa under the leadership of Ibrahim Ali. We try to analyse the thinking underlying this institution' s creation.
    The objective mind can detect at least some of these assumptions, indicating the high probability that the Malay thinking norm belongs to this category.

    The second is the rational or scientific norm, where all wisdom received from the past are first given evaluation, analysis, scepticism and doubt; where truth is based on observation, experimentation, deduction and induction. Nothing is accepted as the truth until it is proven beyond doubt that this is so.
    Stringing the Cs

    These four Contentions would produce the ensuing string of Cs:

    i) Conformity:
    The Malay accords high value to group (or Malay) interest, identity, influence and solidarity. Everything is done not in his name but in the name and interest of the family, and of course of the Malay race, the religion of Islam and (only) lastly, the country. The spirit of the individual in him is not fully developed. He pays scant regard to his individual interest.

    ii) Conservatism:

    The Malay penchant for conformity renders him supporting the status quo, to be conservative. Again his penchant to preserve and protect Malay tradition, language, and culture as an example of this feature.

    iii) Comparison, lack of:
    Malay thinking is unilateral ('Malay is the best race'), judgmental ('My ustaz is the best imam around') and the tendency for syllogism ('Najib is our present PM. Our past PMs have been good. Therefore Najib is the best PM we ever had'). It has tendency for hyperbolism, but not privy to alternatives.

    iv) Control by a central authority:
    The individual is under control of his parents in the family and by his ethnic society.
    The Malay polity is controlled by an autocratic body, in the form of a king or a strong personality.
    For religion, control has always been in the hands of a central body namely the priestly or ulama class.

    In a democracy, authority ought to be in the hands of the people, but this has been hijacked possibly by the elected governing body done by imitating the religious control exercised by the ulama. The government would almost automatically assume a superior role over the population.

    Now, there is nothing silly or stupid about all these principles. Any and every culture would have undergone them at some point or other.

    The moot point is they reflect the thinking norms of simpler days gone by and still found in simpler societies of today. But the world has become very complex and change comes quickly, so much so that they say you have to run in order to stay still.

    Today humankind has a fairly firm understanding of nature and is able to control it. We live in a technical and scientific world buzzing with amazing technology.

    This buzzing 'new world' is featured by change which unfortunately the conservative and conformist mind is not privy to.

    v) Change:

    There are two issues here.

    Change is an elusive concept and takes place only in the mind.

    More importantly it takes place only if you are aware of it taking place. If there is no awareness, there is no change, only evolution.

    My contention is that the mainstream Malay mind has not got sufficient awareness that change is taking place. His natural thinking has not developed to scientific thinking.
    So here comes the following Cs:

    i) Conflict.

    When heat meets with cold, when plus meets with minus, when black meets with white then sparks are created. There are very many plusses colliding with minuses in Malay life. The changing demands of an urban life with that of his pastoral past is a immediate example.

    ii) Corrosion.

    Malay beliefs and values are corroded. For example, the case of culture again. The 'old' Malay wants his traditions to be preserved, but modern life is eroding it at an alarming rate.

    iii) Contradiction.
    Vast amounts of contradiction are produced.

    iv) Consistency, or lack of:

    Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's leadership has been labelled by an irate public as flip-flopping, showing wobbly and inconsistent thinking. Remember when he cancelled an international inter-faith meeting to be held in Kuala Lumpur? The cancellation was so last minute participants including the Archbishop of Canterbury had to cancel their travel plans.

    v) Criticise and condemn:

    All new knowledge especially those that do not fall within the ambit of Malay perception of truth are criticised and condemned (and eventually rejected). The non-Malay segment of the citizenry are marginalised and termed 'pendatang' (immigrants) , prostitutes and beggars. Political opponents are harassed and intimidated.

    vi) Coercion:

    This is where Malay polity believes very strongly that his views are right. He uses the central authority 'bestowed' on him to subdue the people.

    These situations arise:

    The individual is coerced to be loyal and show respect his elders, race and religion as a matter of sacred duty. The Malay mind is not privy to the modern day wisdom that loyalty and respect must be earned.

    Society is coerced to adhere strictly to religious tenets and principles. The Islamic religion is full of dogmas to ensure this in any case.

    The people are compelled to be loyal to the Ketuanan Melayu leadership and government of the day.

    Those who do not conform are intimidated, penalised and punished. This is very easily done with the very long list of laws like the ISA, OSA, PPPA, and the Sedition Act.

    vii) Corruption:

    When the people are suitably intimidated, coerced into subservience and submission then the axiom that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely comes to full fruition (no illustration needed here).

    We are fairly done with the C-string of the Malay mind. Feel free to add more, for there can be many more not yet touched upon.

    D for Denial

    Now for the D standing for 'Deny' or 'Denial'.

    To the Malay mind, any and all that does not come within its known parameters are suspect. The Ketuanan Melayu will hardly ever voluntarily admit to any short-coming, mistake, misgiving, or mismanagement.

    Instead it thinks nothing of cheating, lying, hiding of facts, projecting half-truths, or cover-ups. When Khairy Jamaludin sarcastically called Ibrahim Ali (right) a 'jaguh kampung' or village champion, a deragotary remark, Ibrahim Ali turned it around by claiming it as a huge compliment!

    This is a clear example that the Ketuanan Melayu institution and leadership is all about, firstly, its political and social survival following the axiom that politics is the art of the impossible; and secondly, not having to say sorry.

    The features, purpose and method of denial are many, some of which are:

    Protecting the status quo.
    Not acknowledging the existence of established facts despite obvious evidence, like disputing the happening of the Holocaust.
    Conflict and contradiction are deemed to be the work of the devil or enemies of Islam.
    All myths and perceptions are constantly nurtured by constant repetition via the government controlled mass media.
    By constant indoctrination.
    By discrediting the messenger.
    By making the work of civic societies difficult. This is to deny all and sundry from volunteering information or feedback. Just ask the Sisters in Islam for proof. The notion that no Muslim or non-Muslim may even analyse and criticise any tenets of Islam is another illustration.
    Pygmalion effect

    My rationale for listing this C-string and the D list is quite simple.
    There is this item in human psychology known as the Pygmalion effect. Simply stated it means that a person will behave in the manner he is treated by another.
    An illustration would be a teacher saying to his students that they are stupid and will not pass their exams. The students will somehow become stupid with many failing their exams.

    Now the Ketuanan Melayu has been spoon-feeding the Malay, strengthening his crutches, giving accolades to his 'Third World' mentality.

    Furthermore, it drums into the Malay mind that he is weak, needs help now and forever and is dependent on the government for his survival. Without this concerted help the Malay will not survive, it says again and again and again. It is creating the Pygmalion effect.

    Because of this the Malay mind will be more deeply embedded in the changeless paradigm box of confusion, conformity, conservatism, contradiction, conflict, and always denying his shortcomings. The Ketuanan Melayu is also denying new ideas from rescuing the Malay from the box of the changeless status quo.

    In this situation his leaders are busy involving themselves with the most rotten C of all - corruption.

    Now I propose to name the make of the bus that is flattening the Malaysian polity. I wish to call it the 'Ketuanan Melayu Pygmalion'.

    AB SULAIMAN is an observer of human traits and foibles, especially within the context of religion and culture. As a liberal, he marvels at the way orthodoxy fights to maintain its credibility in a devilishly fast-changing world. He hopes to provide some understanding to the issues at hand and wherever possible, suggest some solutions. He holds a Bachelor in Social Sciences (Leicester, UK) and a Diploma in Public Administration, Universiti Malaya.

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    Malaysian Rat Race - Part VI

    Use of greed and fear to control the Rats.

    Does it feel like a bunch of gangsters are running this country?

    Thursday, 24 March 2011 admin-s

    By Naragan

    The most recent act by UMNO to try and kill off Anwar with a lowly sex video moved me to write this article. Because it increasingly feels like we are living in a country run by gangsters.

    What characterizes gangsters? Is there any difference between what gangsters do and what UMNO is doing?

    Use of force, fear, bribes, threats, violence, deceit, unchallengeable positions, indulgence, and parasitic existence and not worrying about appearances would be a reasonable answer to the first question.

    To answer the second question “Is there any difference?” I will examine how UMNO performs in many of these dimensions to answer that question.

    1) Force –The Police, the Attorney General’s office, the Courts (I will call them the Unholy Trio from now on) are the instruments of force of UMNO.
    You see them figuring prominently in all occasions where UMNO’s lawlessness are questioned. Being involved with Hindraf Makkal Sakthi, I can tell you that, without batting an eyelid– our people are constantly threatened with detention under ISA, or with charges of sedition, or are charged with being involved in an illegal organization after UMNO unconstitutionally and unlawfully outlawed Hindraf. The form of force used and the way it is administered may vary in specifics between the gangsters and UMNO but in essence they are the same – UMNO and the gangsters equally resort to force because that is the sole source of their power. UMNO has lost its moral legitimacy in its claim for power and hangs on to power only because of the control of the instruments of force – the Unholy Trio being the prime instruments. The gangsters never had moral or legitimate basis for claims to power, their claim to power hinges only on one thing – the use of raw and brutal force.

    2) Fear – UMNO so readily instills fear just like the local gangsters.
    UMNO uses the Unholy Trio along with the Media, and when necessary the underworld members to achieve this. The Police have a special unit the Special Branch just for this – the Malaysian Gestapo. Every so often we see battalions of the Light Strike Force or the Federal Reserve Units to disallow, to disrupt, to frighten off citizen’s gatherings. You should have seen the hundreds at the anti –Interlok forums throughout the country and the thousands at KLCC for Hindraf’s Solidarity March against UMNO’s racism. This is exactly what the local gang boss. Putting in the fear of god they say. What the gang boss does is what UMNO is doing.

    3) Threats – The laws enacted by UMNO – ISA, Publishing and Printing Presses Act, Official Secrets Act, Seditions Act, Police Act and even the MACC are all actually devices crafted by UMNO that threaten all those that dare cross the line.

    This is the primary purpose of these acts and organizations, though more noble intentions are proffered to legitimize them. But the true intentions of these are to act as a sword over the heads of any that dare. The Media for its part carries statements from time to time from the Ministers, from the IGP, from the Attorney General,from UMNO stalwarts, from Right wing Perkasa or carries images and reports of the Police overpowering any attempts to challenge them or of right wing demonstrations threatening the rest. But the purpose is one – to pre-empt potential trouble makers. The gang bosses just use outright threats, they do not need these more sophisticated devices. As the saying goes, cut the throat of one chicken in front of all the monkeys so the monkeys will behave themselves. In that sense the devices of threatening may be different but both UMNO and Gangsters use threats to remain in power.

    4) Violence – What happened in Kampung Medan in 2005 is a clear example of the workings of the Unholy Trio, the Media and the underworld in the meting out violence whenever they see a need.

    A little further back we had the May 13th riots and May 13th is still a keyword for violence . Hundreds of police killing and maiming continue till today in UMNO’s Police Stations. The Police in the fore and the Armed Forces at the back are nothing more than UMNO’s killing machines. The threat of violence that UMNO can unleash, should it decide to, is what holds much of the opposition back. Violence is the bread and butter of gangsters and it is the bread and butter of UMNO. UMNO and the gangsters understand this very well.

    5) Bribes – When expediency requires and it is wiser, then UMNO bribes to clear their way of trouble makers.

    They buy up leaders of groups outside their circle of influence. They make “mafia offers”. They use skeletons in cupboards to assist them, as we see regularly happening in buying up of the opposition members of the legislature. Other forms of bribe, we see at election times. There is a free flow of gifts, goodies and promises. These are tidbits used to corrupt and remove obstacles or create perceptions while UMNO walks away with the loot – to UMNO these bribes are nothing more than the cost of doing business. Gangsters for their part use bribes to share their bounty when attempting to get at very large bounties. It is a cost of doing business for them too.

    6) Unchallengeable positions – UMNO’s positions on issues are unchallengeable, just like it is with the local gangster. You challenge at the risk of losing everything.

    When you challenge they fight tooth and nail so you do not get what you seek, on the contrary they make you lose further with intense vindictiveness. Case in point is the Interlok novel. The book remains in the curriculum and the rest who voiced dissatisfaction get beaten up and charged in courts for speaking up, but the book remains in the curriculum.

    Another clear case in point is what UMNO is doing to Anwar Ibrahim. He gets all kinds of s*** thrown at him and with increasing frequency just because he dares to challenge the UMNOPutras. Challenge at great personal risk – they will ruin you if they can. Their position must not be challenged. This is very clearly the ways of gangsters too. The hallmark of a gangleader is one who has overcome all those who have challenged him and anyone who challenges the leader must lose or the leader loses his basis to continue as a leader. Exactly the case with Najib –ala UMNO and UMNO ala the people.

    7) Deceit – “Biji setelor, rio sekampung” as the Malay proverb goes. UMNO throws a tid bit here, a tidbit there and the media steps in and creates perceptions of a totally benevolent and caring UMNO.

    UMNO holds the reins of the media tight. UMNO is able to manufacture perceptions in people that are so far removed from the truth that the lies are more real the reality itself. You speak the truth and no one listens to you, for they think you distort, for personal advantage. UMNO has established monopoly over their minds and UMNO will do with it what they want. They deceive the people and leave the rest of us biting the mud.

    UMNO caught between getting the non-Malay votes and increasing their appeal to the Malays use their outsource vehicle, Perkasa to create a perception of the Malays losing out to the non-Malays because the Malays are split. The reality is both the Malay And non-Malay people are losing out to the UMNO leaders and their Non-Malay elite accomplices as they use this perception to delude the people and walk off with the loot. No one really listens to this truth, they think it is distorted for personal use. This is a very refined deceit-making machine that we are up against.

    On this count UMNO has improved over the gangsters, recognizing they have to operate within a community of nations and have to be seen to be in accord with norms of civilization. They worry about how they will be perceived, they need to legitimize their position, the gangster does not have to.

    So, except for this last point there is really not much difference between gangsters running this country and UMNO running this country. UMNO is nothing short of being dignified gangsters. This truth may look far- fetched, but you think about what I have said, deeply. Just think about it.

    If you agree, then do not be the person UMNO, the gangster wants you to be, the meek and powerless person. Look at what is happening in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. When all the people get together, the empire crumbles, because the true sovereign is the people united. We have to move out and into the light, to a future based on competence, not on force.
    The people have to get out from the grips of gangsters Malaysia-today....

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    Psychological Warfare: The Order and Stability Vote

    Saturday, 26 March 2011 Combat

    By batsman

    It is elections season. Given the distasteful, disruptive and confusing events over the past couple of years, many people will opt for the Order and Stability vote. If only life would go back to being peaceful and uncomplicated again. Many people have written about it and one in particular – MP Hannah Yeoh has also touched upon it.

    I say let us learn from another source – an unlikely one.

    The Oprah Winfrey show on 24 March featured 5 women in their 40’s to 60’s who were victims of a suave and romantic seducer who preyed on their peculiar vulnerabilities. All these women were divorced after long marriages and were desperate for order and stability in their lives. This expert seducer made use of their needs and made them very happy for a time. They claim there were few clues and indications as to the vile motives of their seducer and they were fooled for several years until things fell apart.

    Apparently this seducer had been actively taking advantage of vulnerable women for over 10 years and in that time, he had given many women the HIV disease even though he knew he was HIV positive. He was caught only when a few of his victims decided to end his activities and save more women from being infected with the deadly disease. They decided to fight back.

    Order and stability is good. Most people want it. But what price are you willing to pay to get it? If the situation is already rotten, wishing for an immediate short cut towards order and stability is like engaging in a grand delusion.

    In fact the criminals and psychopaths would have you engage in this grand delusion until you have been robbed of everything you have and you wake up from a wonderful dream to face the nightmare of reality and desperately fighting for survival and sanity.

    Let us next learn from the terrible nightmare of war. In Bosnia, the innocent civilians of Sarajevo were told they were to be taken to a safer place when they were being rounded up. They ended up being massacred. When things are already bad, wishing for safety and security is a grand delusion. It stops one from defending oneself against genocidal psychopaths.

    During WW2, when the Nazis invaded the Ukraine, they rounded up the Jews to a place called Babi Yar. Up to the very last minute, these victims were given the impression that they were going to be safe. Batch after batch of innocent people were stripped naked, marched into mass graves and machine gunned. A thin layer of sand was then thrown on top of each batch. Apparently this was to make the next batch of victims move faster as they walked over the bodies of the previous batch to take their positions under the firing squad. Apparently people are more willing to walk over sand than to walk over the naked bodies of dead people. The sand was the great cover up and safety was the grand delusion.

    The same thing happened in Poland until the Nazis decided it was more efficient to kill people in concentration camps, so when Jews were being shipped to concentrations camps, they were told they were being transported to some place safer.

    In the Palestine, people are given the grand delusion that they have the chance to have an independent Palestinian state of their own. In the meantime, Israeli warplanes were bombing civilians with white phosphorous just as Ghadafi’s warplanes are bombing Libyan people with whatever bombs he has at his disposal. Everyone is given the impression that it is alright for Israeli warplanes to be used against Palestinians while it is not alright for Ghadafi to use warplanes against Libyans. Everyone is given the illusion that it is alright for British and French warplanes to bomb Libyans with smart bombs while it is not alright for Ghadafi’s warplanes to bomb Libyans with stupid bombs.

    In Malaysia, the situation is already bad. I submit that voting for order and stability is to vote for a grand delusion. Under these conditions the only reasonable thing to do is to vote to complete the reform programme.

    The tsunami of 2008 created quite a lot of upsets and confusion, but it did not succeed in washing away the edifice of corruption, abuse of power and degeneration. The reform movement sputtered and slowed down. Things became very ugly. It is not surprising that some people might want to vote for Order and Stability even before the reform movement is complete and even before the rotten edifice of corruption and degeneration is washed away. This means that the situation is still bad and a vote for safety, security, order and stability is, under these conditions, a grand delusion.

    Of course not everyone will suffer when the nightmare becomes apparent. To maintain the illusion of Order and Stability, crimes have to be covered up and the victims have to be silenced. Not only that there should be as few victims as possible for each crime to make things easier and not reach unmanageable proportions.

    This is made somewhat easier since many people have a buffer. The buffer protects them from being victims of daylight robbery and corruption. This buffer may be a safe neighbourhood, connections or money or even much needed skills. Criminals will avoid people with buffers to concentrate on those who have none. So it is that the poor and marginalized who suffer the most, but eventually when the power of the criminals and their greed become too great, everyone will become victims. The question is – was TBH seen as having no buffers and what of Kugan? Was it a matter of bad judgment on the part of the abusers or did people fight back against abusiveness until it was thought a Royal Commission of Inquiry was considered necessary to diffuse the situation?

    The women in the Oprah TV show were mostly from the middle class with money, skills and connections. Even then it took more than 10 years before the criminal was apprehended. These women knew how to fight back. They did not vote for Order and Stability since fighting back was difficult, need time, money and effort and carried risks.

    Will Malaysians face reality, take the risk of completing the reform programme or will they vote to play out their grand delusions? Will they see some of the most powerful people in Malaysia today as suave, charming, generous and romantic persons or as dangerous and evil persons? What do you think? Malaysia-today....

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