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    Psychological Warfare and the Chinese Bogeyman

    This has been going on since 1946. Time to wake up. What RPK is essentially saying is that we need National Unity.

    Brilliant or not?


    Wednesday, 29 February 2012 Super Admin

    So now do you get it? Umno has given up on the Chinese. They have abandoned the Chinese voters. What they want is the Malay votes because one Malay vote is equivalent to two Chinese votes. Pakatan Rakyat needs to win 100,000 Chinese votes to win just one seat while Umno can get two or three seats with that same 100,000 Malay votes.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Have you noticed that of late there appears to be an explosion of controversial issues and statements regarding Islam and isu Melayu-Cina (Malay-Chinese issues)? Today alone Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has made a few statements, as he has been doing for a while now.

    Some are direct attacks while others are indirect and camouflaged. You, of course, can clearly see the direct attacks but you do not notice that the indirect attacks are actually targeting something else.

    I know many of you, in particular readers of Malaysia Today, will foam at the mouth and scream ‘racist’. Dr Mahathir is a racist. Najib Tun Razak is a racist. Ibrahim Ali is a racist. Umno is racist. Perkasa is racist. Pekida is racist.

    Firstly, you need to distinguish between racist (prejudiced person), chauvinist (war hawk) and nationalist (flag waver). Most readers understand only one word, racist, and everyone is called a racist.

    Would those who fight for Chinese education and Chinese schools then be considered a racist? Are they prejudiced?
    They would be prejudiced or a racist if they think that Malays are an inferior race, just slightly better than animals, and that is the reason they are fighting for Chinese education and Chinese schools -- to uphold and maintain the more superior Chinese language and culture.

    Most Chinese educationists are not racists. They could, in fact, even be called sentimentalists or romantics. For all you know, they could even be connoisseurs and scholars of Malay poetry and literature while still wanting to uphold Chinese education and schools. So how can they be racists?

    I know many scholars of Islam who are actually Christians. They love doing research on Islam and they have published more books than all the lecturers of UITM combined. Muslims call these types of people ‘orientalists’. Some have even classified Prophet Muhammad as the most influential person in history, even above Christ, the Prophet of Christianity, the religion of these orientalists.

    Fighting for your language, culture, community, etc., does not make you a racist. It might make you a chauvinist in some people’s eyes. You become a racist only when you feel you are of a superior race and that all other races are inferior and you discriminate against those you regard as inferior.

    In that same spirit, the Hindraf people are not racists. And neither are the Umno, Perkasa and Pekida people.

    Now, before you stop reading at this point and start posting comments whacking me for ‘defending’ Umno, Perkasa and Pekida, as most of you normally do, read on till the end and see why I say this. If not you will again be commenting off tangent, as many of you normally do.

    The Umno people (meaning also Perkasa, of course) actually do not hate the Chinese. In fact, most, if not all, do business with the Chinese (and they just love China Dolls). Many of them have become extremely rich because of their links with the Chinese. The Umno-Perkasa people will be the last people in Malaysia to go to war with the Chinese.

    Read what Dr Mahathir said today. Many Chinese have become rich under the NEP. A few days ago, Umno said that the NEP has created many billionaires. Who do you think all these billionaires are? And sometimes those Chinese or Indian billionaires do not really own everything they are perceived to own. Only part of their wealth belongs to them. Part of it belongs to their ‘silent’ partners who they are holding the shares under trust for -- meaning, of course, the Malays in the corridors of power.

    How do you think all these Chinese and Indians became billionaires if not because of their links with the Malays? How do you think all those Malays became millionaires (or even billionaires in some cases) if not because of their links with the Chinese and Indians?

    You people reading Malaysia Today are so dumb. You foam at the mouth and scream ‘racist’. Hell, they are not racists. They are Bapak Kapitalist -- Capitalists of the highest degree. They are only pretending to be racists. And they have been fooling you good and proper for a long, long time.

    Lim Goh Tong, Robert Kuok, Khoo Kay Peng, Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Tan Kay Hock, Ananda Krishnan, Samy Vellu, and many more of their ilk would never have become what they have become if not because of Umno. From the days of Merdeka and the days of the First Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Chinese and Indians have made it big because of Umno.

    I am not saying that some Malays also did not make it big. But note one thing. While the Chinese and Indians made it big in partnership with Umno, the Malays made it big while fronting for Umno. In other words, do these Malays actually own all that wealth or do they own just a percentage of their wealth while the lion’s share actually belongs to Umno whom they are fronting for?

    Even Daim Zainuddin’s wealth is questionable. How much belongs to him and how much belongs to ‘others’ and Umno? Does anyone other than the people concerned know the real situation?

    So, if all these people are not really racists, then why of late have they been acting like racists? What’s with this Islam and Melayu rhetoric? Why antagonise the Chinese and Indians and risk losing their support and votes?

    Umno and Barisan Nasional know that they have already lost the Chinese support and votes and nothing they say and do is going to reverse that. They also know that the Indians have swung back to Barisan Nasional and they are confident of getting no less than 50% of the Indian votes. So that leaves only the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak to worry about.

    The Malay heartland is very crucial to Umno. There are more ‘Malay’ seats than ‘Chinese’ seats. Malay seats are as low of 20,000 or 40,000 voters. Chinese seats are as high as 100,000 or 120,000 voters. Hence, there are double or more ‘Malay’ seats compared to ‘Chinese’ seats. Hence also, this means that if 50% of the votes go to the opposition while Umno gets also 50%, Barisan Nasional can still form the government with around 60% of the seats in Parliament, as long as Umno’s 50% comes from the Malay heartland.

    So now do you get it? Umno has given up on the Chinese. They have abandoned the Chinese voters. What they want is the Malay votes because one Malay vote is equivalent to two Chinese votes. Pakatan Rakyat needs to win 100,000 Chinese votes to win just one seat while Umno can get two or three seats with that same 100,000 Malay votes.

    That is why Umno, MCA, Gerakan, etc, are all playing on the Malay sentiments and issues related to Islam. They want to win as many Malay votes as they can to compensate for the loss of the Chinese votes. DAP-PKR can take all the towns. Umno will take all the kampongs. There are more seats in the kampongs than in the towns. And this includes Sabah and Sarawak as well.

    It is a bonus for Umno when the Chinese and Indians react negatively to Umno’s ‘racism’. That helps Umno in its strategy. When the Chinese and Indians also resort to Malay-Islam-bashing, Umno can use this as ‘proof’ to convince the Malays in the kampongs that Pakatan Rakyat is a threat to the Malays and Islam and that if Pakatan Rakyat takes over the Malays will become second-class citizens and hamba (slaves) in their own country.

    Actually it is a brilliant strategy. Make tons of money in partnership with the Chinese. Use the Chinese as the bogeymen to frighten the Malays. And then let the unsuspecting Chinese do the rest in proving how dangerous they are by their own words and action.

    Brilliant or not?


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    How fear is used to enslave humans:


    Create Human Farms.
    Control through:
    1. Brainwashing in education,
    2. Divide-and-rule principles using the Rats to serve their Masters as Rottweilers,
    3. Use of fear to subdue the Rats and force them to obey and conform,
    4. Create debt-based systems and teach financial illiteracy to trap the Rats through their greed and laziness.

    Uploaded by stefbot on Apr 17, 2010We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement - up to and including your own. From Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy conversation in the world.


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    Quote Originally Posted by pywong View Post
    30th Jul 2010: This one just popped out of the woodwork.

    CMIWS - Centre For Media And Information Warfare Studies.

    Now, why would the Govt want to conduct information warfare studies? Who is their target? Our enemies! Who are these enemies?
    A visit to their website shows:
    The objectives of the Centre include;

    • To produce students who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in applying media and information warfare strategies and tactics to real life situations.
    • To produce students of high ability to analyse, evaluate and handle national and global issues from multidisciplinary perspectives.
    • To produce strategic information specialists who are proactive and knowledgeable to carry out legal, ethical and political tasks with a great sense of responsibilities.
    • To explore, analyse and develop knowledge on media and information warfare via research networks and consultancies, publications, collaborative efforts, scholarly exchange programs and archival works.
    • To become a reference centre for the country in terms of policy formation and decision making on media and information warfare.
    In order to achieve its mission, CMIWS aims to provide the following:

    • Post graduate programmes which expose students from various disciplines with philosophical, theoretical and professional knowledge on media and information warfare, experiential learning, seminar course, case studies, research and professional talks to prepare them to be area experts, warfare analysts, strategic thinkers, planners, scholars and future leaders who are proactive, insightful, ethical and responsible.
    • Databases and archives on media and information warfare to enable CMIWS to become a powerful resource centre.
    • Research network and consultancies to the government, NGOs, media and communication related industries and other relevant institutions
    Written by Admin CMIWS
    Jasa: BN to win two-thirds majority in 13TH GE

    Bernama 5:48PM Apr 16, 2012

    BN has been forecast to continue to maintain its power after the 13th general election and to recapture several states which are now administered by the opposition party, according to a study by the Special Affairs Department (Jasa).

    The Director of the Jasa Psychological Operations Division, Taharuddin Yaakob, said the study by the government agency showed that the BN would regain the two-thirds majority in the coming general election.

    "The people appreciate the determination shown by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. No prime minister in the past had ever laid down his 'report card' for evaluation by the people as had been done by Najib," he said in Johor Baharu today.

    He said this after representing Jasa director-general Fuad Hassan at a gathering with Johor Jasa officers which was also attended by Johor Jasa Director Mohammad Abu Bakar here.

    Taharuddin also gave out cash payment of RM3,000 each to 37 former Johor Jasa officers and laptop computers to 80 State Jasa officers serving in the Parliamentary and State Constituencies in Johor.

    - Bernama

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    Be grateful to

    • God,
    • the education ministry,
    • Najib

    but not necessarily in that order.

    We pay the salaries for idiots who talk like this!

    Be thankful to PM, Jasa tells teachers

    • Hazlan Zakaria

    • 10:15AM May 24, 2012

    Teachers should thank the government and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for what they have received, said the Department of Special Affairs (Jasa).

    Stealing the stage prior to the arrival of guests of honour at the Federal Territories Teacher's Day celebrations today, Jasa psychological operations division director Taharuddin Yaakob gave a short talk urging teachers to be "thankful to the PM" for all the goodies thrown their way lately.

    "The way how to thank, is up to you," he said cryptically.

    Regaling the audience with his own stint as a teacher in his early days of government service, he reminded them that since then, the government has done much to improve the lot of the teaching profession.

    As an example, he related the recent announcement by Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on the new promotion scheme for teachers which will see some 24,053 teachers being automatically promoted come June 1.

    “We should hold thanksgiving celebrations soon, as in every school there will be at least one who will get promoted.”

    Taharuddin added that some of the newly-promoted teachers will see promotion to Grade 54 in the government payscale, which he said is “very good” as they will enjoy many perks like first class flights.

    'More than the defence budget'

    He also mentioned that out of the federal budget of RM232.6 billion announced last year, the education sector received a large chunk of the expenditures, amounting to RM51.2 billion or 22 percent.

    This, he pointed out, is more than even the defence budget of RM13.7 billion.

    Taharuddin told the teachers that this special treatment is given to them because they are important, influential and because they have the numbers.

    So much so that certain parties, he said, are announcing an increase of RM500 to teachers’ salaries if certain things were to happen, in a reference to one of the promises made by the Pakatan Rakyat should they come to power.

    Deflecting claims that the budget allocations were made because it is election time, the Jasa official argued that such goodies are given by the government anyway even if it was not election time.

    However, he was careful to add that he was not here to talk about the impending election, but was only here to comment on what others are saying about it.

    However, he reminded the teachers that they should be thankful for the goodies they have received both to God, the Education Ministry as well as the leadership of Najib, under whose rule such things took place.

    He quoted verses from the holy Quran, though without specifying chapter and verse, to show that as Allah reminded Muslims in the holy book, there are a lot of ungrateful people who are not thankful of what they have received.

    Taharuddin also read out another verse, the meaning of which, he claimed, shows that we must be thankful to both God and the men responsible for such things as only this will show true thankfulness.

    Being thankful, he said, will also lead to “better things to come”.

    He also reminded the assembled teachers not to follow in the footsteps of some Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) settlers who were “not thankful to God and the government” for the recent RM15,000 windfall payments.

    Taharuddin urged teachers to not just be thankful, but to teach their students to be thankful, too, as they have a responsibility to properly guide their students to ensure that they too do not stray from the proper path.

    He was speaking at the Federal Territory level Teacher’s Day celebrations at the CIDB Convention Centre which was opened by Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing Minister Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin.

    This is not the first time that Jasa officials briefed and gave talks to civil servants and BN component parties. On most occasions these appear to be pro-BN propaganda, which critics say is a misuse of a federal government agency.


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    Senarai Government Linked Companies di Malaysia (GLC)

    Listings of government owned and controlled corporations, state civil service offices or agencies.

    1. Amanah Raya Berhad
    2. Asean Potash Public Mining Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
    3. Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad
    4. Bursa Malaysia Berhad
    5. Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad
    6. Felda Holdings Berhad
    7. International Rubber Consolidated Limited
    8. Jambatan Kedua Sdn Bhd
    9. Kedah Aquaculture Sdn Bhd
    10. Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad
    11. KUB Malaysia Berhad
    12. Kumpulan Modal Perdana Sdn Bhd
    13. Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad
    14. Malaysia Kuwaiti Investment Corporation Berhad
    15. Malaysia Venture Capital Management Sdn Bhd
    16. MARDEC Berhad
    17. Padi Beras Nasional Berhad
    18. Pengurusan Danaharta Nasional Berhad
    19. Perbadanan Nasional Berhad
    20. Permodalan Nasional Berhad
    21. Petroliam Nasional Berhad
    22. Prokhas Sdn Bhd
    23. Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd
    24. Syarikat Jaminan Kredit Perumahan Bhd
    25. Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad
    26. UDA Holdings Berhad

    27. Assets Global Network Sdn Bhd
    28. Bintulu Port Holdings Berhad
    29. Bintulu Port Sdn Bhd
    30. Johor Port Berhad
    31. K.L International Airport Berhad
    32. KLIA Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd
    33. Konsortium Pelabuhan Kemaman Sdn Bhd
    34. Kuantan Port Konsortium Sdn Bhd
    35. Malaysia Airport (Sepang) Sdn. Bhd.
    36. Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad
    37. Malaysia Airline System Berhad
    38. Malaysian Maritime Academy Sdn Bhd
    39. MISC Berhad
    40. Northport (M) Berhad
    41. Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd
    42. Pembinaan PFI Sdn Bhd
    43. Penang Port Holdings Berhad
    44. Penang Port Sdn Bhd
    45. Westport (M) Sdn Bhd

    46. Aerospace Technology System Corporation Sdn Bhd
    47. Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd
    48. Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corp. (Formerly Lancair Corp)
    49. Commerce Dot Com Sdn Bhd
    50. Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd
    51. Cyberview Sdn Bhd
    52. HICOM Holdings Berhad
    53. Inno Bio Ventures Sdn Bhd
    54. Jaring Communications Sdn. Bhd
    55. Khazanah Nasional Berhad
    56. Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd
    57. MIMOS Berhad
    58. Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
    59. National Aerospace & Defence Industries Berhad
    60. PDX Dot Com Sdn Bhd
    61. Perwaja Terengganu Sdn Bhd
    62. SIRIM Berhad
    63. Technology Park Malaysia Corporation Sdn Bhd

    64. Bakun Hydro-Electric Corporation Sdn Bhd
    65. Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn. Bhd
    66. Dataran Perdana Sdn Bhd
    67. FELCRA Berhad
    68. Halal Industry Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
    69. HVD Holdings Sdn Bhd
    70. IJN Holding Sdn Bhd
    71. Indah Water Konsortium Sdn Bhd
    72. Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia Berhad
    73. Irat Hotels & Resorts Sdn Bhd
    74. JKP Sdn Bhd
    75. Konsortium Baja Nasional Sdn. Bhd
    76. Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad
    77. Media Prima Bhd
    78. Medical Online Sdn Bhd
    79. NINEBIO Sdn Bhd
    80. Pembinaan BLT Sdn Bhd
    81. Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad
    82. Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad
    83. Piramid Pertama Sdn Bhd
    84. Pos Malaysia Berhad
    85. Professional Services Development Corporation Sdn Bhd
    86. Radio Televisyen Malaysia Berhad
    87. Rangkaian Hotel Seri Malaysia Sdn Bhd
    88. Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd
    89. Sarawak Electricity Sdn Bhd
    90. Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd
    91. Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad
    92. Syarikat Perumahan Pegawai Kerajaan Sdn Bhd
    93. Syarikat Tanah Dan Dana Harta Sdn Bhd
    94. Telekom Malaysia Berhad
    95. Tenaga Nasional Berhad

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    Here comes the psychological wardogs.

    The first shot is by the Mainstream Media.

    21 September 2012 | last updated at 01:07AM
    Plot to destabilise govt

    By Farrah Naz Karim |[/EMAIL] 2 comments

    EXPOSED: RM20 million paid to several Malaysian organisations since 2005

    1 / 1

    KUALA LUMPUR: INVESTIGATORS probing into the financial background of several non-governmental organisations have uncovered attempts by foreign hands to destabilise the government.

    Sources revealed that from 2005 to 2011, almost RM20 million, courtesy of the Washington- based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) had allegedly been channelled to: SuaRaM (RM1.6 million);

    NatioNal Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) (RM4.6 million);

    MkiNi Dotcom Sdn Bhd (RM298,000); and, otheRS (RM13.3 million).

    The monies were also allegedly channelled to the Southeast Asia Centre for e-Media (Seacem), Southeast Asian Press Alliance and the Centre for Independent Journalism.

    From last year, several other set-ups, namely Bersih, Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, Lawyers for Liberty, Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd as well as the International Republican Institute, began receiving funds from NED, an organisation that had been claimed to have “played a significant role in attempting to destabilise legitimate governments and replace them with client proxies”.

    Bersih co-chairman Datuk S. Ambiga was reported recently to have admitted that Bersih had received funds from the NDI as well as New York-based Open Society Institute, the administrator for programmes under the Open Society Institute founded by maverick currency speculator George Soros.

    NED, on its website, said "it is a private, non-profit foundation dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world".

    It also claims to be a unique institution where it could provide "flexibility that makes it possible to work in some of the most difficult circumstances, and to respond quickly when there is an opportunity for political change".

    It is believed that organisations with "programmes consistent with its objectives" are awarded grants.

    Sources also revealed that Suaram, which is under several investigations, including for allegedly raising funds while operating as an unregistered society as well as for serious violations of at least five sections of the Companies Act, along with Suaram and Suara Inisiatif Sdn Bhd the company that is linked to it, had four known foreign funders.

    Aside from NED's estimated RM1.6 million already in its coffers, Suaram is also believed to have received RM774,000 (between 2008 and last year) from New York-based Open Society Institute, the administrator for programmes under the Open Society Institute.

    The German embassy, meanwhile in 2010, allegedly gave Suaram RM21,400.

    It was reported that the embassy had admitted that it funded Suaram's project that particular year.

    Another RM34,000 was also allegedly channelled to Suaram by Seacem.

    The links of these establishments are apparent, with Seacem on its website acknowledging that it was supported by OSI.

    Seacam, meanwhile, under its fellowship programme, offers its fellows placement in Malaysiakini.

    Suaram's accounts and "money trail" are also allegedly being looked into by Bank Negara Malaysia.

    Recently, Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob called on Bank Negara to probe Suaram under the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act 2001.

    He had also asked the Home Ministry and Registrar of Societies to determine Suaram's status.

    Many quarters have questioned the need to have outside influence interfering in the country's political agenda.

    They have also called on several key opposition figures including Parti Keadilan Rakyat's Tian Chua, Suaram director Kua Kia Soong and co-founder R. Sivarasa to explain why Suaram was being funded by foreign parties, including by Soros, when he had allegedly masterminded plans to bring the country's economy down.

    They had also been asked to clarify whether they had received foreign funding to support their political activities.

    Former PKR leader Ng Lum Yong had demanded that the trio publicly explain Suaram's funding as the people wanted to understand its true role as an organisation.

    "The people have the right to know about Suaram's true political agenda and its motives," Ng said.

    In an interview with BH last night, International Movement for a Just World (JUST) president Professor Dr Chandra Muzaffar said NED had been known to lend substantial financial support to NGOs in particular countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria.

    He claimed it had been uncovered that such efforts had been going on aggressively over the past five years in the name of democratic freedom with the objective of making people rise up against leaders who were allegedly deemed to be cruel.

    He also claimed they handed out assistance with the objective of stirring up the people, and their contribution was akin to udang disebalik batu.

    "We know of their activities in several countries as what has happened in the Arab world, leading to the Arab Spring uprising.

    "There is also proof they provided assistance to groups opposing leaders in South and Central America at one time with the excuse that the leaders were tyrants and undemocratic.

    "Similarly, they were believed to have assisted rebels to oppose Russian President Vladimir Putin."

    Chandra, who is also the chairman of 1Malaysia Foundation, said the credibility of such an organisation which claims to support institutions of freedom and democracy was questionable as it could threaten global security.

    He added that those behind the body included Zionist groups which maintain good relations with the Jewish government.

    Read more: Plot to destabilise govt - Top News - New Straits Times

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    NST says Malaysiakini, CIJ, and Loyar Burok in anti-govt coup plot

    FRI 2012-SEP-21 @ MYT 11:34:57 AM

    4 Votes

    • Malaysiakini and three media activist groups named
    • NST makes poor attempt at smear with no facts on ‘coup plot’
    • Chandra Muzaffar lends voice to smear campaign

    Today’s joke about fearless, open journalism. If you’ve seen this story before, drop a note below.

    The NST ‘coup plot’ 11:
    • Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd
    (publishers of Malaysiakini);
    • Southeast Asia Centre for e-Media (Seacem);
    • Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) based in Bangkok;
    • Centre for Independent Journalism;
    • Merdeka Center for Opinion Research;
    • Liberal Banter Sdn Bhd (publishers of the Loyar Burok web site);
    • Lawyers for Liberty;
    • Bersih;
    • Suaram;
    US-based groups
    • International Republican Institute » ;
    • National Democratic Institute for International Affairs »

    Malaysiakini, the Centre for Investigative Journalism, the Loyar Burok law activists, and the Merdeka Centre opinion pollsters were among 11 organisations attacked by the New Straits Times today in a thinly-disguised political smear, which accused them of being part of an anti-government coup plot.

    The attack was made in a sensational front-page lead under the headline “Plot to Destabilise Govt”.

    But the report, under the byline of NST Putrajaya bureau chief Farrah Naz Karim*, provides no facts on any such plot and instead relies on second-hand information to make a tenuous link between the pro-democracy activities and the downfall of dictatorships in African and Middle Eastern countries.

    (A story on almost the same lines, and against the same organisations, was carried in the English-language press, probably also by the NST a year or two ago, but I cannot find the link now. Please post it below if you find it. Thanks.)

    The NST story provides no details of any activities by the organisations that amount to a coup plot and relies only on a list of figures — supplied by anonymous sources — to show funding from the US-based National Endowment for Democracy, and from the George Soros-backed Open Society Institute.

    Two other US-based organisations are also named in the report: the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute. (On Wednesday, the two organisations presented Burmese democracy leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi with a freedom award.)

    NST names Aung Sang Suu Kyi’s US supporters in Malaysian coup plot
    Aung Sang Suu Kyi receiving a freedom award from former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, chairman of NDI, and US Senator John McCain, chairman of IRI, on Wednesday

    None of the Malaysian organisations were quoted for their side of the story.

    Instead, the story uses a Berita Harian interview with formerly well-respected political scientist Chandra Muzaffar to make a suggestive link between the NED, democracy activism, and popular uprisings in Arab countries which saw the downfall of dictatorships and tyranny.

    The argument is so simplistic and so tenuous that it is laughable. It goes like this:

    • The National Endowment for Democracy gives money for people to promote democracy.
    • Promotion of democracy caused unrest in Arab and Muslim countries run by dictators and undemocratic governments.
    • Pro-democracy movements caused these dictatorships to fall.
    • The NED gave money to 8 Malaysian organisations and 3 others.
    • Therefore the 11 organisations are trying to overthrow the government and replace it with a puppet government.

    It is not only simplistic, it’s stupid but you can rely on pro-Umno bloggers and the pro-Umno establishment to use these “facts” to hammer away at pro-democracy movements.

    Is Umno anti-democracy now?

    If Umno thinks pro-democracy movements are evil, then it seems fair to say that Umno is anti-democracy and against democratic people’s movements. Does the federal government think that, too?

    There is little doubt that the new smear campaign against Malaysiakini, CIJ, Loyar Burok and Merdeka Centre is linked to the current Umno-sponsored government campaign against the human rights organisation Suaram.

    Umno-headed government ministries have made a open attempt to silence Suaram, which has been at the forefront of keeping alive the Scorpene and Altantuya scandals and helping in a French judicial inquiry, in which subpoenas could be issued to the Defence Minister and the Prime Minister.

    • Chandra Muzaffar, a founder of Aliran, was once a highly-regarded champion of human rights and democracy but has espoused pro-establishment views since a falling out with Anwar Ibrahim and Parti Keadilan Nasional.

    • Farrah Naz Karim is an award-winning journalist — she won the Best Journalist award from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission last year, receiving a plaque and a certificate from MACC chief commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed at the agency’s media appreciation.

    (* I wonder if she had any choice in how the story was done or how it was handled.)

    » Plot to destabilise govt – New Straits Times

    Umno and NST type of argument: if you promote Aung Sang Suu Kyi, you must be trying to promote a revolution and therefore trying to topple the Malaysian government. Correct? But is that Umno talking, or the voice of “The Devil You Know” (a.k.a. Mahathir Mohd Kutty) who, obviously, is no fan of democracy but somehow managed to find time to meet Aung Sang Suu Kyi personally so he could look like a hero? Just like the time he engineered a photo-op with Nelson Mandela so he could look like a champion of liberty. Funny thing about pariah tyrants, they so desperately want to be liked.


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    Understand UMNO has been waging psychological warfare against the people from 1946, initially in collaboration with the British and later, on their own.

    BN's agenda to play up Soros-Pakatan bogey

    • Fathi Aris Omar

    • 3:04PM Oct 13, 2012

    The campaign to demonise the opposition with the George Soros bogey that is being played out in the mainstream media today appears to have been hatched by a government agency since mid-year.

    The Special Affairs Department (Jasa) of the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry earlier this year published a thick handbook called 'Guide to Explain Current Issues', which provides the basis of the campaign.

    Among others, it claims that PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim received funds from the currency speculator to face elections.

    It argues that Soros is a Jewish Zionist agent and had purportedly funded the International Crisis Group (ICG) where Anwar is a member via the Open Society Institute (OSI).

    "... Anwar is among the ICG's exco member... a large portion (of leaders) in the ICG are Jews," said the 322-page book.

    "Soros had criticised the Malaysian government and defended Anwar when he was accused of abusing his power."

    The supposed Anwar-Soros relations is contained in a chapter titled 'ICG and (its) relationship with Zionists', one of 22 chapters addressing various issued and programs raised by Pakatan Rakyat since June.

    Accusations just roll on

    To portray that "Bersih 3.0 (rally) is kotor (dirty)", Anwar was accused of starting the chaos on April 28, and was supported by a pro-gay marriage Australian parliamentarian.

    Other issues contained in the book include the National Feedlot Centre scandal, the Scorpene submarine purchase, the Lynas rare earth refinery, Buku Jinnga, Teoh Beng Hock's death, Felda's windfall and Felda Global Venture Holding's (FGV) listing, the demands of Chinese education lobby group Dong Zong, and criticism against the Election Commission.

    The book was written in a question-and-answer format. It also addresses issues specific to Kelantan and Sabah.

    The main issues relating to the PAS-led state were contained in three special chapters: Demands for petroleum royalty, contamination of piped water, and the People's Field (Ladang Rakyat) project.

    As for Sabah, its issues were given attention in another three chapters - the influx of immigrants, customary land rights, and the "Sabah for Sabahans" campaign.

    However, the last chapter 'Allegations of Altantuya (Shaariibuu's) Murder' broke away from the book's question-and-answer or explanatory format.

    Instead, it contained Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's vow during the 2008 Permatang Pauh by-election that he was not involved, and it was reproduced in full.

    Sanctity of facade maintained
    Meanwhile, another 22 chapters listed the government's policies and programmes.

    The first part titled 'National policies" kicks off with the following chapters: Vision 2020, 1Malaysia, the Tenth Malaysia Plan, and the Government Transformation Programme (GTP).

    It also explains the 2012 Budget, the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M) scheme, the government's campaign to reduce corruption and crime rates, measures to control rising prices, and programmes to improve living conditions for the low-income group.

    One page lists out 20 wealthiest Malaysians before concluding that there are "only three ethnic Malays (15 percent) whereas there 16 ethnic Chinese (80 percent) and one ethnic Indian (five percent), in that group.

    It also contained statistics to show that Malay Malaysians are falling behind in professional fields, ownership of equities, and business premises.

    This chapter is followed by programmes to develop the bumiputera such as Teraju, before detailing Malaysia's "national achievements" in the eyes of the world.

    Malaysia is portrayed as a peaceful and prosperous country despite being multiracial and multi-religious, unlike the chaos in Western Asia in recent months.

    The Malay-language guidebook is prepared as reference material for Jasa's campaign officers - the agency being one the government's main propaganda wings - and carries a foreword from Najib.

    "The freedom of speech as guaranteed under the federal constitution does not mean any party may slander or incite the flames of hatred," he said.

    Countering Internet influence
    In its introduction, Jasa director-general and Umno veteran Fuad Hassan said the book was prepared in response to the rapid spread of information over the Internet.

    In March, Information, Communication and Culture Minister Rais Yatim reportedly said that some 50,000 copies would be printed, including those for in rural areas.

    Besides Jasa, he said, other agencies using the book for reference include the Department of Information, official news agency Bernama, and Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM).

    Malaysiakini had obtained a copy of the book last month while attending a Jasa event in Kuala Lumpur regarding opposition against amendments to Section 114A of the Evidence Act.

    A digital edition of the book can also be obtained from Jasa's website.

    Although the materials were prepared some time after the Bersih rally in late-April and in the run-up to FGV's listing in late-June, the exact dates of publication and distribution could not be determined.


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    Using an evil education system to dumb-down the population. It's all part of psychological warfare and so logical.

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