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    Excellent example of a War Dog. It also tells us that UMNO has become very weak and is now beholden to the Unholy Trinity of the SPR, MACC & PDRM.

    Musa Hassan's Contract Extended Due To Excellent Record: Muhyiddin

    September 03, 2009 21:59 PM

    HULU TERENGGANU, Sept 3 (Bernama)-- The government decided to extend
    the contract of the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan
    for one more year as his services were still needed to help in duties
    to take care of the nation's security.

    Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Musa had an
    excellent track record in discharging his duties as the IGP.

    "Based on that we hope we does his duty well to continue to help the
    country in the area of security," he said. Bernama.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pywong
    Excellent example of a War Dog. It also tells us that UMNO has become very weak and is now beholden to the Unholy Trinity of the SPR, MACC & PDRM.[b]
    Since the time of Mao Zedong, paramount leader of the PRC from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976, the party has kept tight control on propaganda. In Mao's view, the party's two key weapons in its struggle for power were the gun and the pen. Mao's teaching is still faithfully followed, with the CCP keeping a tight grip on the military and on state propaganda. Say it loud, I'm PRC and I'm proud

    Understand that the obsession of the Ruling Class with hanging on to power is universal. In China, they use the Army and Propaganda. In Malaysia, UMNO uses the Police and Propaganda, besides other tools in their War Machine.

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    What unfolds on earth and heaven are the will of Tuhan.Instead of trying to understand the complexity of life,it is better for one to turn to the scriptures where the Truth is revealed.In Truth the Duality of the physical world is an illusion,a dream of God [dance of Shiva].All that manifested on the cosmic movie are the projection of the One Light of Truth.
    With this realisation,the non-dual state of peace prevail.

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: UMNO uses religion to control the Rats

    Religion is just a tool of the Ruling Class to control the Rats.

    Between farce and faith (UPDATED WITH CHINESE TRANSLATION)

    Posted by admin
    Friday, 02 October 2009 00:00

    If ‘religionists’ can understand this then the world would be a much better place. Malaysia would be a much better place. And those hundreds of millions who were slaughtered over the last 3,500 years in the name of the ‘true religion’ need not have died needlessly.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    If I were to say that a certain very senior military officer told me that………..many -- in particular those from the legal fraternity -- would say that this is hearsay. If I relate something that someone else told me then that is not admissible as ‘evidence’. Malaysiatoday....

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    As we progress through these series of articles, the reasons why UMNO managed to hang on to power will become clearer. Here's a Malay viewpoint that will be helpful.

    Bottom line: The nation is held hostage to the Malay mindset. Do they wake up and realize who their real enemies are?

    The enemies who keep on feeding the Malays the notion that they are inferior, that they need special assistance to come up, that they can only achieve this by depriving others of their rights,..... (Nowhere in history has any nation achieved greatness through such a strategy. Why would UMNO's NEP be any different?)

    ... or do they remain in slumber, lulled by UMNO's rhetoric of hatred and envy.

    For the Malays to rise and rediscover their greatness, they have to dump UMNO.

    Cry my beloved Malay soul
    AB Sulaiman | Feb 6, 09 10:51am

    When Alan Paton wrote 'Cry The Beloved Country' he was lamenting over the inhumanity of man over man, of how the whites can devise, construct and implement race- and colour-based social and economic injustices over the blacks in apartheid-era South Africa.

    The whole world had condemned this practice; we were among the loudest screaming against it.

    South Africa has moved on since then, and today it is one shining example of an emancipated, open and progressive country, enjoying a respectable place in the community of nations. It has thrown apartheid into the bins of its history.

    Here in Malaysia, yes we condemn apartheid, and quite rightly so. But in the same breath we were and are still its major proponent our version of apartheid.

    We do not call it apartheid; of course not. We call it instead 'Ketuanan Melayu' under the guise of 'championing Malay rights,' and implementing it under the New Economic Policy. It's smart, right? In none of them does the word 'apartheid' appear!

    Yes, we are smart. We do not blatantly call it apartheid, we merely perfected the process of social separation. First of all we ensure the great majority of civil servants, the police, and the military are manned by Malays (the target benefactors). We give them good salaries, good perks and assured employment. We then devise rules and regulations, and even laws, to ensure the NEP's easy implementation.

    We then brainwash our Malay brethren with the notion 'untuk agama bangsa dan negara' that there is a higher ideal beyond performing a duty with professionalism and dedication, and that is doing things in the name of religion and race.

    We devise rules and regulations, and even laws, to ensure the NEP's easy implementation.

    Then we design and implement social and economic policies like channeling lucrative government contracts, separate education streams, housing rebates, banking and financial support, in favour of, you guessed it, the Malays.

    It does not stop there. We devise measures to prevent the people from raising too much objections to all these by introducing or continuing legislation and religiously implementing them.

    The Sedition Act for example stops people from talking too much about language and religion. The Official Secrets Act prevents people from gaining access to government files.

    Students and lecturers are not allowed to discuss and make public any subject that would appear to be critical to government (yes, government, not political) policies and philosophies.

    All publications must, first of all, get operating licences. Newspapers must not only get a licence before publishing but it must be renewed every year.

    Sacrifices conveniently forgotten

    The king of all of the suppressive and oppressive laws is the Internal Security Act, when a citizen can be put under detention without the benefit of any charge!

    All said and done, we sacrifice the rule of law in favour of rule by private individuals. To show that we are really smart, we pooh pooh the loyalty and patriotism of the non-Malay segment of the population.

    We call them pendatang or immigrants bearing the stigma that they are social discard from their original country, similar to rogues, rascals, refugees, mercenaries and scoundrels. We just ignore their proven talent and ability in wealth creation and economic productivity, as well as to their demonstrated loyalty and patriotism.

    Many of such pendatangs have made the ultimate sacrifices as military personnel defending its security, during the Emergency, the Confrontation period with Indonesia and as policemen while policing the social environment.

    They have contributed and are continuing to, in sport and the arts. Their record as loyal and patriotic Malaysians is quite impeccable. But we do not really care.

    The perplexing thing is that despite these attributes and positive records of the non-Malays, we are still going about championing and implement apartheid principles. In this new year, perhaps we can do with a little reflection: why are we doing all this?

    We do this apparently to recover our lost soul. We perceive that we have been victims of colonization when the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonizers all but butchered the Malay entity, psychology and culture. In the process we perceive that we have lost our Malay identity.

    With independence, we thought we could recapture the lost glory of Malay suzerainty by becoming masters of all facets of a nation, especially its commerce, and economy. We found out that the Chinese community had beaten us to it.

    We felt the Chinese had capitalised on our weakness and captured the economic initiatives (and wealth) as well as the social characteristics of the country. We lost 'face'.

    Now we want to regain the mertabat or dignity and pride of the Malay race!

    Yes, we feel that we have to recover our soul and it is here that we are reminded of Paton's book title, but in this case suitably paraphrased to – cry my beloved Malay soul.

    Our Malay soul needs to cry for doing the right thing for the wrong reason or the wrong thing for the right reason; even for the wrong thing for the wrong reason, but not for the right thing for the right reason.

    To start with colonization is really not an excuse for our psychological malaise and ineptitude.

    Colonization has been a feature of human history and felt all over the world. There are very few countries that have not been colonized in the world.

    It is thus a neutral concept in human social and economic development. It is certainly not an impediment to social or economic progress as we are wont to portray it. We should dump this notion that we hold dear into the bin of history.

    Rethinking our way of thinking

    Just look at the records. The Koreans were once colonised by the Japanese, but today Korea is an industrial power house. Singapore was once colonized by the British and was indeed a part of us, and today we see this tiny country being a solid financial, trading and industrial entity.

    Most pointedly of all, the US was once a British colony and today it is the mightiest nation in the world.. Our second grouse - that the Chinese have cornered the economic sector of the country also needs re-looking into, on two counts.

    First, the Chinese did not become successful based on any conscious and concerted economic programme to economically marginalise us.

    We did this self-inflicted wound ourselves. As proof, we have to note that most of the Chinese came to our shores with only their feet, hands, guts and brains and perhaps a bundle of clothes, nothing more.

    They become successful for their hard work, both physically and mentally and for the sacrifices they were prepared to make and had undertaken. They were successful for having the mental fortitude to seek opportunities, grab those that come along and worked extra hard to realize the potentials of these opportunities.

    Secondly, we have been given a chance to be equal with them, both under numerous 'special privileges' enshrined in the Constitution, as well as under its NEP implementation programe.

    The special privileges have always been in the constitution while the latter began in 1970. In short, we have been given the chance - the opportunity - many times over, to better our Malay polity.

    Whereas the Chinese had to struggle just to find and identify the opportunities, in our case they were handed to us on a silver platter!

    Thus far we have failed to capitalize adequately on them. It rather shameful we missing out on these chances specially created for us in the first place.

    Either way the root cause of our weaknesses and the strength of the Chinese lies in two words - positive thinking. Our thinking is mired with so many dos and don'ts, so many musts and musn'ts, so many cans and cannots, may and may nots, plenty enough to created and internalize doubts and fears in our minds.

    So much so that we have doubt over what we can and what we can't do, what is allowed and what is not. We spend a lifetime looking for these highly complex cans and cannots, musts and must nots, that we have hardly any mental energy left to develop and self-confidence to get on and face the realities of life.

    Let's refer to this case as the 'can't don't and won't syndrome'. The Chinese by the way are not encumbered by such syndromes.

    What appears to have happened is that this syndrome has affected our mental ability to conceptualise. We see things on the straight and narrow. We accept wisdoms handed down to us by our elders as the gospel truth.

    Blinded by sentiment

    We do not see that things can be seen and interpreted in many alternative ways. We feel we have the monopoly on truth; we therefore think that we are right all the time and other people are wrong all the time. Witness the way we see religion for example.

    We think that we as Muslims are right and other people who profess other religions are wrong, all the time.

    We need to cry for thinking that we can and have doctored the way the people think and do things. We have been intimidating the people with what they can read or write or think and do.

    We seem to be saying "you can think anything, do anything, write anything so long as it does not criticise or condemn the government".

    Soul-searching and resuscitating is not or should not be about pointing accusing fingers at some bogeys. That would be a most negative thing to do. It would be better for us to be open-minded and be able to identify our own strengths and weaknesses.

    We improve upon our strengths and dump our weaknesses. Mainly we must be able to develop the awareness that we have both the strengths and weaknesses in the first place.

    To illustrate, the NEP has proved many time over as a failed strategy for our socio-economic advancement.. Let us be aware of this in the first place and move on seeking other ways with better chance of success.

    How about secularizing the Malay mind? It might make for a good start for we can see many of the don'ts, can'ts, musn'ts dissipating into the wind.

    In the meantime, here we are in the early days of a new year. We should begin by realising that whatever 'smart' moves we had undertaken all this while have not really been that smart after all.

    The joke is on us. Everybody says so – the liberated Malays, the non-Malays, our neighbors and the rest of the international community. Only those of us basking in our closed mind and benefiting from the profits of the status quo say it's alright.

    Happy New Year all the same and here's hoping this year we can get a good perspective as to what propagating a good mertabat really means. It's long overdue.

    In the meantime, cry my beloved Malay soul.

    Jean-Luc Godard - "To be or not to be. That's not really a question."

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Using the BTN for brainwashing

    BTN – Brainwashing The Nation (Part 1)

    Posted by admin
    Thursday, 08 October 2009 09:45

    By Eyes Wide Open

    The real indoctrination of the nation is done by another government machinery, whose existence and infrastructre are widely known but whose operations are largely secretive. And the most unfortunate fact is that their primary target is the youth of our nation.

    I’m talking about the Biro Tatanegara (BTN).

    - He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future! (Adolf Hitler, speech at the Reichsparteitag, 1935 )

    The BTN is a government agency in the Prime Minister’s Department and answers directly to the PM. This agency’s organisation and powers enable them to hold the nation’s civil servants and govt scholars by the balls.

    This is because BTN courses are compulsory for all students of public institute of higher learning, government scholarship holders and civil servants. Failure to attend or pass the BTN courses would jeopardise their career prospects, academic assessments or aid/scholarship approvals. Malaysiatoday....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Hang the police first

    Just more confirmation on the UMNO War Machine's existence.

    Hang the police first

    Posted by admin
    Thursday, 29 October 2009 17:00

    Have no delusions about it. The enemy is the Malaysian police. Those are the people we must first bring down if we want to bring down the regime called Barisan Nasional. Malaysians must declare war on the Malaysian police.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Take a walk back into history. Look at how the USSR held on to power. Look at how the Shah of Iran held on to power. Look at how Saddam held on to power. Look at how Marcos held on to power. Look at how Sukarno and then Suharto held on to power. Look at the last 5,000 years of the recorded history of mankind and look at how any of the regimes held on to power. And you will discover one common denominator. And that common denominator is a violent police force that serves the regime in any way that is required, legal or otherwise.

    And that is the situation in Malaysia today.

    Then look at how these regimes were brought down. Only when the police changed sides or were ‘neutralised’ did the regimes fall. Only when the unholy alliance between the regime and the police was broken did the regimes fall. So there are no two ways about it. History has taught us so. Regimes do not fall unless the back of the police force is broken. So, to bring down the regime, you must first bring down the police. Malaysiatoday....

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    Religion is just a tool used by UMNO to control the Malays. The goal is to keep them ignorant and conditioned to obey only one school of thought.

    JAIS targets ex-Perlis mufti for unauthorised lecture

    KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 2 — Ex-Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin could face an Islamic court for ostensibly lecturing without a permit after he was briefly held at a religious lecture in Ampang last night but the maverick is claiming blatant persecution.

    He has been ordered to turn up for further questioning at the Gombak district Islamic Affairs Department at 9am today after he was earlier freed at 1.10am on police bail.

    He told reporters later the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (JAIS) claimed he was giving lectures without a permit.

    "I take this as selective persecution as they have always targeted me. This is a planned arrest as I am sure there are other religious lectures or gatherings like this elsewhere in Selangor," said Asri, who recently returned from post-graduate studies in Britain.

    Some 35 JAIS enforcement officials and 25 policemen detained him at the lecture in a businessman's house in the posh Taman Sri Ukay area at about 9.30pm. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Shrink the non-Malay Bumis

    Very simple. This is a tactic to increase the Malay Bumi pool, which is UMNO's vote-bank. And to shrink the non-Malay Bumi pool at the same time.

    Baru Bian: Laws on bumiputra status are not standardised. In the peninsula, a child qualifies to be a bumiputra if either parent is. In Sabah, only the father is required to be for the child to gain bumiputra status. But in Sarawak, both parents must be natives (and therefore bumiputras) for their child to be deemed as one.

    Baru Bian offers to help Marina

    Sunday, 01 November 2009 23:57

    Joseph Tawie

    KUCHING – A senior lawyer has offered to help Marina Undau challenge the decision of the Education Ministry, which had rejected her application to enter a matriculation programme.

    baru-bian.jpgIn a statement issued today, Baru Bian said every Sarawakian child must be given free education up to university level, irrespective of his or her racial background. MalaysianMirror....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – Religion: Jais denies arrest politically motivated

    Did Allah appoint Jais to be his sole agent in Malaysia for issue of speaking permits?

    No! The real issue is power. Control over religion is control over the followers' thoughts. And that means power. That's why Asri is claiming that his arrest is politically motivated. BTW, why was Zuraida Kamaruddin, MP for Ampang, arrested as well? She wasn't preaching at the same time, was she?

    Jais denies Asri’s arrest politically motivated

    By Syed Jaymal Zahiid

    SHAH ALAM, Nov 2 — The Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) has strongly denied that Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin’s arrest last night was politically-motivated, saying that they are planning to charge the former Perlis mufti merely because he had broken the law.

    Jais director Datuk Mohammed Khusrin Munawi told reporters that Asri was arrested under Section 119 (1) of the Islamic Administration Enactment for preaching without a permit.

    Khusrin said various complaints had been lodged against Asri, whom he accused of holding several religious lectures — mostly around the affluent area of Sri Ukay in Ampang — without authorisation.

    “All those who want to hold such events must follow the law and the ruling made by the Sultan,” said Khusrin.

    “You need tauliah to preach in this state and all you have to do is apply. We are open to processing applications,” he said, using the Arabic term for authorisation. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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