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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Art Harun's BTN Experience

    It is about our future. It is about our kids. Because the BTN targets our kids.

    It is about finding out whether something wrong has been done. If so what are they and what are the solutions? Are we going to continue with the wrongs, if indeed there are wrongs. Or are we going to revamp it?

    It is about correcting the wrongs, if any, and improving the things which are right.

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009
    My "BTN" experience

    On the night of 31st December 1979, about 20 of us were put together in a coach on a KL-bound train from Butterworth. Destination, Kuala Kubu Baru.

    We were school children from Perlis and Kedah, hand-picked by our respective school to attend a one week "vocational guidance course" at Pusat Latihan Belia Negara at Pertak, KKB. Truthfully, I did not know - and still do not know - the criteria for my selection. The kids together with me were apparently selected for their MCE trial exam results, their extra-curricular activities and the likes. ....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: BTN and the price of indoctrination

    RM 550 million for a BN Hate Camp.

    BTN and the price of indoctrination


    Wednesday, 16 December 2009 admin-s

    What price indoctrination? Herein lies the question on the RM550 million spent over 10 years on a civic-consciousness programme that turned out to be a project of instilling fear into the Malays – fear of their own shadow and fear of other races.

    Azly Rahman

    The Biro Tatanegara (BTN) courses use Russian-styled pseudo-scientific pop psychology, drawn from the work of Bulgarian mind-bending experts in 'suggestopedia' developed by Lozanov and Barzakov with creative visualisation para-psychological techniques, into which the mind is emptied before propaganda is funnelled.

    When the mind is half-asleep, subconscious wide awake, the body is relaxed, the room darkened, the voice of the propagandist-facilitator reigns supreme, suggesting anything to ensure that the doped, docile, and domesticated mind enters a game of master-slave narrative.

    NONEThe BTN facilitators become the masters, the participants, mesmerised, are now the slaves - so that the idea of Ketuanan Melayu gets chiseled into the right side of the brain and urges the emotions to become reptilian, so that hate and mistrust of other races will be imprinted into the brain cells.

    The directors and creators of Malaysia's now infamous indoctrination camps must be guilty of not learning enough of what culture and human progress is before promoting a dangerously divisive mental pogrom that is purposely designed to breed hatred amongst all races. Malaysiatoday....

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    Quote Originally Posted by pywong
    Ch. 1: The UMNO War Machine

    Amendment: UMNO Rebels added

    Amendment: Tentera Wataniah added under VII Militias

    Observe how UMNO's War Machine is used to kill off their opponents.

    You can read about the MACC, the Police, AG Chambers are here. Observe how they try to fix Rosli Dahlan using spurious charges.

    The MACC will eat shit tomorrow

    Sunday, 20 December 2009 Super Admin

    The MACC has built its case on a house of straw. It leaked information to the MSM that a certain very senior police officer has undeclared assets totalling RM27 million. When Rosli Dahlan, the police officer’s lawyer, replied to the charge and proved that the allegation is a load of hogwash, the MACC went for the lawyer. And this is what they did to my lawyer as well, which I will reveal later.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    On Monday 21 December 2009, Rosli Dahlan is going to court to face a charge of not replying to a letter from the MACC. It seems not replying to a letter from the MACC is a crime. The thing is, Rosli did reply to that letter. He replied by asking for further clarification. But instead of responding to Rosli’s letter they came to his office and arrested him.

    Is this a simple cut and dry case of not replying to a letter, which Rosli did? Or is there more than meets the eye?

    The case is actually more complex than what they are making it out to be. It is not really about Rosli at all. It is about the one-time CCID Director, Ramli Yusuff. The IGP, Musa Hassan, wants Ramli removed. But Rosli is standing in the way and hindering the effort to remove Ramli.

    But why does the IGP want Ramli removed? Well, it is an eleven-year old story that relates to the sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim back in 1998. Yes, that is how far the story goes.Malaysiatoday....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: It’s a conspiracy, lawyer Rosli tells court

    Quote Originally Posted by pywong
    [size=14pt]Observe how UMNO's War Machine is used to kill off their opponents.

    You can read about the MACC, the Police, AG Chambers are here. Observe how they try to fix Rosli Dahlan using spurious charges.[/color]
    The MACC will eat shit tomorrow

    Sunday, 20 December 2009 Super Admin

    It’s a conspiracy, lawyer Rosli tells court

    Tuesday, 22 December 2009 Super Admin

    (Free Malaysia Today) - Lawyer Rosli Dahlan told the Sessions Court here today that he was the a victim of conspiracy by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).
    He said the then Anti-Corruption Agency wanted to fix him up as he was representing former Commercial Crime Director Ramli Yusuff, who was accused of various offences in 2007.

    Rosli, of Lee Hishamuddin Allen & Gledhill, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of ignoring a notice to declare his assets before Sessions Court judge Abu Bakar Katar and was testifying on the first day of the hearing. Malaysiatoday....

    Round one: the truth surfaces

    Tuesday, 22 December 2009 Super Admin

    Under cross-examination, Kevin admitted that there was bad blood between Ramli and the IGP. The IGP had blocked Ramli’s Pingat Polis award on grounds that he is under investigation, thus unqualified to be the Deputy IGP -- and therefore also not suitable to succeed as IGP.


    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Rosli Dahlan's trial kicked off in the Criminal Sessions Court 10 in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur, with the cross-examination of the Prosecution’s first witness, MACC officer Azmi Ismail, by Dato' Kumaraendran.

    Azmi testified that Rosli was served a notice to declare his assets although he was not the subject of any investigation. The subject of the investigation was the ex-CCID Director, Ramli Yusuff.

    Azmi further testified that Ramli was under investigation because of a report (Report Number 098/2007), which he (Azmi) made against him (Ramli). The basis of the report was information he (Azmi) received through another report that Ramli was involved in corruption.

    Azmi admitted that he has no knowledge whatsoever whether Ramli had committed any crime. Nevertheless, he still made the report against Ramli and launched the investigation under instructions from higher up resulting from another report (Report Number O75/2007) made by another officer, Saiful Ezral.

    In fact, Saiful's report (the first report) made no mention of Ramli’s name. Azmi, however, mentioned Ramli in his report (the second report) even though his report was based on another report that made no mention of Ramli. Malaysiatoday....

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    Quote Originally Posted by racheljansz
    BTN? Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't this the brainchild of Anwar?
    Rachel, from the horse's mouth:

    Indeed, Amirudin said BTN founder Johari Abdul had told him that its purpose was to control the uprising that was being led by then student leader Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts in the 1970s. Malaysiakini. Subscription required - Lively and engaging forum on merits of BTN

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Why are salaries for graduates so damn low?

    The writer, NK Khoo asked rhetorically "Why are salaries for graduates so damned low?" and he suggests some answers below. Elementary, Watson. It's to keep the Rats in their place.

    Maybe if he looks at it from a systemic point of view, it appear that it is part of UMNO's strategy to push tho Middle Class to the Lower Class so as to reduce the threat to the Ruling Regime from the Middle Class. In other words, we are headed the "Myanmar Way".

    His first delusion is to imagine that the Ruling Regime is interested in the people's welfare. Nothing can be further from the truth.

    His second delusion is to use paper money to measure an individual's progress. Try using gold instead and he could be in for a revelation.

    Why are salaries for graduates so damn low?

    NK Khoo Dec 24, 09

    I summarise the local graduate's dilemma into two scenarios:

    1. Local graduates are paid cheaply due to their low academic quality and lack of skill sets to meet market demand;

    2. Local graduates with the right skills and experience are also under paid due to free and fierce competition from low-cost countries.

    Whether you are a fresh or experienced engineer, you are a condemned loser under the present BN government policy which favours the employers and their low-cost foreigners.

    This also explains why many Malaysian engineers and talent choose to work in overseas for better salaries.

    Recently, I received a spam e-mail from a recruitment firm looking for candidates to fill up executive positions in a call center at Cyberjaya.

    First, I felt a bit shocked and insulted as the salary offered was between RM1,300 to RM1,800 for graduates with at least three years working experience. This was the starting salary I got many, many years ago as a fresh graduate!

    What has gone wrong in Malaysia that the salary of graduates has been decreasing over the years? RM1, 500 at today's value is equivalent to about RM500-RM600 in 80s after we factor in the inflation rate.

    How can Malaysia grows to become a high-income country with such meager salaries paid to our graduates? We should ask Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak for this 'boleh' phenomenon. I'll give you my own analysis first before you get the rhetorical answer from the government.

    Firms in the Cyberjaya are free to take in foreign workers, hence these employers have better bargaining power to suppress salaries for local fresh graduates. This is not the full story yet.

    I also got to know that some foreign software engineers are paid RM20K to 30K per month by those same companies at Cyberjaya. Now I can say the influx of general purpose graduates from low-cost countries like India, China, Philippines etc. is pushing down the salaries for local graduates to unreasonable levels.

    Besides, our local universities like Mara churn out a mass of uncompetitive local graduates under the name of the NEP. Mismatching in supply and demand for generalist and specialist engineers make things even worse.

    I summarise the local graduate's dilemma into two scenarios:

    1. Local graduates are paid cheaply due to their low academic quality and lack of skill sets to meet market demand;

    2. Local graduates with the right skills and experience are also under paid due to free and fierce competition from low-cost countries.

    Whether you are a fresh or experienced engineer, you are a condemned loser under the present BN government policy which favours the employers and their low-cost foreigners.

    This also explains why many Malaysian engineers and talent choose to work in overseas for better salaries. Malaysiakini. Subscription required.

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: Differentiating noise from substance

    One of the challenges for a Rat living in Malaysia is to differentiate "noise" here and here from substance. In waging psychological warfare against the Rats, the Ruling Class will resort to lots of noise to drown out dissent, to generate lots of "heat" such as emotions of fear, hate and envy. But such noise cannot withstand the light of reason.

    Read an excellent article of reason below:

    But more importantly, study trends. Long-term trends do not lie. Trends can be your friend. We will post more on that later.

    An open reply to Dr Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah – Art Harun

    DEC 28 – Dear Doctor, I refer to your article “Accused as criminals better than being evil.”

    Before I join issue with you on several matters in your article, allow me to state some disclaimers. This is to prevent me from being labelled anti this and that or pro this and that.

    First and foremost, I am just an ordinary citizen of this country of ours who is just concerned with the well being of our country. Although I have my own political views, I am not affiliated to nor am I associated with any political party at all. I am a Malay and a Muslim. I am not anti-Malay or anti-Islam. Nor am I pro non-Malays or non-Muslims.

    Now that I have made that clear, I shall address some of the issues raised.

    Firstly, the “social contract”. These two words have become a cliche in Malaysia. Whenever somebody or some parties raise some sensitive issues which the Government does not wish to address, they will be referred to the “social contract”. Soon, I suppose when a thief snatches a handbag from a poor woman, he will shout to the woman, “social contract”!

    What is the “social contract”? I will not repeat what it is as I have written about it here. The first thing to note about it is that any social contract is not cast in stone. It may change as the society and state change and the need of the two parties to the contract evolve with time. What was deemed good 52 years ago may not be good anymore now, and vice versa.

    If we take our Federal Constitution as an example, there have been hundreds of amendments made to it. That is the nature of it. It is a breathing and living contract which changes or ought to change according to the time.

    Being so, questioning the provisions of the social contact is not a blasphemous act. Nor is it an act of treason. It is in fact a necessity for our society and our state to evolve into a progressive one. With all due respect, for you to label a certain party as “ultra kiasu” just because it apparently questions - if at all they did that - the “social contract” is unbefitting of your stature as a respectable ulamak and a well known senior lecturer. It is like labeling your own students “kiasu” for asking too many questions.

    Why can’t we be positive about things? Are we so used to be told what to do, what to hear and what to say all these while that we have forgotten to engage with each other properly without any ill feeling? If an ulamak and academician like yourself can’t engage properly and without emotion, I shudder to think of the prospect of this nation of ours. Have we all closed our heart and soul to any opposite views?

    The second thing to note about the social contract is the fact that this contract, like any other contract, has two parties to it. The first party is the people. The second party is the State (or the government). It runs two ways. The people say “I give you, the government, some of my rights in exchange of you giving me certain benefits”. So, the obligations exist on both side of the fence. Not only one.

    That means both side must conform to the social contract. Both sides have their own respective obligations to perform. Nowadays, we talk as if only the people are supposed to perform the social contract. We talk as if the government does not have any obligation to perform under the social contract. That is an obvious misconception.

    The thing is this. The government is powerful because it holds the power. If the people do not perform the social contract, the government would come with all its might and prosecute him or her.

    I ask you, what can the people do if the government does not perform its side of the bargain? Do you expect the people to keep quiet?

    Thirdly, it is to be noted that, as a living document, the terms of the social contract may be renegotiated from time to time. Among others, John Locke posits as such. Locke even posits the rights of rebellion in the event the social contracts lead to tyranny.

    Of course I am not advocating a rebellion here. I am stating that the people have every right to question about the social contract and to scrutinise the performance of its terms by the government. And the people have every right – in fact it is arguable that it is the people’s duty – to prevent a tyranny or an act of tyranny.

    Being so, I am sure it is not such a sin as made out by you for any party to question the social contract. That is within his or her right as a party to the social contract.

    The next issue which I wish to address is the misstatement of the real issues in contemporary Malaysia. I have to state this because when the issues are misstated, the arguments in support would also go wrong. Emotions can seep in and everything will turn ugly.

    The issues at hand, in my opinion, are not the status of Islam as the religion of the Federation or the special positions enjoyed by the Malays and the natives of Borneo. Those are entrenched in the Federal Constitution.

    I have chosen the words in the preceding paragraph deliberately. Nowadays, when the arguments for “equality” are raised, the other side quickly jump and say “you are questioning the status of Islam” or “you are questioning the special rights of the Malays” or worse still, “you are questioning the position of the Malay rulers”.

    Notice how the issues have been misstated to suit their purpose. What are in existence are not “special rights” but “special positions” and the parties which enjoy these positions are not only the Malays but also the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. Please read this article for further explanation on this issue.

    On the position of Islam, I don’t think anybody in their right mind would question the status of Islam as the religion of the Federation.

    But dear Doctor, you must be wise enough to discern between official religion and the law of the country. These are two different things.

    Similarly, you must also be unemotional enough to discern the difference between Bahasa Malaysia as the official language and the rights of the people to speak whatever language they wish.

    What have been raised in contemporary Malaysia is not the status of Islam as the religion of the Federation. Many events have taken place so far in relation to inter-faith integration that would call for a closer look at the freedom of religion as enshrined in our Constitution in order to find solutions. These events were perhaps not within the foresight of the fathers of our nation when the Constitution was being drafted.

    It is then left to us, the children of today, to take the bull by the proverbial horn and try to find acceptable solutions to everybody in accordance with the common standard of fairness and civility.

    Among others, these problems are:

    • the controversy surrounding inter-faith marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims where a non-Muslim would convert to Islam to marry a Muslim but later re-convert to his or her original faith;

    • the controversy surrounding the forced indoctrination of a certain faith – whether Islam or other faith – on children who are below the age of majority;

    • the controversy surrounding the issue of apostasy in Islam;

    • the controversy surrounding the unfair allocation of budget for the erection of temples or churches as compared to the mosques and suraus;

    • the controversy surrounding the right to practise Islam by Muslims in accordance with their sectarian beliefs;

    • the controversy surrounding some fatwas issued by some body of ulamaks;

    • the controversy surrounding the usage of the word “Allah” to signify God;

    •the controversy surrounding the publication of Bible in Bahasa Malaysia;

    • the controversy surrounding moral policing.

    These are issues which are being raised. They have nothing to do with the status of Islam under the Constitution or the status of the Malay rulers. Like it or not, these issues exist and will persist so long as we huddle ourselves in our dark caves, secure in our belief that those people who raise these issues are ultra kiasu and they have treasonous tendency.

    This nation is built, from day one, by one strength and that strength is the unity of her people, regardless of race or religion. There is no such thing as this is “our” nation and not “theirs”.

    In fact, may I respectfully point out that you, as a Chinese Muslim, are contradicting yourself when you refer to this land as “our own land” if what you meant by “our own land” is that this land is the land of the Malays.

    Please, dear Doctor. Be more sensitive to the feelings of all Malaysians. You are after all an influential ustaz or teacher whose views are respected by many.

    Now, as this nation of ours go into adulthood, it must confronts issues which naturally arise in the course of nation building.

    It must confront these issues unemotionally and with great respect to everybody involved. Lest the very basis of this nation, namely, the unity of her people, would just fade away and we can bet our last dime that destruction would be on its way.

    I fear for my children. I fear for this nation if we continue to count “our rights” as opposed to “theirs”. There is no “opposite parties” mind you. We are in this together.

    Now you have come up with a rather ingenious formula. It is based on the entitlement to more rights for the majority. It is numerical power, which many argue is the direct result of democracy. Jeremy Bentham postulates the utilitarian principle under which it is said that whatever brings the most happiness to the greatest number of people would be good.

    It would appear that you have managed to reduce the utilitarian principle into a science by reducing the yardstick of happiness and greatest number of people into a mathematical formula.

    But with respect, you are threading on a dangerous path. Stretched to its logical conclusion, you are validating the might of the majority over the helplessness of the minority.

    In the end, finally, what matters in your equation is the numbers involved. What if, in the future, the non-Muslims become the majority in this country, may I ask you? Would you accept their lording over you as a minority then?

    What about the ban of the Islamic minarets in Switzerland? Do you, as a Muslim, accept that because, after all, Christians are the majority in Switzerland? What about the ban of the hijab and head scarf in France? Do you accept that on the same basis, ie, that Christians are the majority in France?

    What about the killing of Muslims Bosnians by the Serbs and Croats? You accept that too? After all Christians are the majority in that region.

    What if the Israelis manage to forcefully fill Gaza with Israelis leaving the Palestinians to be the minority, would you accept the desecration of everything that is Islam in Gaza?

    What you are preaching, in my humble opinion, is political expediency suited for the current moment and nothing else. You are not seeing the bigger picture. With respect, you fail to look into ourselves as Muslims and spot our weaknesses as an Ummah against the backdrop of globalisation and openness.

    You pay scant regard to spirituality and our ability as Muslims, to face this new aged world on any ground other than the strength in numbers and loudness of our voice.

    You mentioned Ibn Khaldun in your article. Can you point out the existence of what Ibn Khaldun termed in his “Muqadimmah” as the spirit of “assabiya” in our contemporary Muslim society? Do we have “assabiya” nowadays? Or is it a matter of whatever is mine is mine and yours is yours?

    In your mathematical formula, you are in fact preaching against Ibn Khaldun’s “assabiya.” The communal spirit, comradeship and camaraderie are obviously not important in your formula.

    What about the numerical superiority of the non-Muslims in education for instance? Non-Muslims do get 9As or 10As in the examinations. Based on your numerical formula, wouldn’t they have the right to be in our public university? If so, why don’t they get what they are entitled to?

    What about the numerical superiority in the non-Muslims’ contribution to our national coffers through the payment of taxes, duties and investments made? If your numerical superiority formula is applied, wouldn’t the non-Muslims then have more rights to build churches and temples compared to Muslims?

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying they are so entitled. But I am just applying your formula to real situations.

    Non-Muslims’ festivities should be limited to the percentage of their numbers. Sorry Doctor, I am laughing at the suggestion. Is that what matters? Festivities? Public holidays? They should have less number of temples and churches and we should have more mosques and suraus? (You seem to suggest that there are far too many churches and temples in Malaysia but have you seen the state of these churches and temples? Some are by the side of the road and in shop lots. Some are just housed in a small doggie house.)

    How much space we occupy on our way to our graves? And how big our graves are? Good God, who is kiasu? What have we, the good people of Malaysia, become? And why have we descended into this deep pit of triviality? Oh my goodness.

    Sometime, I find your reasoning inconsistent Doctor. While you preach goodness and high morality and you make such huge outcry against the evil of living immorally as practised by some politicians and the like, at the same time you don’t really mind a newspaper which sometime write obvious lies and spread hatred.

    This is because, according to you, this newspaper is being frank. Well, is it okay to be bad as long as we are frank about it? You view with contempt the act of living together outside marriage by some non-Muslims but you can accept the act of lying and spreading hatred because the perpetrator is being frank? The last time I checked Doctor, even Hitler was being frank in wanting to kill all the Jews that ever walked the Earth. Was that okay?

    The only way out of this racial and religious time bomb which is ticking fast in contemporary Malaysia to my mind is for all of us to confront all the issues in an unemotional manner. We should list them all out in the open. We should accept that those issues constitute problems and acknowledge that fact. We cannot deny their existence. We should stop assigning guilt. We should avoid pointing fingers. We should not adopt the my-religion-is-more-righteous-than-yours attitude.

    After we manage to do that, we should then sit down and find the solutions as best as we can.

    And we better do it fast. Because the longer we delay it, the more insidious and deep they will become. Soon more people will misuse those issues for whatever personal purpose which they may have. The situation may then become irreversible.

    May God give all of us the wisdom.

    Salam. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – Alternative media critical to Malaysian elections

    UMNO's control over information was destroyed by the internet. That was crucial to the outcome of the Mar 08 elections.

    Alternative media critical to Malaysian election

    Tuesday, 29 December 2009 Super Admin

    According to USINFO, a publication of the Department of State, alternative media played a key role in the March 8 parliamentary elections in Malaysia. The ruling Barisan National (BN) party received a surprising blow when it lost 82 seats in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat. Although the BN still holds 63% of seats, it lost its commanding two-thirds majority. The BN has ruled Malaysia for 50 years. Malaysiatoday....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: BTN hate mongers still at it

    BTN hate mongers still at it

    THE SUN, Tuesday, 29 December 2009

    Letter in ‘The Sun‘

    My nephew, a doctor, is upset and disappointed after attending an induction course from Dec 19 to 24 at the Bayu Beach Resort in Port Dickson.

    The first four days of the programme was conducted by officials from the Health Ministry who were professional in their approach and methodology.

    However, the sessions during next two days conducted by National Civics Bureau (Biro Tata Negara) were downright racist. It was sickening and nothing more than an exercise to divide Malaysian society, create disunity, instil hatred and discord.

    Although my nephew is a Muslim and a Malay and was not the target of the BTN instructors, he and his other Muslim friends were sick and tired that their non-Muslim brothers and sisters were constantly labelled as “pendatang”. Malaysian Indians were continuously hounded regarding the actions of the now outlawed Hindraf movement.

    One BTN instructor even had the temerity to say “no need to attend the BTN course if you think we are racist” and “we warn you not to report what happens here to the press or to anyone else.”

    No need to attend? Can the chief secretary to the government (to whom the BTN reports directly) please confirm that the attendance at the programme is voluntary and participants can indeed choose not to attend without fear of being reprimanded and blacklisted later?

    And the BTN instructors warned and threatened these young and intelligent doctors. Can we make police reports against them for threatening our children?

    So much has been said about the BTN programme over the last few months and many federal ministers have defended it. The truth is either the ministers are ignorant or they simply lied through their teeth.

    The prime minister himself had issued a gag order and said he would personally look into the programme. Thus, by continuing with their racist and fascist agenda, have the BTN instructors committed insubordination? Are their actions in line with the noble spirit of 1Malaysia, people first, performance now?

    I take this opportunity to congratulate the civics bureau for its kind deed in inducting the 80-odd doctors who attended the programme into the folds of Pakatan Rakyat.

    Alor Star Malaysiatoday....

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    Re: THE RAT RACE PART VI – MALAYSIA: UMNO wants to nurture creativity?

    When you have observed UMNO over a few decades, the trend is very clear. Creativity is the last thing on their minds when it comes to education for the children. Their programme is to dumb down the population towards the level of Myanmar. So ignore Muhyiddin's asinine statements. Their flip-flops over the teaching of science and maths is obvious enough.

    Muhyiddin: New curriculum to nurture creativity, innovation

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 – Elements of creativity, innovation and living skills will be incorporated into teaching and learning under the new school curriculum which is currently under review, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today.

    Muhyiddin (picture), who is also Education Minister, said this would involve transforming areas such as curriculum content, organisation, pedagogy and classroom approaches to effectively harness students’ creativity and innovative potentials.

    He said the transformation was essential as curriculum was one of the important variables of school effectiveness and the pathway to educational excellence.

    “Quality curriculum enhances students’ knowledge and harnesses their competency. Bearing this in mind, the school curriculum must be responsive to the expectation and demand for quality education,” he said at the opening of the 23rd International Congress For School Effectiveness and Improvement Conference (ICSEI) 2010, here. TheMalaysiaInsider....

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